Okey DOC is a simple but efficient document management system. It allows you to manage easily your documents through your Joomla website.
Okey DOC takes advantage of the Joomla ACL as well as its data model.
You can organize your documents by categories then link them to articles or article categories.

Main features:

  • Anti-leech system to prevent direct linking
  • Local or remote document storage
  • Allows to link documents to articles or article categories
  • Joomla ACL support
  • Joomla tag system support
  • Preservation of the original file names in a sanitized version (no spaces, no accentuated characters etc…)
  • Safe management option (ie: avoid the basic users to access some sensitive functionalities as the folder management)
  • Icon management (ie: an icon is displayed for each type of file, but you can also add your own icons)
  • Possibility to use symbolic links to store documents anywhere on the server (for Unix/Linux servers only).
  • Display of the linked documents at the bottom of each article in the category blog layout.
  • A document button which allows to insert links to a document into articles.


By Lucas Sanner
Multi Categorization
ABTag is a Joomla extension which allows to display articles by tag thanks to a tag view. It takes advantage of the Joomla native tag component to offer a very flexible way to sort and display your articles. The same article can have several tags and therefore being shown on different locations in your website (ie: transversality). ABTag provides a full integration for article URL routing, custom...

Okey DOC

Lucas Sanner
Last updated:
Sep 29 2017
6 years ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System