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The latest version of SmartIcons brings a whole new set of features and also streamlining the code.

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The features supported by the SmartIcons 2.1 are:

  • Full support for Joomla! 3.4
  • Quick and simple installation using a script that does all the heavy lifting.
  • Make as many shortcuts to internal components and external sites. Makes administering your site easier and quicker.
  • Shortcuts can have text, images or icons in any combination.
  • Option to use images or Joomla!'s "iconMoon" icons for shortcut image.
  • Links can be opened in the same window or new windows or in Joomla!'s modal windows
  • Preview of the shortcut is possible before saving it.
  • Uses Joomla! ACL system for managing access to both shortcuts and shortcut categories with the possibility of skipping access checks altogether
  • Uses the Joomla update system
  • Group shortcuts into categories that show up as tabs in the module.
  • Custom links can be created for special needs (insertion of the user id or security token)
  • Supports two layout types:
  • Grid layout - as in the older Joomla! QuickIcon module
  • List layout - as in Joomla 3.x
  • Support for QuickIcon plugin with different options of displaying the plugin shortcuts.

Works just like a bought one - Oh it is a bought one - Very useful for sites where your allowing user access to the back end. I'm using it with Akeeba Tools and Jcal pro

Poor support

Posted on 02 May 2013

I have bought this extension twice (version 1.x and 2.0) and couldn't make it work the second time on Joomla3 (first time was ok on Joomla2.5). I sent several emails to the developer and he didn't reply after the first email. I've tried to contact him for about one month. I've got much better support on free extensions.

Very usefull extension. Quick and easy to use. The must have for customizing the back-end of your website.

Very Helpful

Posted on 01 October 2012

Simplify the navigation for users. Compatible with the Akeeba backup notification module. And the support is very great. Thank you !


Posted on 25 July 2012

Take control of that very important space with any link - external, internal, email and more... Custom icon and Tabs.

Really small price... Should be part of Joomla

This is a great tool and comes in very handy. Other than you cannot get the developer to reply when you have issues which for me is it is causing the updater to fail with a warning. This is a must have tool but apparently you are only paying for one version since there is no way to login and the developer does not reply to your requests.

We use Smart icons on every fresh Joomla! installation. With this component we take care of the clutter of icons that Joomla! comes with. It's easy to give your cliënt a nice overview of there main options and remove the ones that won't be used often.

To improve this extension, it would be great to also adjust the Joomla! update and Extension update icons as well as the JCE File Browser.

this is just perfect - simple, easy to use - you can create the cpanel how you want it - perfect.

And that for just... how much you pay for a coffee?

Tested to J 2.5.4 and works great. Price is only symbolic and I do not regret buying. More such programmers.

I'm in the process of creating help files and videos for my clients. These are hosted externally and I wanted a way to provide shortcuts to the invidual items.

I looked at other icon modules and extensions, but the big drawback was that these did not provide an option to open the links in a new window.

This component has it all: very customisable, even makes use of the ACL in Joomla so that individual items can be assigned to different groups. Very useful and this will be built into all my future sites.

If I have one wish, I would be pleased if Bogdan could add a popup uption (lightbox, maybe?), so that the content is shown on site but in a defined size popup.

Even so, a great little component and at 5 euros a real snip!


Bogdan SUTA
Last updated:
Nov 25 2015
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Nov 18 2014
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