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Module that creates a nice looking popup window for your radio player plus a lot more features! No more streaming interruptions for your visitors with in-page players!

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V1.5 Update for making module work also for Joomla 3.0

V1.3 Detailed Description

  • Nice, 99% compatible Radio Player .
  • Current Song & Artist with album cover. If no album cover available, then station logo is shown.
  • Active Listeners (fake or real) Ability to choose between a range of listeners.
  • Recently Played Tracks
  • Easy upload of radio station logo
  • Advertisment space (fixed dimensions).
  • Social Network buttons for Twitter, Facebook,Google Plus.
  • 1 skin available at V.1.3 version. More to come on next versions!
  • Easy upload of "listen now" image that will then create the popup window.
  • Supports Shoutcast-1, Shoutcast-II and Icecast.

1. ACC++ not supported yet.
2. Your streaming port, must me open at your hosting provider firewall, in order module to function as in demo, so please make sure your provider will accept opening the TCP port for you. (most quality hosting providers will be fine with it).


Has all teh functions I require

Ease of use

Easiest I have ever used! Works flawlessly.

Value for money

Amazing price for an amazing program!

I used this to: I have been running an online poker radio station, texasholdemradio, since 2005. I have been an innovator in online broadcasting since 1996 and have tired dozens of different methods to get my stream out to listeners. I have to say that this player is BY FAR the best I have used

Another awesome extension

Posted on 10 April 2015

One of the best extensions I have come across. Does what it claims to do and looks stunning when doing it.

Ease of use

Very straight forward to use. You just have to be accurate about filling in the details of your streaming server and ensure an open port.


Super fast support. Only needed it because I made a mistake in Joomla so nothing to do with them or the extension. Fast and helpful anyway.


Didn't need it!

Value for money

And how! Superb extension.

I used this to: Online radio

Great Module

Posted on 23 October 2014

This is a fantastic module and I would definitely recommend. If your website has just one stream this is ideal. Unfortunately my website has multiple streams and I wanted to add multiple listen now buttons to one page which currently is not supported on this.

this needs an specific hosting plan to work as a vas hosting in order to have your streaming port open on your web hosting company...and they don't refund the money....

Owner's reply: Hello,

as our technical department answered at your ticket, this is an issue with your hosting provider, that asks you to upgrade to a vps, just for the opening of your streaming port, at the server firewall.

We have never heard a similar issue before, and most of our clients, use the popup player module on simple-shared hosting plans.

We do offer a refund policy that comes up to 60 days, but not about an issue that is between you and your hosting provider.

PS. We also inform anyone that is going to purchase this module, both here and at our website, that in order the current song and recent tracks to function 100% smoothly, it needs the port opening on your server.
Program Schedule

Program Schedule

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Radio Schedule is a Joomla Component + Module that helps your organize your radio station weekly schedule and also shows the current program and broadcaster on air now to the visitors of your Joomla site. It is compatible with all Joomla Versions (1.5 & 2.5 and 3.0) V.2.2 Broadcasters are now linked with Joomla Articles so as you can show broadcaster bio or other info. V.2.1 Minor bugs fixed for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 version. V.2.0 released (Available for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0) with new features! ---Added color picker in component so as you give to your Radio Scedule the look and feel you want to! ---Added current song in module. ---Added active listeners in module. ---Added fake active listeners in module, in case you need to manipulate it. ---Minor bugs fixed. V.1.0 (Available for both Joomla 1.5 & 2.5) Component detailed Description: Broadcaster name and photo. Program name. Program time/duration. Module detailed description: Current program on air. Broadcaster name. Broadcaster photo. Music genre. Live streaming link. Link for broadcaster mail, blog, webpage. Note: In order to have the current song playing, you need to contact with your host so as he opens the port of your radio streaming. Alternatevily, you can disable this option of the module.
c m
Master-League Sports Prediction Game

Master-League Sports Prediction Game

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Fun game for predicting scores of matches and competing other users on the league. Various versions, many addons included, like champions leagues addon, promotion/relegation system, top rated players etc. Component Feature List * Multiple seasons. * Multiple leagues. * Optional Champions Leagues addon (paid version) where the first 16 or 32 players of your league can participate in a champions league game with groups and then knok-out matches. * Unlimited leagues can be created with a promotion-relegation system between leagues. For example, you can have PremierLeague, then Championship etc The promotion/relegation can be done mannually by the admin, at any given time, for example each 10 matchdays. * User friendly for the administrator to add seasons, teams, games, results. * Admin has the option to choose the desired scoring system. * Admin has the option to choose points for a correct result prediction. * Admin has the option to choose points for a correct score prediction. * Admin has the option to choose negative points for a false result prediction. * Admin has the option to choose seasons. * Easy team import. * Easy result import. * Easy matches edit. Available Modules for Joomla 2.5 & 3.0 Top Rated Players The module shows a list of players (users) with the top rate. The rate comes out of a calculation between points in standings and matches played by the user. Top Season Players. The module shows the top players of the season. Best players at the moment The module shows the best users during the last 6 matchdays/weeks. PS. Various free or paid addons included, like champions league addon for top league users of each season, promotion/relegation system e.t.c
c m
Radio Station Kit

Radio Station Kit

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The Ultimate solution for Radio Stations. The Radio Station Kit includes component and modules that will help you build a complete Joomla Radio Website. The kit includes: Radio Schedule with 2 beautiful themes: a classic and a modern one. Radio Popup Player with: - 4 themes - station logo - ads place - recent tracks played - current song - artist and cover of currently playing song - social networks buttons - current online listeners, fake or real. Broadcasters module or/and menu item. Who is broadcasting now module. Top 10 songs module with youtube popup player.
c m

Radio Listen Now PopUp

Last updated:
Aug 13 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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