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Joomla PopUp Master is one of the best** Popup Joomla** Extension with unique features! Several great features will absolutely help you engaging your site visitors and all type of users

Create campaigns per pop up instance!

  • View Show Count
  • Click Counts
  • Compare Pop up performance with other pop ups!
  • A / B Testing for getting better results from Pop Up Campaigns!

Export emails / leads via export manager easily!

Installation & Configuration

  • Easy Installation and Configuration
  • Each Parameter well-explained, all you need to do is rolling your mouse over the parameter title.
  • 100% Responsive - Tested on Mobile Devices

Default Themes

3 Main Themes

  • Full Page
  • Box over the page
  • Optin Form

Unlimited Theme Options

  • You may create thousands of themes by editing the module parameters! Colors, positions are all editable.
  • In the same time you may add your custom css code and create the layouts you desire
  • Whenever you need help, just ask at out support.
  • You may also use the previously created themes!
  • If you have any requests for any design just ask us!

Multiple Pop Ups

  • Create unlimited pop ups in the same page!

Trigger Events

  • Show message after some seconds of page load
  • Show message when user clicked an HTML Element
  • Show Message when users mouse over an HTML Element.

Session Cookie Options

You may set session cookies to prevent to show the same pop up multiple times in the same session.

Visit Cookie Options

  • Visit Cookies
  • Show popup only at some pre-defined number of visits, more, less, equal and more or equal or less

User - Users - User Group or User Groups

You can set popups for a group of users or multiple user groups.
You can also show only a single user or multiple users.

  • You can define any position on the page - TopRight, TopLeft, BottomRight, BottomLeft, MiddleRight, MiddleLeft, Center or any other position.
  • Any Color and 10 Levels of Opacity for the Overlay.
  • Custom HTML for Inner Content.
  • Custom HTML for sending - success events!
  • Optin Form with many options

80 In & Out Animations

Custom CSS to create custom animations

Sound Effects

  • You can add any sound effects! Just upload sound file you want!
  • Amazing Optin Form Options
  • Save Emails to Custom Component in to different List Levels!

Export Emails as .csv

  • Attach Files and send email to subscribers - That is new at Joomla! An Amazing Marketer Technique!
  • Send Custom Emails to Subscribers.
  • Show Custom Messages to Subscribers

Send Email Responses

  • Send email response to subscribers

Add Attachments

  • Add attachments to email response to subscribers

Disable Mootools

Disable Mootools

By ExtensionBase
Sometimes you need to disable Mootools Library or jQuery Library to prevent your site / page(s) from multiple loading of jQuery of Mootools Libraries Disabling Mootools Library will effect the performance of your website positively. Enable - Disable Mootools Library for the entire site only for selected page(s) Enable - Disable jQuery Library for entire site or only for selected page(s) Enable -...
Registration HTML Email

Registration HTML Email

By ExtensionBase
Create rich HTML registration emails with Registration HTML Email for Joomla! Customization out of the box Registration HTML Email is designed to be fully customizable. Change every aspect of your registration email messages, making information easy for your users to consume. Multi-lingual Translate email messages into different languages. Target a wider audience globally. Register, remind, r...
Push Notifications Professional
Paid download

Push Notifications Professional

By ExtensionBase
With the Web Push Notifications Professional for Joomla you can convert your website's visitors into subscribers, then send instant, automated and pre-scheduled web push notifications to them. A complete solution Web Push Notifications includes everything you need to subscribe users to your notifications, send messages to them and review the impact of your notifications to your subscription base...
Authors Pro

Authors Pro

By ExtensionBase
Content infos
Easy Installation and Configuration Each Parameter well-explained, all you need to do is rolling your mouse over the parameter title. 100% Responsive - Tested on Mobile Devices Show any selected author's articles 3 different template styles Responsive - Static Responsive - Vertical Slider Responsive - Horizontal Slider Slider Mode is Touch Enabled and 100 % Mobile Compatible You can show as much...
Google Map All in One

Google Map All in One

By ExtensionBase
Maps & Locations
Easy Installation and Configuration Each Parameter well-explained, all you need to do is rolling your mouse over the parameter title. 100% Responsive - Tested on Mobile Devices 5 Different Map Templates Default Template - create Google Map with Custom Map Icon & Information Window Service Area Circle Template - Show your business service area from a selected center point and draw a customized cir...
basePWA - Progressive Web App for Joomla
Paid download

basePWA - Progressive Web App for Joomla

By ExtensionBase
Mobile Apps
Transform your website into a powerful Progressive Web App (PWA) and captivate your mobile audience with basePWA's immersive app-like user experience! Now fully compatible with Joomla 4 Installable Installed, your Joomla website run in a standalone windows instead of a browser tab. basePWA prompts your users with "Add to Home Screen" banner when they visit your website. Launch from Home Screen...

Pop Up Master

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Mar 04 2020
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Apr 17 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System