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Animated Card Panel module allows you add 1-4 nice parallel or stacked cards. It's useful for homepages and can be used for colorful intros, testimonials, advertisement and other kinds of content.

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The main features:

  • Cards can contain the images, titles, subtitles, descriptions and links.
  • The caption container(optional) has the title and short description.
  • Two layout styles - horizontal or vertical
  • Two preset styles for images.
  • Full customization of all elements - you can change background colors, font size etc.
  • All elements of the Card Panel can be animated in the administrator dashboard.

Version 1.0.3(2017-09-27)
- Fixed a bug - display an image in IE 11

OK Content Cards Panel

OK Content Cards Panel

Free | Articles Display | Alexander Green
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This module displays the articles from one or more categories as the nice cards in vertical or horizontal mode. You can sort articles by date, hits, random or article order. It's fully customizable, has friendly interface and lot of options. Based on Joomla! Articles - Category module this module inherited all its features plus new features like: Vertical or Horizontal orientation Image source, Info image or Full Article Image Custom Default Image(displayed if no article image) Two article title styles, in card content or on the image Custom background and text colors 7 Border/shadow styles Option to match cards, makes all cards same height to be balanced

OK Animated Card panel

Alexander Green
Last updated:
Sep 05 2018
Date added:
Jul 04 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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