Location Lists allows you to add ajax-driven dropdown sets as custom fields in your Joomla! site.
You can choose from a simple country list to a Country - State - City dropdown set
The plugin uses the Geodata Solutions web service, so the lists are always complete and up-to-date

You can choose to detect and preselect the user's country from their IP (v4 only at the moment), or select your own preset value.
You can even choose to filter countries or group them by their continent.

The Geodata Solutions service maintains population data, so you can limit the returned results based on the minimum population of the location.

Suggested uses:

  • Add a country, state or city field to your comusers or comcontacts, to allow new registering users and site contacts to specify their location

  • If your articles have a geographical basis, set their focus

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Location Lists

Last updated:
Sep 07 2017
6 years ago
Date added:
Aug 12 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System