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The all in one events and webinar solution for Joomla. From event management and presentation, over flexible booking forms, till payment processing!

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Matukio Events supports multiple categories, recurring events, offers full Joomla ACL support, 100% dynamic booking-forms, payments, location- and organizer- management and presentation, various export options, frontend and backend management!


  • Advanced event-lists with multiple filters and search options, maps and more
  • Easy to use public event submission form
  • Advanced Calendar with event colors and event information on mouse over
  • Upcoming events
  • Beautiful detail pages for events, bookings, organizers and locations.
  • RSS Feeds, ICS calendar files
  • 100 % responsive! Matukio is optimized for smartphones and tablets!


The booking system is 100% customizable, you can easily edit and create booking-fields, have event specific ones and much more. Matukio supports different fees and you can even override them for single events. You can offer coupon codes and it is also possible to book multiple places at once! Matukio comes with payment plugins for all important payment processors and gateways, from PayPal, over till payment by cash or banktransfer and many more. Booked participants (also guests!) have their own area in Matukio, where they can see, cancel and edit (if you like) their booking and much more!


Your organizers can manage their events and bookings from the Joomla frontend, without the need of backend administrator access. And you can have moderated events, which have to be enabled by an administrator first.


Matukio can automatically generate PDF invoices and tickets based on your own template and corporate design. You can use QR- and Bar-Codes to for example easily check-in and validate bookings at an event with your smartphone! You can also completely customize the outgoing emails with your favorite Joomla editor, including placeholders for booking- and event-information.


You can certificate and grade your participants, including dynamically generated certificates based on your own layout. And you can enable your participants to rate an event afterwards.


You can easily export your bookings and events to CSV or print great booking-, signature- and participant-lists and more. The export items are also based on your own, customizable template. You can import events from ICS, CSV or from different other extension, like Seminar or event-booking!


Matukio Events offers extended statistics with charts and bars, making it easy to keep an overview over your business numbers.


Matukio Events comes with 10 different modules and multiple plugins to advertise for your events and integrate it into your site! Starting with upcoming events, events near you with geo-location, over calendar ones and awesome looking event tiles

Excellent Component

Posted on 22 January 2015
High number of Functions. I really like the automated mails and the QR Code generator.
Ease of use
It just runs out of the box and is very intuitive
The Support is really fast ... and they are speaking german too
Value for money
For the number of functions and the support this component is totally worth it
I used this to: Managing event subscriptions of on customers websites.
This module has everything all the other vendors offer between them. The one thing that was missing is on the list and out in next few week
Ease of use
Really easy to use. Anything you cannot work out, the support is quick and good!
You ask a question and you generally have a very quick response. Even late in the evening! Product and associated tech knowledge awesome
Pretty good overall with some good videos.. Could be little better like most vendors. The support you receive more than makes up for this.
Value for money
With the discount code I had, great value. Even without the discount, it would be worth the money.
I used this to: a cycling event website.
Loaded with features and more are added. Even compatible with Community Builder profile fields since 5.1. Got everything you need and more.
Ease of use
Because of the many features it takes some time to get to know all the features and how to use them. Default settings are pretty good though
If I could give 200 points I would. The staff is very, very quick in answering posts on their forum and they always try to help you.
Documentation is good, but not great.
Value for money
Absolutely worth paying some money for. Great product and great support.
I used this to: A non profit organisation that organizes lots of different events for their members.
I used Seminar which was stopped after Joomla 1.5 was discontinued. But the folks at Compojoom picked up this ball and made an already good product much, much better.
I recommend this extension
This extension is providing a lot of features, and it allows customizations to get the working we needed. They listen enhancement requests.
Ease of use
General settings, templates, plug-ins like CB or their CComment extension: all of this needs time to set up but at the end, you get it!
Just an amazing support: fast, helpful, nice... words are missing to explain how efficient they are!
I would say just sufficient, but their tickets support and the forum is completing the light documentation.
Value for money
Not the cheaper Event management module, but clearly a serious development and a lot of functionnality.
I used this to: Game event management with different options. Events well managed by absolutely non IT people with the front end setup. At the creation of a new event, our VIPs get a notification email, some events are private, only shared with some groups,... Some stuff expected in next version
Matukio is not perfect ... - but it is by far the best event manager for Joomla.

The support is good and absolutely fast. Thank you. Keep it up.
I use it since 2012. It already was a good tool then and until today it advanced a lot. Great user interface. But the best is the the support you get in need of help. Unbeatable.

I installed it on a lot of websites I made, and I have satisfied customers.

I highly recommend this tool. It's absolutely worth it's price.

Suites everything

Posted on 15 May 2014
I have been using Schlu eventlist for years. Obviously, due to its "death", I have been looking for a replacement.

I was pointed in the direction of this comp and gave it a testrun.

Yepp, it is an amazing tool for the job!

I run a fair which is an annual event. My site also shows events of a similar character from others.

I am also the Head of the Board for the local tennis club. We have 3 teams, and all are in the division stuff... meaning court bookings must be easy for everyone to see prior to going to the club.

This Matukio is great, versatile and if you need extra stuff implemented it is ready for that too!

Matukio - Event Manager

Posted on 06 February 2014
Excellent tool we use since years for managing courses assigned to our historical ball. Especially important: quick, competent and friendly support! This tool is worth its money.
We used v2 of Matukio for a short time. As our company just offers many events, we installed v3 and just like it. The latest version is great. Many of our old wishes are implemented and we are very happy. A few bugs we found have immediately been fixed. Great extension, great support! Continue like this!
I used this component before (then: Seminar) to make events for the Dutch Kendo Renmei.

It;s an easy and flexible component.

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Matukio Events

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Feb 11 2019
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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