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SunClock is a novel clock that displays the time since sunrise for a given location. Some people believe this is a far more natural way of measuring time - each day starts at 00:00:00 at sunrise and time is counted from that point until the following sunrise.
During spring days are slightly less that 24 hrs long as the sun rises "earlier" each day, and during autumn each day will last longer than 24 hrs. Seconds are still used as the heartbeat, and for convenience attention spans or minutes of 60 seconds and hours of 60 minutes are still used as intermediate measures.
The problem with resetting the clocks at midnight is that there is no way to determine it by direct obeservation - you have to observe midday and count heartbeats from then to start the new day. Sunrise is directly observable.

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As well as the sun time SunClock module can also display the time until/since sunset and the time until the next sunrise. The duration of daytime (while the sun is up) and nightime (while the sun is down) can also be shown.
Instead of calendar date SunClock can optionally display the day of the year in terms of days since the last winter solstice (Alban Arthan) or days from the previous or next equinox or solstice.

A language file and module specific style sheet is included. Options allow you to disable the stylesheet or simply override the default colours rather than having to edit it. The module uses the Joomla update system to notify you of any bug fixes (no particular enhancements are envisaged other than maintaining compatibility as Joomla evolves)



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Jul 16 2019
Date added:
Dec 11 2016
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System