e-Commerce, Donations, Payment systems, Payment Gateway

With this module you can take payments using PayPal's latest interface, the Smart Buttons component.

Choose an automatic layout displaying radio buttons with fixed amounts, input fields for visitor-provided custom amounts, or a combination.

Supports layout overrides so you can style the module to match your current template.

O3 Logview
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O3 Logview

By orange cubed
Site management tools
A log viewer for the Joomla! Administrator. Use this admin-only module to get a listing of log files in the logs folder for your site. Copy & paste text from log files. Use the search to locate specific text. Set and save bookmarks for returning later. Download and purge log files. Use Joomla! access levels to restrict features, such as Download and Purge. Integrates with the Joomla! Actions L...
O3 Mail Logger
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O3 Mail Logger

By orange cubed
This plugin logs outbound mail from Joomla! for troubleshooting and email send verification. Scenarios where this plugin is useful include: a site visitor tells you that they did not receive a password reset request or username reminder. you clicked the Send Test Mail button in Global Configuration but you did not receive the test email. A new site member registered but says they never received...

O3 PayPal Payments

orange cubed
Last updated:
Apr 28 2021
3 years ago
Date added:
Mar 21 2020
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System