My Album is a free, lightweight and easy to use image gallery component for Joomla!

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> Support for JPG, GIF en PNG image formats.
> Thumbnail navigation incl. automated thumbnail generation & scaling
> Fast page generation using server-sided caching
> Easy to use front-end management interface
> Supports resizing of master images
> Simple captioning system included
> Upload individual images or a complete zip archive

If now would be even zip upload it there would be 5 stars.

Congratulations you are the first developer to actually make something simplistic.

1) Download to install = less than 5 seconds

2)creating your first gallery = less than 5 seconds

3)Filling that gallery with photos = will take to the end of time since you can only upload one photo at a time.

Good concept, easy to use, unfortunately its another 90% complete design. Who only uploads 1 picture at a time in todays world??

Owner's reply: Thanks for the review. Appreciate the feedback.

Functionality to upload multiple photos at a time is indeed currently limited zip-files. Packaging multiple photos together in a zip-file is a great way to safe time uploading content.

Next version will feature an updated layout as well as improved upload and gallery management functionality.

For specific feature requests and suggestions, feel free to get in touch directly.

My Album

Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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