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Easy Email Management - Create and manage all of your transactional and marketing email campaigns directly from your Joomla account.

Use Mailjet’s official plugin for Joomla and get access to:

  • Easy Email Management

Create and manage all of your transactional and marketing email campaigns directly from your Joomla account.

  • Sign Up Form & Contact List Management

Create sign-up form widgets that allow your website visitors to subscribe to your Mailjet newsletters.

  • Contact Synchronization

Automatically synchronize your Joomla contacts into distinct Mailjet contact lists. With real-time synchronization, you never have to think about contact management again.

  • Campaign Builder Tool

Use our drag-and-drop template editor or HTML builder to create beautiful and responsive emails - directly from your Joomla Account.

  • World Class Deliverability

Extend the Joomla mail function by sending email with Mailjet’s SMTP for world-class deliverability and hit your subscribers’ inboxes every time.

  • Insight and Analytics

Access real-time statistics on your campaigns showing opens, clicks, geographies, average time to click and more to optimize your performance.

  • Top Notch Data Compliance

Mailjet is EU and North American -data compliant, meaning that it guarantees an optimal level of email data safety.

  • International UI and Support

Mailjet offers user interfaces, documentation and 24/7 customer support in 4 languages (English, Spanish, French and German).

About Mailjet

Mailjet is an all-in-one solution to send, track and deliver both marketing and transactional emails. Its cloud-based infrastructure is unique and highly scalable with a proprietary technology that optimizes email deliverability. Mailjet can be accessed either via an easy-to-use online drag-and-drop interface or via APIs or SMTP relay that allow developers to integrate its features within their online app or service.


All of our plans (including free!) include:

  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • Drag-and-drop responsive email design
  • Real-time email stats
  • Delivery optimization
  • One-to-one personalization
  • Delivery and analytics dashboard
  • RESTful API
  • 24/7 customer support is available in English, French, German and Spanish
  • European data compliance

Want More? Try our Premium Plans to access exclusive features:

  • Segmentation
  • Campaign Comparison
  • Email Automation

Mailjet Email Marketing

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