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Use the SecSign ID two-factor authentication on your Joomla site to enable easy and secure login using your iPhone or Android phone or Windows Mobile Phone.

SecSign ID - The mobile way to log into web sites
SecSign ID is a plugin for real two-factor authentication (2FA) for Joomla sites. 2FA adds another layer of security to your website by using a second token. In this case the physical token is your smartphone. If you seek for more information about about two-factor authentication have a look at

  • Integrate SecSign ID into your own Joomla site in less than one minute. (There are also APIs for PHP and Java.)
  • You and your users can also use SecSign ID to visit securely other web sites ( for professional messaging and cloud sharing.)
  • This service is free for users and web site owners and free of advertising - no matter how many users the web site has.
  • You can also integrate SecSign ID as in-house solution into your existing infrastructure (on request with licensed service and maintenance contract)

SecSign ID features:
- Quick and easy to use single sign-on with 2048-bit high security
- Eliminates password chaos and security concerns
- No mobile number, credit card or time-consuming registration required
- No need for long cryptical passwords, time-consuming retyping of codes from SMS or reading of QR codes
- High security and strong cryptography on all levels

Technical details:
- Up to 2048-bit asymmetric private keys
- Brute force resistant private key storage (SafeKey mechanism)
- Private keys are never transmitted to the authentication server
- High availability through redundant remote failover servers
- Multi-tier high security architecture with multiple firewalls and protocol filters
More information at

SecSign ID in action:
1. Get the app for iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile.
2. Choose a unique user short name.
3. Choose a short PIN to secure your SecSign ID on your phone.
That's it! You can now use your SecSign ID to sign in.

How to sign in:
Just type in your user short name (for instance at SecSign Portal or your Joomla site using this plugin), confirm your sign-in on your phone and you are done within seconds.
Despite its simplicity SecSign ID works with comprehensive and strongest security technologies. The solution we offer is unique and does not submit any confidential data through a web browser.
We have a noticeable background of more than 16 years in developing strong cryptography and highly sophisticated security software products for governments, public institutions and private companies.
Visit our official site to get the app and more information:

== Changelog ==
* tested up to Joomla 3.8.2
* tested up to Joomla 3.7.4
* tested up to Joomla 3.7.3
* tested up to Joomla 3.7.2
* tested up to Joomla 3.7.1

= 1.6.4 =
* fixed rendering issue at front-end
* check whether JQuery is already loaded
* use Joomla return value to redirect after login at backend
* multiple SecSignIDs can be assigned to a single user
* log connection errors
* several bug fixes
* tested up to Joomla 3.7.0

= 1.6 =
* updates component with editable SecSignID user list
* global and user specific password deactivation
* adds component permissions
* new frontend options now in module instances
* install script updates
* improved compatibility with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x
* language files updated

= 1.5.2 =
* improves component structure
* new option for frontend layoiut
* updated tutorial 

= 1.5.1 =
* bugfix to prevent polling after an error
* new version of SecSign ID js functions
* language files and hyperlinks updated

= 1.5 =
* swapped all public css/js/img to media folder
* deleted obsolete files
* improved plugin design with use of js & SecSign js Api to prevent page reloads and increase speed
* updated user configuration options & tutorial
* skipped backend two step authentication for easier user configuration
* language files updated

= 1.4 =
* supports Joomla 2.5 & 3.x
* backend two step authentication
* backend login with SecSign ID
* updated user configuration options
* tutorial in component menu
* language files updated

= 1.3 =
* Initial release for Joomla 2.5


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