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Formilla Edge is a powerful email, live chat, and in-app messaging platform to help you target customers with the right message at the right time using automation.

This extension installs the Formilla script to your Joomla website, including the live chat widget component. You’ll be required to sign up for a Formilla account and your free 15-day Premium trial begins. We offer a free account where you can store and manage contacts at no cost, live chat with website visitors (up to 30 conversations a month), and create email collection widgets to boost your email subscribers, and boost your social following via Facebook and Twitter widgets. Sending emails and displaying in-app Smart Messages are otherwise available with our Premium plans only.

Upgrade to our Growth plan and enjoy the following features:

  • Send Unlimited Emails to your Contacts: Keep customers coming back to your website with Formilla Edge email messaging. Use the "Personal" template so it looks like you're contacting your customer directly, and not via a mass email marketing campaign. Use the "Professional" template when sending a company announcement, blog update, or similar, which includes your company logo, social links, and company address. Sending emails is a paid feature and comes with our Growth package tier.

  • Send Emails from your Email Domain: Send emails to customers using your business domain (example: without any mention of Formilla.

  • Live Chat with Website Visitors: Live chat and convert website visitors into customers using our web dashboard, Windows desktop app, or with your mobile device using our iPhone or Android apps.

  • Display unlimited In-App Messages: Display in-app messages to your Formilla contacts using multiple different display types on your website (popups, corner widgets, website bars). Announce a limited time offer or sale, offer a coupon code, direct users to your latest blog, communicate breaking news or a maintenance outage, or market virtually anything to your visitors.

  • A.I. Chat Bots: Formilla Chat bots allow customers to dramatically reduce support time by setting up a Helper Bot that automatically responds to common visitor questions at any time — day or night — using the power of Artificial Intelligence (paid feature add-on).

  • Pro-active Chat: Enable pro-active chat to trigger live chat automatically with a visitor after a defined number of seconds.

  • Automatic Audience Messages: Setup an email message or in-app message once, and we'll automatically send it as soon as contacts perform a specific action on your website, or meet a given condition.

  • Targeted Messaging: Track customers' behavior in Formilla with custom attributes & events, and use the data to send well-timed in-app or email messages to your customers (e.g. when users sign-up, based on purchase activity, # of website visits, etc.).

  • Lightbox Popup (Modal): Use lightbox popups in the center of your website to really get your website customers' attention! They're also mobile-ready, so they look great on smartphones or tablets.

  • Top or Bottom Website Bars: Top or bottom website bars are a great alternative to lightbox modals and allow you to display a message across the top or bottom of your website.

  • Sliding Corner Popup: The sliding corner popup is more subtle as it quietly slides in to display in the bottom-left or bottom-right corner of your website.

  • Timing and Scroll-based Triggers: Display an in-app message after a defined number of seconds (e.g. after 15 seconds), or to automatically popup if the visitor scrolls on your website. Also control how often to display the in-app message to a visitor by selecting Always, One Time, Daily, Monthly, etc.

  • Real-time Visitor Monitoring: View the most active visitors on your site and see how they interact with your in-app messages or widgets in real-time. You'll also see each visitors' page URL, where the traffic came from (referring website), the user's country/location, whether they're new or returning, and more. Formilla Live Chat visitor monitoring comes with our Professional package tier or higher.

  • Contacts Management: Store your contacts in Formilla, and segment them automatically into separate groups to target them effectively. You can also tag high-value prospects for follow-up, as VIP customers, or really anything else. Use our super fast search and filtering options to find your contacts quickly.

  • Email Collection Widgets: Continually grow your email list with our email collection popups (paid feature with Professional package tier or higher).

  • Facebook and Twitter Social Media Widgets: Increase your Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers using our social media widgets (paid feature with Professional package tier or higher).

  • Robust APIs: Push your data to Formilla to track advanced customer behavior with our Javascript and REST APIs. Track last order date, member signup date, total amount spent, or anything else.

Formilla Live Chat
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Formilla Live Chat

Live Support - hosted
The Live Chat extension installs live chat with real-time visitor monitoring to your Joomla website in just a few minutes. Allow your visitors to chat with you live if they have any questions or need support! Use our free standard package or upgrade to our Premium plans when you're ready for more! Live Chat Features: Installs Instantly: You can use the out-of-the-b...

Formilla Edge

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Nov 15 2020
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Jul 28 2016
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