Search & Indexing, Directory, Data Import & Export, Forms, Content Construction

FLEXIcontent is an advanced content management system developed to greatly enhance the native content managenent of Joomla!

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  • Powerful content types, that are meant to do a lot more, than merely group some custom fields
  • Many highly parametrized powerful fields
  • Drag-drop templating
  • Multi-Category assignments (secondary & featured)
  • High performance FACETED filtering !!!
  • Author management with limitations for subscriptions sites
  • Powerful ACL
  • etc

10x-20x more features in free version, compared to other Free CCK/Directory components

Thus, FLEXIcontent was designed to manage content in a broad sense:
- articles,
- image or video galleries,
- job offers,
- product catalogues,
- business directories,
- hotel directories
- etc
within a single user interface.

  • This means for the end user, unparalleled simplicity of use, everything happens in one place.
  • Mastering 10 components to be able to administrate an entire website isn’t required anymore.
  • For the web designer / end user / developer, it means a lot less headaches of interoperability/maintenance

Some of FLEXIcontent Unique features:
(none in other component's Free versions, many unique compared to commercial versions)

  • Multi Category assigments, with multiple featured categories (configurable via our Advance Route Plugin, see our FAQ)
  • Multiple Document versioning version by item and FIELD (combined with workflow and powerful notifications messages, see below)
  • Multi-state Workflow to assist both editors & publishers to add/update content to your site
  • Highly configurable powerful notification system: (Global) Component + Per Content Type + Per category
  • High parametrized Fields(=joomla plugin each) (carefully structured to assist configuration and be performance wise)
  • Powerful relation/reverse Relation fields to create custom Content Item sub-listing inside a Content Item
  • An powerful image/gallery field to create DB-reusable image/galleries or item-field specific galleries with numerous parameterization options
  • Multiple filter apperances: text field/single select/dual text range/dual select range/toggle radio/toggle checkbox(multiple filter values)
  • FACETED filter behavior for almost all searchable fields: showing filter values according to current filtering and current
  • A -Free- Advanced Search view (to host the above 2, but also available in categories too) and create content-rich listings
  • Directory/Catalog features, directory view + a powerful Alpha-Index with character aliases, character aggregations, language customizations
  • Selective plugin triggering in all fields
  • High performance frontend views and items manager, with steady performance as sites grows (installing on EXISTING larges sites 20,000+ items is still slow), (and works with full page caching extensions)
  • 30+ ACL actions (e.g. edit field value, multi category, number of item by user etc)

4 built-in module
- Universal module : you can create all list of item with powerfull scope (you can create all type of module with only one !).compatible with template, NEW carrousel template (carrousel, slideshow and Responsive)
- Search module : search module with link to advenced search, autosuggestion option link finder of joomla
- **Filtering module **: powerfull module to display search and filtering
- Tag module : simple module with tag

... many more UNIQUE

###FLEXIcontent est un système de gestion de contenu de pointe CCK développée pour améliorer grandement le gestionnaire de l'article natif de Joomla! (com_content) S'IL VOUS PLAÎT, utiliser notre -FORUM- pour le bogue / délivre pas de commentaires dans cette liste - Types de contenu (= champs personnalisées) - Beaucoup de champs très puissants paramétrable avec execution des plugin Joomla - Templates par glisser-déposer - Multi-Catégorie (catégories secondaires et en vedette) - Haute performance filtrage multi-FACETTES !!! - La gestion des auteurs avec des limitations pour les abonnements et gestion des ACL - etc ** 10x-20x plus de fonctionnalités LE TOUT GRATUIT, par rapport à d'autres composants CCK / Annuaire ** Ainsi, FLEXIcontent a été conçu pour gérer le contenu dans un sens large: - articles, - Galeries Image ou vidéo son - offres d'emploi - Des catalogues de produits - Répertoires d'entreprises - Répertoires d'hôtel - etc ** Le tout au sein d'une interface utilisateur unique. ** - Cela signifie pour l'utilisateur final, la simplicité d'utilisation inégalée, tout se passe dans un seul endroit. - Maîtriser 10 composants pour être en mesure d'administrer un site web complet n'est plus nécessaire. - Pour le concepteur du site / utilisateur final / développeur, cela signifie beaucoup moins de maux de tête de l'interopérabilité / maintenance ** Certains FLEXIcontent caractéristiques uniques: ** (pas de version pro tout est inclus) - ** Catégorie assigments multi **, avec de multiples catégories en vedette (configurables via notre Route Plugin Advance, voir notre FAQ) - ** Versions multiples de document ** Version ** par poste et par champs ** (combinée avec des messages de workflow et de notifications puissants, voir ci-dessous) - Multi-état de workflow pour aider les éditeurs et les éditeurs à ajouter du contenu / de mise à jour de votre site - ** Système de notification puissant hautement configurable **: (Global) Composante + Par type de contenu + par catégorie - Champs haute paramétrable (= exécution de plugin joomla) (soigneusement structuré visant à aider configuration et être la performance sage) - Puissant Champ relations direct ou inverses pour créer du contenu personnalisé d'objet sous-fiche à l'intérieur d'un élément de contenu - ** Une puissante image / galerie ** champs gérer par DB ou par dossier image / galeries ou des galeries spécifiques avec de nombreuses options de paramétrage - ** Apparences multiples des filtres **: champ de texte / sélection unique ou range / texte / Liste déroulante double Range/ bouton radio / Case à cochées (valeurs de filtre multiples) - ** Comportement du filtre à facettes pour tout les champs utilisables **: montrant des valeurs de filtre selon le filtrage courant - ** Une vue Recherche avancée ** - Caractéristiques Répertoire / catalogue, répertoire de vue + un puissant Alpha-Index avec des alias de caractères, agrégations de caractères, et personnalisations de langue - Plugin déclenchement sélectif suivant les vues pour de meilleures performances - ** Vues frontend haute performance et répertoire des articles ** pour des vues à plus de 1000 articles FLEXIcontent est 10* plus rapide que Joomla - Plus de 30 actions ACL (par exemple de modifier la valeur du champ, catégorie multiples, le nombre de point par l'utilisateur, etc.) 4 ** module intégré ** . - ** Module universel: vous pouvez créer toutes les liste de l'article avec des régles puissantes ** (! Vous pouvez créer tout type de module en un seul) compatible avec des template, ** nouveau modèle de carrousel (carrousel, diaporama et responsive) ** - ** Module de recherche **: ** autosuggestion des résultats ** - ** ** Module de Filtrage: module puissant pour afficher la recherche et le filtrage partout sur votre site - Module de Tag: module simple tag - Module Catégorie  ... Et encore beaucoup de fonction uniques

Best CCK for Joomla

Posted on 30 November 2016

For me the most powerfull CCK for Joomla (i also used Zoo, K2, Form2Content, Seblod and Content Builder).

Ease of use

Less easy then Zoo but easier than lot of CCK.




Never enough ...

I used this to: I builded a Real estate catalog with it.


Exactly what I needed to create my Joomla website!
It helps a lot to create structured data + lots of functionalities a website could need.

Ease of use

Honestly I was a bit disturbed at the beginning.
Then I learnt the good reflexes with it. Now I love it!


The "kings of Flexi" are very good and nice guys always ready to help. If you express yourself accurately, you'll find help in the forum.


Can do a lot as is. If you have some basic understanding of PHP & MySQL & the willingness to put in some time and work, it can do even more.

Ease of use

Basic use is quite simple if you read the documentation/FAQ. Advanced use is trickier but worthwhile if your project is very specific.


Support is quick, & bug reports & feature requests are taken well and often implemented swiftly. Just be as clear as you can in your posts.


There are FAQs and Tutorials. Finding the one you need isn't always fast/easy, but it is likely to be there and the examples are useful.

I used this to: a one-person site with a few specific types of 'article'. The ability to code custom field type plugins and to template or override nearly anything means that I've been able to make nearly anything behave the way I want it to without having to hack any FC or Joomla files.


Posted on 31 May 2016

Endless amount of functionality.

Ease of use

It's all pretty intuitive, lot of tooltips.


Support is 110 out of 100. The guys are always responding immediately to all requests!

I used this to: Fairly complex structure of content


Ever since I started using it - I no longer needed any other components: ads, real estate, downloads - anything. Very flexible and powerfull

Ease of use

Not so easy, if you first time build site with Flexicontent. But once you learn it, you will not want anything else.


Excellent support via forum. Developer are very patient and friendly :)

The best component ever

Posted on 17 January 2016

It's fully functional

Ease of use

Not so easy if you are a rookie but you can make allmost everything with this component.


Excellent and very fast support



I used this to: Making a betting site.


Posted on 16 December 2015

You could probably do almost anything with this. I've basically used it to fine tune presentations of content.

Ease of use

Getting started scratching the surface is very easy. To know what you are doing - takes time.


Fast and courteous - even with idoits like myself.


This could probably be organized better. Quite a bit in french. Not a problem if you know french good enough =)

I used this to: Fine-tuning variuos site designs. Extending presentation.
Owner's reply: thanks for this review, after 3.0.10 we will work on news site with better documentation

I just love it

Posted on 11 December 2015

This is the only pack that can be used in such a wide range of purposes.

Ease of use

You need about 5 minutes to explore the tabs and you are ready to use it.


Support is excellent.


Easy to find what you need and easy to understand what you read

I used this to: Till now I used it for a small online book store. Now I'm moving to bigger book store with VirtueMart.


extends Joomla core with custom fields, better searching and an import tool

Ease of use

Not the easiest, but well worth the learning curve once you start to figure it out - especially the extensive search and filtering options.


Can't beat the support, I truly am amazed that a free extension of this calibre also comes with free support


There is documentation, much of it in french but there is enough english docs to get by on and response time is very decent in the forum

I used this to: Main reason was to add custom fields to articles to aid in display of an online parts web site, however the extensive search & filtering is also exactly what the site required so I'm thrilled to get both in one extension.

Usefull CCK

Posted on 21 October 2015

Stacks of functions and options, maybe too many for most use. So am looking forward to the latest phase of development pulling the ui a bit.

Ease of use

When you set up the fields for someone else the use is fine.


They are very quick with help on the forums.


Could do with some more, and there are some which are ok, but I think more is coming.

I used this to: Production travel websites where I can set up different types of content and keep the fields separate.


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