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The ultimate FREE Video Player and Video Gallery extension for Joomla!

Downloaded more than 100K+ Times. Actively developed and maintained since 2012 by an enthusiastic team of developers with a video background.

Made for YouTubers, Video Bloggers, Course Creators, Podcasters, Sales & Marketing Professionals, and Anyone Using Video on a Website!

Supports everything you need to make the most out of the video.

Plugin Shortcodes: Easily embed video content inside your "Joomla articles", "K2", "Virtuemart", "Kunena", or any other Joomla component that supports "content" plugins. Use simple plugin tags like,

{avsplayer src=""}
{avsplayer src=""}
{avsplayer src=""}
{avsplayer src=""}
{avsplayer src=""}

Modules: Show the video content on your website's module positions.

Menu Layouts: Create menu items specific to video content.


  • Multiple Video Formats: Supports videos in various popular formats, including MP4, WebM, OGV, and more.

  • YouTube: Simply add your YouTube video page URL and play the YouTube videos using our own beautiful video player. You can also choose to use the native YouTube player.

  • Vimeo: Simply add your Vimeo video page URL and play the Vimeo videos using our own beautiful video player. You can also choose to use the native Vimeo player. Supports "Private" Vimeo videos.

  • HTTP Streaming: Supports live streaming through HLS (.m3u8) and DASH
    (.mpd) streaming formats.

  • Embed from Third-party Websites: Embed videos from any third-party websites like Twitch, Rumble, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc.

  • Customizable Player Options: Choose from a range of customizable player options like Quality Switcher, Closed Options, Speed Control, Fast Forward, Rewind, etc. to create a seamless integration with your Joomla website.

  • Full-Screen Mode: Enable your audience to enjoy an immersive viewing experience by offering a full-screen mode option. With a single click, viewers can expand the video player to fill their entire screen, focusing solely on your compelling content.

  • Subtitles and Closed Captions: Enhance the accessibility and user experience by adding subtitles and closed captions to your videos. Make your content more inclusive, ensuring that everyone can understand and engage with your video content.

  • Social Media Integration: Increase the reach and virality of your videos by incorporating social media sharing buttons directly into the video player. Encourage viewers to share your videos effortlessly with their social networks, expanding your content's reach.

  • Advertisements: The player is compatible with VAST / VPAID, a standard for showing video ads. Show your own custom video ads on the player.


For the single player, you can simply use our plugin shortcodes and add them to your article pages.

But, what if you want a video gallery? The component has a dedicated interface to upload, edit, delete, and manage your videos, and or create categories (folders) and group your videos. Should use our menu layouts or modules to display the videos as the gallery in the front end.

  • Categories and Sub Categories: Organize your videos effortlessly with the built-in categories and sub-categories feature. Create a logical structure that allows visitors to navigate through your video content seamlessly. Whether you have a vast collection or specific themes, "All Video Share" ensures that your videos are neatly arranged and easily accessible.

  • Private Videos: Supports Joomla's built-in ACL feature. Secure your videos by making them private and requiring your viewers to be logged into your website to view them.

  • Pagination: To enhance user experience, our extension incorporates pagination, ensuring that your video gallery loads quickly and efficiently, regardless of the size of your collection. Users can navigate through pages of videos with ease, providing a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience.

  • Searchable: Enables visitors to search for specific videos based on keywords, titles, or any other criteria. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and tedious browsing. With just a few clicks, users can quickly locate the exact video they're looking for, saving time and frustration.

  • Comments: Engage your audience with the ability to leave comments on your videos. Supports the popular Joomla commenting extensions like "KOMENTO" and "JLEX". Also, you can use the "Facebook" commenting system.

  • Ratings & Likes: Engage your audience with the ability to leave ratings, likes, or dislikes on your videos.

  • Flexible Sorting Options: Flexibility is key, and the extension offers a range of sorting options to cater to diverse user experiences. You can create galleries by date, popularity, rating, or any other customizable parameter.


  • Responsive Design: Our video player is fully responsive, ensuring that your videos adapt beautifully to any screen size or device. Whether your audience accesses your website from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, they will enjoy a visually stunning and immersive video experience.

  • Front-End Video Submission: With the front-end video submission feature, you can encourage user-generated content and increase user engagement. Allow your visitors to submit their videos directly from the front end of your website. Empower your community to contribute their valuable content, expanding your video library and fostering a sense of participation.

Still, the extension has a lot of features not listed on this page. Kindly check our website for our complete list of features.


Our dedicated support team is committed to providing prompt assistance and resolving any inquiries or technical issues you may encounter. Additionally, we regularly release updates and enhancements to ensure your video player remains cutting-edge.

Having any issues? We are just an email away. Please feel free to contact us for any issues. We will get you a reply within 24 hours (except Sunday).

Unlock the full potential of your Joomla website's video content with "All Video Share." Download our HTML5 Video Player and Video Gallery extension today and provide an immersive, engaging, and interactive video experience for your audience. Let your videos shine and leave a lasting impact!

Awesome Support!

Posted on 03 April 2024
A great component to allow users to add videos to the front end. I needed a few customizations and the developer was fast and eager to help.
Ease of use
Very simple, plug and play. EASY! I needed a few customizations and the developer was fast and eager to help................................
I needed a few customizations and the developer was fast and eager to help.
I used this to: I used this for a customers membership website that needed a users video gallery.
Simple yet very professional. I really enjoy using this extension.
Ease of use
Very easy to use. I found the extension too user-friendly. I am a novice when it comes to technology.
Great customer support, very responsive customer service. Whenever I am having any issues(which are rear) they respond right away.
Straight forward documentations. Very easy to follow instructions.
I used this to: My website 3tmi dot org we are a small grass root organization and really love how this extension shows our videos.
Its a complete video solution i love its galery layout the category layout, i love that my visitors can upload videos and i can approve them
Ease of use
Very easy to use, its a ready steady product not full of bugs as other solutions on the market.
The 140 character is not enough to describe its extremely customer oriented support. Mr Vinoth responded and helped me a lot.
Very well documented with categories and FAQ section also with tons of images and deep explanations.
I used this to: For me its a complete video solution for my site. I love the different type of sources i can add like self hosted videos YouTube, Vimeo, embed code, streaming and so on. All video is fully responsive with the possibility to add your logo to the video. Im so so happy to find it!
Spielt Youtube, Vimeo und zahlreiche andere Videos ab, bietet viele Einstellungsmöglichkeiten. Nützliche Module runden die Komponente ab.
Ease of use
Einfach zu installieren, entspricht der Standard-Joomla-Benutzeroberfläche
Der Support ist ganz hervorragend! Effektiver Kontakt per Mail, Support geht individuell auf Probleme ein. (englisch)
I used this to: Die Gallerie wird zum Anzeigen von Videos nach Kategorien von Youtube und Vimeo genutzt.


Posted on 07 February 2022
Videos are stored in component database. Ability to use custom module positions for galleries to display different modules for each category
Ease of use
Easy If you are familiar with Joomla functions. I needed help understanding custom module positions and support was awesome!
Heroic support. I have never before encountered such an outstanding level of customer support. Would have given 12 stars if I could.
Documentation is complete and detailed. Most functions are self-explanatory.
I used this to: Conference website. We just switched to an all-video format last year and now our website uses video almost exclusively Our videos are added too frequently and the ability to manage them from one place in the backend was a must. This video component exceeded expectations.
Different views, video categorization, youtube and local sources, related videos and many options to configure give me all I want.
Ease of use
Easy to configure and set up videos. The structure is logical, so its configuration is easy to follow.
I used this to: Used it Church website to display video gallery and player

Sadly, I had to remove it when the developer restricted adding youtube videos to the paid version. But the extension itself is solid for anyone who can pay for it or wants to show only local videos.

Excellent service

Posted on 24 October 2019
Great component, plenty of options, easy to create new videos and insert them into any content section of the website
Ease of use
Very easy to use once you get the hang of it, any problems the support is outstanding, see below
This is the best - the support is outstanding. Vinoth fixed all my problems straight away and at no extra charge, most impressive.
I used this to: Teaching foreign languages online - teaching Japanese language in Australia. Clearly videos are an important part as the pronunciation is not exactly easy
Video Gallery
Ease of use
Very easy to use and changes format for our comfort
24h service, quick and profesional
Everything Ok!
I used this to: Personal Website - Portfolio

Very good Media Plugin

Posted on 10 April 2018
Very good and comfortable options. Looks Good!
Ease of use
Comfortable and easy to use. But with necessary options.
Support is excellent - as experienced one time so far.
I used this to: Using it for a church homepage with presentations.
Great functionality. Plays YouTube videos without deprecated content. Component allows you to manage and categorise videos.
Ease of use
Very easy to use
Great support
OK, but could be better
I used this to: Displaying examples of high quality musicianship. This review is for the paid version (necessary for Youtube now). I cannot find the paid version (only $49) in the JED.

All Video Share

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Nov 07 2023
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