Multimedia, Directory, Classified Ads, Ratings & Reviews, Content Construction

JReviews is a directory, classifieds, reviews, ratings, catalog, content construction kit (CCK), and multi-media gallery component, all rolled into one very powerful and flexible Joomla extension. It combines a powerful multi-directory/database system with the most advanced multi-criteria ratings and reviews functionality. Use it to build City Guides, Classifieds, Business Directories, Real Estate Listings, Product Catalogs, Book Reviews, Restaurant Reviews, Hotel Reviews, Events, Movie & Gaming Review Databases, Job Boards, Beverage Reviews and so much more. Perfect for building directory sites similar to Yelp and TripAdvisor.

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JReviews is developed with a strong emphasis on user experience on desktop and mobile, SEO, and performance, so you can focus on building a great site. It has hundreds of features and settings so we recommend that you take some time to go over our website, documentation, and demo. You can also get started quickly with the free RapidLauncher Add-on, which lets you easily choose from several directories that you can import to your site with sample data.

JReviews has been in continuous development since 2006, making it one of the longest-running projects for Joomla. You can use JReviews for any type of directory with reviews functionality, including, but not limited to:

  • Business directory
  • Products directory
  • Hotels directory
  • Restaurants directory
  • Events and venues directory
  • Offers directory
  • People directory
  • Organizations directory
  • Places directory
  • Products directory
  • Hospitals and doctors directory
  • Universities, colleges and schools directory

Below you can find a summary of some of the most important features and functionality:


  • One directory or multiple directories on the same site with a single installation (City Guide, Business Directory, Catalog, Classifieds, Events, Recipes, Downloads). You can see this type of setup live on our demo site where we have examples for each type of directory.
  • Inquiries to contact listing owners.
  • Claims to allow a business owner to take control of a listing to update it and be able to reply to reviews.
  • Listing comparison functionality
  • Media uploads (photos, videos, audio, attachments)
  • Multiple layouts for photos and videos
  • Advanced search and filtering with the ability to create custom search and filter forms.
  • Site members can add listings to their favorites list
  • Related listings widgets to display information in one listing about other listings. For example, display events in a venue listing and venue information for each event. Display albums for an artist and artist info in albums. Display nearby places inside a listing. Display other listings from the same category and much more.
  • Multiple layouts available for list pages: blog view, tableview, thumb view, and masonry.
  • Powerful SEO features that allow you to easily create dynamic page titles and meta descriptions for listings based on title, field data, and more.
  •, Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card markup and the ability to easily select the correct and Facebook Open Graph object types for your listings.


Most powerful review system of any extension and longest running multi-criteria ratings reviews project for Joomla since the pre-Joomla Mambo days.

  • Site editor and user reviews which are separate from each other.
  • Multi-criteria review rating system.
  • Configurable rating scale for review ratings.
  • Assign custom weights for individual review criteria ratings.
  • Bayesian ranking system used to calculate a listing rank based on average rating and number of reviews.
  • Listing ordering by individual review rating criteria (best service, best value, best location, etc.).
  • Review custom fields.
  • Owner replies to reviews.
  • Review comments.
  • Ability to disable ratings and use reviews as an advanced commenting system.
  • Media uploads (photos, videos, audio, attachments) for reviews
  • Advanced filtering for reviews with the ability to create custom search forms.


JReviews has an advanced media system for listings and reviews that allows you to use it for downloads, audio, video and photo galleries. It also allows you to easily embed videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and Twitch. It supports storage in localhost, as well as Amazon S3, RackSpace and Digital Ocean Spaces. For audio and video uploads, it supports FFMPEG for local encoding and also integrates with the most important cloud encoding services.

Custom Fields

Through the use of custom fields, JReviews allows you to create your own listing and review forms and these can be different for each listing type you create in the system. Each field has advanced settings that let you control view/write access and customize its output. You can also establish field relations like Country/State/City. The following custom fields are available: single and multiple select, radio, checkbox, text, textarea, date, website, email, integer, decimal, related listing, banner.

Last, but not least, the FormBuilder field which allows you to create custom forms with repeatable inputs. It comes with predefined forms for recipes, business hours, restaurant menus, inventory, computer specifications.

Moderation System

Choose which types of submissions are automatically published on the site and which ones should enter a moderation queue that allows site administrators to approve them before making them live. Each listing type can have different settings for each type of submission. This applies to listings, reviews, media, review comments, owner replies, etc. and they can all be set up individually according to your needs.

Notifications System

Advanced notification settings for all different types of submissions (listings, reviews, review comments, owner replies) so you can decide which activities should trigger an email notification to site users.

Community Integration

JReviews comes with out-of-the-box support for EasySocial and JomsSocial. It can automatically link users to their EasySocial and JomSocial profiles. It can display EasySocial and JomSocial avatars and automatically add listings, reviews and media activities to the EasySocial and JomSocial activity streams. It also comes with several apps/plugins for EasySocial and JomSocial to display My Listings, My Favorites and My Reviews in profile pages. Finally, there's also and integration for Community Builder and Kunena to for profile linking and avatars .

Modules and Shortcodes

13 different modules are included in addition to listings, reviews and field shortcodes that can be used to show listings and reviews throughout the site. The modules are fully configurable and many of them have auto-detect functionality to show dynamic results based on the current page directory, category and listing type. When integrating with EasySocial and JomSocial using the Everywhere Add-on for profile reviews, it is also possible to use the listings and reviews modules with these EasySocial and JomSocial profiles and reviews.

  • Listings Advanced Search
  • Listings Advanced Filtering
  • Reviews Advanced Filtering
  • Directory
  • Listings
  • Reviews
  • Reviewer Rank
  • Fields
  • Range
  • Media
  • User Favorites
  • Totals
  • Calendar

JReviews App Store

The system can be further extended through Add-ons available in the JReviews App Store:


  • RapidLauncher: The quickest way to get a working setup of JReviews on your site. One-click import for Business Directory, City Guide Directory, Classifieds Directory, Movies Directory, Games Directory, Tutorials Directory and Products Catalog.
  • Queue: Improve the processing speed of the most common actions on your site, including, but not limited to listing and review submissions, by offloading dependent processes to a queue, for asynchronous processing.
  • TrustedUsers: Allows bypassing moderation settings for designated users or based on earned trust.


  • MapsPro: seamless integration of maps and proximity search functionality using Google, OpenStreetMap or Mapbox.
  • PaidListings: monetize your website by accepting payments for listing submissions and for enhanced listings with custom fields and media.
  • Import: import and export listings using CSV files.
  • WidgetFactory: powerful widget generator that lets listing owners publish widgets on other websites
  • AMP: Lightning fast and beautiful content-rich pages in mobile search results.
  • ListingResources: complement your listings with 3rd party resources (deals, affiliate links, news, articles, awards, ...). The add-on can handle any resource that you want to include that doesn't require a separate listing.
  • MyLists: keep users coming back to your site by allowing them to create their own public and private lists (wishlist, watchlist, etc.). Site owners can also create pre-defined lists.
  • UserProfiles: add a powerful profile system to your site that takes advantage of all the powerful features in JReviews like multimedia upload, custom fields, user reviews, and advanced search.
  • Everywhere: one powerful review system for all your needs. Extend the user review functionality from JReviews to other components, then manage all reviews from a single place. Plugins for leaving reviews in EasySocial and JomSocial profiles are included.

Customization and Development

JReviews has an advanced overrides functionality which makes it easy to change code and theme files without the risk of losing your changes during updates. It also has documented development features like Filters and Events which allow you to extend the functionality without the need for changes to the core code. There are many examples in the documentation and blog to get you started.

This is just a brief summary of JReviews. Please, explore our website, documentation, and demo for more information and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Highly recommended. Powerful and versatile. Suitable for a very wide range of use cases.
Ease of use
Configuration comes a bit of a learning curve. However, the front end is very intuitive.
Prompt, knowledgable, and professional technical support. Choice of tickets or forum support.
Very good documentation. More thorough and clear than most Joomla extensions. Actively maintained.
Value for money
It's not cheap. But I believe the pricing is fair considering the quality of the component and support.
I used this to: I currently use it for directories for businesses, products, jobs, and media releases.
We have used Jreviews on several websites a directories and reviews but it is also a fabulous CCK. You can use it to build absolutely anythi
Ease of use
It is so easy to build custom layouts, you are able to create custom fields and display them one at a time where needed. Great documentation
I’ve been building Joomla websites for more than a decade and the support with JReviews is the best I’ve ever had, very helpful forum also!
The documentation is just fabulous. There is so much detail, including screen shots and descriptions for everything you could want or need.
Value for money
So cheap for what it does. You get so much it’s like getting several major components and modules all wrapped up in one package.
I used this to: Building directories and custom layouts/functions for our Moore Tech Solutions clients.
This component is a the best directory component on the JED. It offers more features then other directories listed here.
Ease of use
Very easy to use and configure if you know joomla. Might be a little tougher for beginners but the support will be there for any questions.
Cant say enough about the support here. Alejandro was very helpful, fast and efficient.
Fully documented and explained with great support in case you don't understand something
Value for money
Great Value. The best on the JED. Comes with many plugins to expand functionality.
I used this to: My company church & sermon directory and mapping. Full store and library.
Jreviews got everything what you need and they keep extending the functionalities.
Ease of use
Via the backend you can change a lot settings. For almost everything you have an option.
If you have an issue at your site then they give very quick support. You just have to create a ticket at the website or ask it in there foru
At the website you find documents about all the possible options but also some advise how to customize it even further.
Value for money
I am using it already for years and will continue using it. So yes absolutely value for money.
I used this to: I use it for my holiday website. People can leave reviews for hotels, destinations and tour operators.
Works perfectly! I am a loyal customer of 10 years because no other review component comes close in terms of functionality and features
Ease of use
Very easy to use and set up. Excellent experience from a frontend user perspective too. Everything has been so well thought out
Brilliant! One of the best support across he Joomla developer community. Incredible knowledge and very high standards which shows in support
100% excellent. Has online documentation and also built in help search which is extremely useful. They have considered absolutely everything
Value for money
Excellent value for money. Cannot fault the product, the service, the standard of the component. It keeps on getting better each release!
I used this to: A property platform. Trust has never been more important. All industries would benefit from hosting their own reviews. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering creating their own review site whether it is for own business or a hobby site etc. A very powerful component.
Over the last few years, I have tried (and paid for) a number of Joomla directory extensions but this is the best by some margin.
Ease of use
I find it quite simple to use, even though it's a very powerful extension. It's intuitive and templating is very straightforward.
Exceptional. The developer is not judgmental and treats simple inquiries and complex questions with equal respect. Replies in minutes !!!
There's a lot of documentation, an active user forum (where the developer is present) and also video tutorials.
Value for money
It's not cheap but as a long term investment, represents excellent value for money.
I used this to: JReviews for the last few years has powered my directory of cricket related activities in the UK. I am also going to use it in future products
Jreviews has the ability to create directories of any kind, it's all in how you configure categories and fields. Great functionality.
Ease of use
There is a bit of a learning curve. It does have a lot of options. But there is great documentation to help you configure everything.
Wonderful support. Alejandro always responds very quickly and goes out of his way to get solutions to your problems.
Great documentation on every part of jreviews and it's add-ons. The forums also are a wealth of information for users.
Value for money
A great value you for your money. Well worth the yearly license. Unparalled support. I've used the component on 4 different websites.
I used this to: sites that require thousands of listings and the ability to post reviews.The highly flexible nature of the component allows you to create various types of location based directories.The ability to search for reviews on local businesses in a geographic location is highly valuable.
JReviews is a powerful and completely directory for any purpose. It is mobile ready (all devices), easy to customizable and has lot of feat.
Ease of use
Easy installation, built in demo content and menu, easy configuration. User friendly ad-ons (backend) and listing submitting (frontend).
The support of JReviews is awesome. I'll get an answer to issues within 12 hours. This is more than a benchmark. You get really great suppor
Perfect documentation with tips and tricks to modify files, too.
Value for money
You get a full review component with, for me very important, a user membership functionality with invoice generating and mail notifications.
I used this to: Business directory with paid membership (invoice ready). I've tried a lot of Joomla and Wordpress components, and nothing is so completely and easy to modify (theme and layout) like JReviews. From paid membership, user registration (listing owner or only reviewer), till GDPR func
JReviews offers a wide range of functionality for a directory extension from listings, to reviews, comparisons, and 3rd party integrations.
Ease of use
Extremely easy to use, spend 10-15 minutes in the system it is a breeze. Try the Rapilauncher to have test data autopopulated to learn from.
Alejandro and his team provide what should be Industry Standard Support for Software Developers typically responding in 24hrs or less!
Excellent Documentation provides new users with a complete overview to create their directory in no time at all.
Value for money
It would cost tens of thousands of dollars to create this extension and the additional 3rd party extension support. We are Stealing IT!
I used this to: We have developed a very dynamic job portal and use JReviews for Job Post as well as the User Profile Addon to separate Companies from Job Seekers. In addition, we use the Paid Listings Addon to offer upgraded Job Posts, and the Google Map Addon to show users where Jobs are.
Great extension for building directories and reviews website. Very flexible with a lot of configurations and its override system.
Ease of use
Very easy to understand with the "Rapid Launcher" addon. Have a look at the demo datas, and you will be able to create your own website.
Best support! Forum and tickets are very reactive and answer kindly even to stupid questions ;-) . Thanks a lot Alejandro.
Documentation website is very detailed and easy to understand. Wether you are a beginner or a frontend developer, there's an answer for you.
Value for money
Great value. I wouldn't be able do develop such a website in my client's budget without JReviews.
I used this to: Used for a "TripAdvisor like" website for retirement homes.
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