TeddyID Password Manager


Authentication, Login protection, Access & Security

TeddyID Password Manager allows your users to log in without entering a password, yet more securely.

Users will have to enter a password only once, TeddyID will suggest encrypting and saving the password. The next time the user tries to log in, the user just clicks his username (see the screenshot above), we pick a random picture and send it to user's two devices: his computer and his phone (with our free app installed). The user makes sure the pictures match and taps "Yes" on his phone. We decrypt the password, fill it in, and submit the form. Login complete.

With TeddyID Password Manager, your users won't have to remember, nor type, the password for your site. And you will stop losing customers who are unwilling to create another password and register at one more site. This is a free service for Joomla based sites.

After you install the module, please follow these steps to activate it:
1. In the admin panel, open Extensions / Module manager
2. In the list of installed modules, find and click "TeddyID Password Manager"
3. Change Status to Published, Position to any existing position in your template
4. Switch to "Menu Assignment" tab and set Module Assignment "On all pages"
5. Click "Save & Close"
6. To make sure that it works, log out and click in the Username field on any page. You should see a hint that suggests using TeddyID to save your password.

TeddyID Password Manager

Last updated:
Apr 14 2015
9 years ago
Date added:
Apr 10 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System