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Mailigen Integration for Joomla helps you connect your site with the Mailigen seamlessly. Install this package and connect with Mailigen using an API key. You are all set to go. Your users can subscribe to your mailing list and registered users will be automatically added to Mailigen mailing lists. Configure once and manage all your newsletters in Mailigen itself.

A separate Mailigen account is required to connect Joomla to Mailigen. The integration is free, but you will need a Mailigen paid subscription after a 30 day trial. See our prices


Integrates with Joomla Registration
When a user registers with your site, he is presented with an option to subscribe to your mailing list. Registered users will be automatically added to your Mailigen list.

Newsletter Subscribe / Sign up module
With a simple and neat ajax Joomla module, your users can subscribe to a newsletter and they will be added to the Mailigen lists you have configured in the module settings. Also, options like double opt-ins and welcome emails can be controlled for each module.

Integrates with Joomla Contact Form
Users contacting through contact form can be auto-added to Mailigen mailing list. You could enable/disable this feature by disabling a setting.

Admin can Manage Lists
Admin users can browse the Mailigen lists and browse through the user's list. Admin can bulk add users to specified lists. Mailigen integration for Joomla syncs with the Mailigen list. There are only options to browse through and view the users. For more actions, you can manage the users logging into your Mailigen account.

Double opt-ins
Double opt-in allows you to send a confirmation link to the users before being added directly to the Mailigen list and before sending any newsletter. There are options for double opt-ins in 4 different places like contact form, module settings, registration form. More details are in the documentation.

Welcome Email
You can choose whether the newly added user will receive a welcome email or not. This welcome email should be configured in your Mailigen account. This component has only an option to enable or disable the option for the welcome email.


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Dec 09 2018
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Oct 23 2018
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System