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Live Chat Joomla extension is designed to provide a live support on your Joomla website. With live chat support, you can have a real time live chat with your customers on your Joomla website. It is easy and simple. After install this live chat support extension, it doesn't need any configuration in your administrator panel. All what you need to do is adding a menu. If your customers need your live help, live support or live chat with you, they can click the menu and start to live chat with you in the coming page. Live chat extension provide the best way to provide live support. Live support is the best way to enlarge your business. Live chat extension provides two mode for you, the online mode and offline mode. When you are online, you can chat with your customers to provide live support. Once you are offline, this live chat extension will provide your customers a email support form, so that they can search for support by email. Live Chat Joomla extension makes live support easier than ever. This extension doesn't need any modules to work with. Therefore, one simple installation is enough. This extension don't need any special configuration. To enable your customer can have live chat with you, please provide them a menu on the page. Then you can have a nice live chat with your customers. Live chat extensions is designed to work with Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.x.x. There is no compatible problems at all. It supports multiple live chats concurrently. You can have live chat with several customers at one time. There is no limitations. Live Chat extension provides a voice notification. Once there is a live chat coming, you will get a sound notification. It will help you to avoid missing any live support requests. It also provides a finish chat function. So if there is any mischief, you can discard it and you will not get any disturb from that session. Let's Live Chat help you to promote your sales, reduce your operating costs and increases your customer satisfaction by providing live support on your Joomla website.

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Main Features:
1. Simplest installation;
2. Simplest settings, it will work without any settings actually;
3. Simplest live chat session management;
4. One step to enable your customers live chat with you;
5. Sound notification for a new coming live chat (you can turn off it any time);
6. Fast reply is available;
7. 6 emoticons available, you can add more if you want;
8. No programming skills required;

Mostly works but author forgot to regression test. Bombs out with an error due to naming class with 'Free' when it is a paid version.
Ease of use
Very easy to use but limited functionality.
Does not exist if you expect fixes and a download of an update.
Good documentation for this limited functionality.
Value for money
Poor value compared with a robust and supported version of the same or better functionality.
I used this to: Uninstalling as I found a robust and working alternative written in CodeIgniter
Owner's reply: We fix the problem in the latest version. Now you can try the demo of both client panel and agent panel before you purchase. Currently, we provide both email support and live chat support on our website. If you have any problems, feedback, or suggestion, you can get contact with us via both channels.
Very simple to install and operate. The big problem is that it just didn't POST info from the user form, which is the purpose of the com...
Ease of use
Super Simple to install and operate...
Well documented in 4 easy steps on the developers website...
I used this to: This was a test of the component for a production site. However the component did not work. Everything was simple as the instructions suggested, but the user message form never sent a POST to the admin and it did not add the text to the live feed at the top of the support page...
Owner's reply: Hi Leon Bellamy,

The new version 3.6.1 is released. It is a big update to solve lots of problems basing on my customs feedback. Please contact us through our support page, and I will give you the latest version for free.

In the new update, I move the admin chat page in the front of the website, and now you can test the chat even in the same browser. I am looking forward to your messages.

Best Regards
Chat works as expected, it has the basic functions which are probably enough for many people. Very good for this low price.
Ease of use
Using the chat is very easy. Custom configuration was a bit trickier, I had to modify the code a bit to get it working the way I wanted.
Support is excellent. I got fast replies to all of my questions, always very friendly and helpful!
Very limited. However, the product is also very simple and easy to use, so it's not a big problem.
Value for money
Definititely worth the price, if you are looking for a simple chat solution.

Excellent extension

Posted on 04 September 2014
great extension this is. I recommended this extension for all of you, because it is so simple to install and use, simple to configure and simple to manage. It is just meet all your needs and provide support for your costumers.

great work by programmer.
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Live Chat Support

Last updated:
Oct 26 2016
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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