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Sellacious is a free eCommerce platform available for Joomla designed to grow your business quickly. It is simple to install, user friendly interactive admin interface and comes packed with features like Enterprise level configurations, status, permission, e-wallet, listing and commission, tax and discount management etc with native Multi and single vendor architecture, Front-end product filters, Multivariant products, Caching, SEO friendly shop outputs and awesome support. Hundreds of features to explore, ready to scale to meet your low or high traffic demands, Definitely a kick-ass e-commerce and marketplace software.

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  • Very Simple and user-friendly admin panel
  • Configure to your needs, disable Multi-vendor, multi variant, product comparison, etc and transform your admin panel and frontend on click of a button.
  • Simple Shop/Multi Vendor system
  • Natively Multi Vendor marketplace
  • Manage Listing Fee/commission for sellers
  • Multi Variant for each product
  • Each product can be sold by multiple sellers
  • Internal Messaging to seller and clients
  • Enterprise level management of staff/seller/client permissions
  • SEO Friendly
  • Compare Products
  • Frontend Filters
  • Custom Fields
  • Multiple level Shop rules
  • Plugin based shop rules and interface (extend the way you want)
  • Categories everything, from clients, manufacturers, products, sellers and everything else
  • Special Categories for products, like featured, bordered, or anything you want, charge sellers for making their listing special if multi vendor is enabled.
  • Return and Exchange Policy Management
  • Order status management
  • eWallet and Transaction reporting
  • Single user Multiple profiles ( the same user can be seller and staff)
  • Measurement unit management
  • Payment Method creation and management.
  • B2B Features
  • Guest Checkout
  • Smart search based Search Engine
  • Latest and Related Products modules

::::::::####:::::::: Change Log 1.5.1 ::::::::####::::::::
Bug fixes and license changes

::::::::####:::::::: Change Log 1.5.0 ::::::::####::::::::
- Compatibility for Joomla 3.8
- Sellacious asks you to setup basic options on startup. Setup Sellacious according to your needs more easily.
- Sellacious is now 90% multilingual ready. Start translating Sellacious in your own language.
- Product Filter is now available as Module.
- You can now set styling options for all special categories, Not just the default ones.
- Sellacious backend has got its own menu manager. Now, Customise Sellacious menu in clicks.
- SEF Frontend URLs: Choose your own SEO friendly URLs now and create them via Joomla menu manager.
- Duplicate existing Products with a click.
- View products in frontend in a single click.
- Improved email templates with 'To', 'CC', 'BCC' etc.
- Improved Product caching for faster user experience.
- More control over form fields to display during front-end user registration.
- Several other improvements.

::::::::####:::::::: Change Log 1.4.7 ::::::::####::::::::
- Compatibility for Joomla 3.7
- Upload images via FTP
- Several bug fixes

::::::::####:::::::: Change Log 1.4.6 ::::::::####::::::::

  • Now the latest products and related products modules come along with this package.
  • Offering Premium Trial license to unlock the hidden features for FREE for a limited time.
  • Supports Joomla smart search built right within sellacious to allow searching products using content indexing.

  • Much awaited Guest Checkout. This is guest checkout in the TRUE sense. No user registration takes place at all of the users choosing guest checkout, not even a hidden one.
  • Customers can access their order using the URL in their email directly, without needing to log in to your shop every time.
  • Now choose whether you want to allow checkout with ZERO priced items or a cart with ZERO order value.
  • Now choose whether to allow selling of out of stock products.
  • Now configure a minimum order value which must be met to be able to place an order.
  • Each seller can now configure a minimum quantity and/or maximum quantity that can be ordered for each product individually.
  • Forex now automatically attempts to fetch live rates if no exchange rates are available in your site database for a requested currency pair. This rate is then stored in the database for further use.
  • For each payment method, you can choose whether you want it to be available for guest checkout or not.
  • Email templates for various email triggers in sellacious now shipped with the release package.

::::::::####:::::::: Change Log 1.4.5 ::::::::####::::::::

  • Fixed bug which caused the menu to not update when upgrading to newer sellacious version.

  • Major cart revive. Now sellacious shopping cart supports items from other external sources as well.

  • Email templates improvements and few more shortcodes added to various email templates.

  • Finder plugin now allows specifications values too as search keyword.

  • Now you can choose within global configuration which fields to show in checkout address form.

  • Set your own validation pattern for ZIP Code and mobile number for address forms.

  • Set your own pattern for Order Number generated for the order placed.

  • Bug fixes and several other overall improvements.

::::::::####:::::::: Change Log 1.4.4 ::::::::####::::::::

  • Meta description/keywords from product rendered in product detail pages.
  • If payment fails for an order, the customer can re-attempt payments from the order page.
  • Use itemised shipment methods or single shipment method for entire cart.
  • Option to show or hide products with no defined price (zero price) and/or out of stock products.
  • Seller specific storefronts showing only the products listed by the selected seller.
  • Check out page major improvement.
  • Continue shopping link added to shopping cart modals.
  • Feature to add custom form fields to any shipping method. The user would be prompted to fill those in when selecting the shipment method.
  • Introducing Checkout Form that allows you to ask the customer for few additional information during checkout.
  • The customer can now specify for each of their addresses whether it is a residential address or an office address.
  • Address now also contains company name and Post Box number fields.
  • Detailed registration and profile pages for customers in front-end per customer category.
  • Improved modal layouts to allow support for different templates.
  • Not saving payment credentials with order automatically, to do so you'd need to configure your payment method accordingly from the backend.
  • Less mandatory fields in product edit form, now create a product with just title, category, and price.
  • Included PayPal standard plugin for this package. Now you can configure your PayPal payment integration with just an email address.
  • MooKiller plugin included with this package to avoid mooTools conflicts in the sellacious backend. It will NOT affect any other part of your website.

::::::::####:::::::: Change Log 1.4.1 ::::::::####::::::::

281 changed, 3 removed, 463 new files.

PayPal Plugin included as Free
Forex conversion plugin included Free
GeoLocation Data up to state levels for all countries available on "geodata"

Core enhancements:

  • Eproducts Launched: Can make rigorous eproduct shopping cart/Marketplace
  • Physical/eProduct Package Launched: Now make package of multiple products and sell it as one product (don't confuse it with configurable products)
  • Automatic Forex update 24 hours and manual sync using Yahoo and Fixed API
  • Sellacious custom form-fields rendering can now be customised using template overrides.
  • Front-end speed and performance optimisation.
  • Shop rules (tax/discounts) filters improved.
  • Improved Geo-location database. Up to state-level global data already in core now. Continents and countries were already there.
  • More geolocation data available for download at that can be directly imported into sellacious.
  • Product packages support added.
  • Improved shopping cart.
  • Improved support for e-products, downloads after purchase etc.
  • Add custom license attributions (e.g. GPL) to your listed e-products.

::::::::####:::::::: Change Log 1.3.2 ::::::::####::::::::

6 normal Bug Fixes
2 important session bug fix

::::::::####:::::::: Change Log 1.3.0 ::::::::####::::::::

New Features:

No need to subscribe to download.
    Directly Install from Web
    Or Download from without subscription
Enhanced seller/admin dashboard
Permissions setting page improved with grouped/accordion
Internal Messages with threaded reply
Improved Order management
    Direct Invoice download
    Direct Receipt download
    Direct Print View
    Modal Status history Log
    Transactions which took place in particular order.
Bulk and Keyboard shortcuts:
    Inventory manager view
        Bulk product price and stock
        Bulk variant price and stock
        + Keyboard shortcuts
Communication log: View every email sent from the system
New improved segmented Global configurations.
Email Templates
Introducing 5 more types of email templates for more personalized behavior.
    Automatic email notification for seller registration
    Automatic email notification of new message received
    Automatic email notification for new transaction (add fund/withdrawal request)
Currency from IP:
    Auto-detect user's currency from his location (if available) for guest users.
Block Checkout
    If you don't want user to check out and just want sellacious as advanced catalogue use this feature
    Enable/Disable checkout from Global Config.
    Footer with active license information.
Additional Filters for Tax and Discounts (coupons yet to come)
    Enormous power on tax and discounts, define them for particular geographical location
User visits/page view stats

7 New Payment Methods in Appstore:
Razor Pay (India)
    Bank debit and Credit card

Marketplace Features:

Shipped by Seller or shop for multi-seller sites
User groups fixes for client/seller/manufacturer/staff category assignment to users
Auto-assign default client category to new registered users.
Seller can set shipment origin
Seller can set shippable locations

Bug Fixes:

Login permissions
Permissions for various views
Product grid and list layout
Compare bar to frontend pages
Seller registration
Collapsible menu
Coupon Page
+ 343 small and big bug fixes

::::::::####:::::::: Change Log 1.0.4 Beta ::::::::####::::::::

New and Powerful Tax/Discount Filters:
    Individual Product rule or Entire Cart rule
    Start End Date
    Product Categories
    Individual Products
    Quantity Range
    Min-Max Bill amount
    Client Categories
        Address to Match-Billing, Shipping, Both or Any
        The country, State, City or Zip codes.
    Or mix of any of the above
GeoLocations [Creation and Implementation]
    Create and manage Geolocation
    Easy create Child Geolocation by ',' comma separated values.
    Implementation of Geolocation configuration for ship-able and billable address
    Configuration to let seller choose shipping locations or not
    Ship-able locations in seller profile (if enabled).
    Tax & Discount rules based on Geolocations
        Make taxes or Discounts based on Geo rules, example: Apply some tax on particular product category ship-able to particular state, city or zipcodes of any country.
    Product Cache, Dead Lock condition bug Fixed.
        Bug in permissions fixed, now all accesses will work without administrative permissions.
        Seller permission fixed
        Buyers can filter products which are ship-able to their locations
        Appropriate Geo location based Tax/Discount will be applied after the user inputs his billing/shipping address.
        Grid and List view in product layout
            CSS based Grid and List layouts implemented in product list view.
Bug Fixes: Other several bug fixes.

::::::::####:::::::: Change Log 1.0.3 Beta ::::::::####::::::::

Change Log:

Compare Products
    Entirely New module to view products in comparison from frontend
    Remove from compare list- Fixed
    Add to compare from Wish List - Fixed ...

Product Cache:
    Added cache layer to fasten the process of frontend price, and tax rules calculations.
    Rewritten Listing SQL to work with new optimized cache tables
Rating and Reviews:
    Entire new module added with all advance features like certified buyer badges, permissions etc.
    Rating specific Global configurations added
    Start ratings showing correct data on:
            Category pages
            Product Pages
            Wish List
            and other pages where ratings were visible
            Entire new page for ratings & Reviews under 'shop menu'
            Product page
            Seller Page
Bug Fixes: Other several bug fixes.

Download from here:

If not subscribed already, kindly subscribe here:
If you are looking to make your shopping cart ecommerce or marketplace by using virtuemart eshop redshop j2store hikashop hikamarket joomshopping jmarket joocommerce or any other shopping cart extension, you should definitely try sellacious also to feel the difference in quality of code, features, and interface.

  • Awesome Support


Posted on 19 June 2019
Does exactly what it should.
It works perfectly well.
Allows easy registration and management of sellers
Ease of use
I just did not give 5 stars for the very complexity of use.
But the problem is not of the component, such a system can not be much simpler.
They try to answer at least.
A little slow, but understandable, lots of people using.
I used this to: Trying to build a multi-vendor marketplace for small home entrepreneurs,
It's important that it be free, cause I am not intending to charge for the services too.
It is just for help needy people to sell their products
Great features, easy to use and I must say it is far better than the other service providers
Ease of use
its quite easy to use, everything explained in a very simple way that you find it very comfortable to use
The best part of sellacious is their staff they will support you whenever you need they know how to serve their customers very well

It's well documented and made easy to configure the extension it was clean, clear, concise and Quite detailed
I used this to: for my own online business and sellacious helped me to manage my business in a way better way
All modules what I want for small school marketplace. Super!!
Ease of use
I am tech student in Delhi, for me its very easy to understand
I got excellent whatsapp and phone support. Killing support
Decent, but they can definitely improve.
I used this to: My College marketplace with easysocial integration. My friends can now sell their used stuff in and out of college
This extension is powerful eCommerce system. Offers more multivendor functionality than the competitors out there.
Ease of use
The software is almost 100% configurable. If you are tech savvy person, You won't need any additional coding.
These guys are readily available on Forums and Email. I got all replies within 24 hours.
FAQ section and documentation is provided with the download link.
I used this to: Hyperlocal marketplace

good extension

Posted on 11 May 2018
This software provides me a great functionality to create my own online shopping website.
Ease of use
As a non technical person, It is really helpful for me to make product features in my shop
Sellacious Support was really helpful when am in doubt while creating my shop.
Each and every document section was very helpful. I preferred documentation videos which is really informative.
I used this to: I use the sellacious website to create my online store of shoe
Tiene muchas características y herramientas para la adminisitración de tiendas y venta de productos
Ease of use
Es bastante fácil de usar a pesar de la extensa cantidad de caracteristicas
Que puedo decir del soporte, le doy un 200. te ayudan en todo
Podría ser mucho mejor
I used this to: DEspues de haber probado plugins de WP (dokan, WCVendors, MKP Vendors) que funcionan bien, pero no tienen la coherencia y caracteristicas que tiene sellacious donde todo está debidamente ordenado y no se tiene el problema de información repetida o difusa.

Good Product

Posted on 07 May 2018
I paid for it because of great features, definitely better than others.
Ease of use
Quick and Simple with advance features yet easy to use.
Outstanding, thay mostly solve my queries on live chat.
video video documentation made me use all major modules easily.
I used this to: to create my gadget store.
This is simple yet huge software with most of the features, I used it for simple e-commerce but later used quite advanced taxes and discount
Ease of use
The shortcuts makes things easy. to create my first product took me 5 mins, navigation to basic stuff like discount, tax, coupon is on dash
I usually use there live support chat, most of my small queries and doubts are solved on chat, Worth paying for this.
I used it for basic shop, most of my required features were on dashboard. I used few documentation videos and they were super helping
I used this to: I use this for creating my online shop. where I sell clothes and fashion stuff. The target market is Europe.


Posted on 27 April 2018
Ease of use

Awesome Product

Posted on 22 April 2018
Functionality of Sellacious is great, you receive a great product and this even for free. Definitely better than other products available.
Ease of use
Sellacious has many functions and can be a bit difficult for newcomers, but that makes it richer than other components.
This is where it gets interesting. After purchasing lifetime plan they contacted me if I need any assistance, I was very surprised and Happy
Documentation is good but could be better. Even then you can count on their help if you ever would need it. Just contact them.
I used this to: Marketplace, B2B Store and couple of other projects coming up soon. Will definitely not look back to other components. Sellacious is huge and has all I need. Mostly I am happy with their support and customization possibilities.
PayPal Advanced for Sellacious
Paid download

PayPal Advanced for Sellacious

By Abhishek Agrawal
Extensions Specific Non-sorted
PayPal advanced is payment plugin for Joomla eCommerce extension sellacious, it is built on latest Paypal API and is well built by native Sellacious team. It needs Paypal API key and secret to work and not just your email ID, which is simple, secure way of receiving payments on Sellacious via Paypal. This payment gateway is for both ADD Funds and Frontend checkout page. Both Sandbox and Live mode...
Stripe for Sellacious
Paid download

Stripe for Sellacious

By Abhishek Agrawal
Extensions Specific Non-sorted
Stripe is payment plugin for Joomla eCommerce extension sellacious, it is built on latest STRIPE API and is well built by the native Sellacious team. It needs STRIPE API key and a secret to work, which is simple, secure way of receiving payments on Sellacious via stripe. This payment gateway is for both ADD Funds and Frontend checkout page. Both Sandbox and Live mode available PHP 7 and Joomla 3...
Razorpay for Sellacious
Paid download

Razorpay for Sellacious

By Abhishek Agrawal
Extensions Specific Non-sorted
This is payment plugin for Joomla ecommerce extension sellacious, it is built on latest RAZORPAY API and is well built by native Sellacious team. It needs RAZORPAY API key and secret to work, which is simple, secure way of receiving payments on Sellacious via Razorpay. This payment gateway is for both ADD Funds and Frontend checkout page. Both Sandbox and Live mode available PHP 7 and Joomla 3.5...
ccAvenue for Sellacious
Paid download

ccAvenue for Sellacious

By Abhishek Agrawal
Extensions Specific Non-sorted
ccAvenue is payment plugin for Joomla ecommerce extension sellacious, it is built on latest CCAVENUE API and is well built by native Sellacious team. It needs CCAVENUE API key and secret to work, which is simple, secure way of receiving payments on Sellacious via ccavenue. This payment gateway is for both ADD Funds and Frontend checkout page. Both Sandbox and Live mode available Check the screen...
AuthorizeNet for Sellacious
Paid download

AuthorizeNet for Sellacious

By Abhishek Agrawal
Extensions Specific Non-sorted is payment plugin for Joomla ecommerce extension sellacious, it is built on latest Authorize API and is well built by native Sellacious team. It needs Authorize API key and secret to work, which is simple, secure way of receiving payments on Sellacious eCommerce using your creditcard. It supports VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express This payment gateway is for both ADD Fund...
2Checkout for Sellacious
Paid download

2Checkout for Sellacious

By Abhishek Agrawal
Extensions Specific Non-sorted
2Checkout is payment plugin for Joomla ecommerce extension sellacious, it is built on latest 2Checkout API and is well built by native Sellacious team. It needs 2Checkout API key and secret to work, which is simple, secure way of receiving payments on Sellacious ecommerce. This payment gateway is for both ADD Funds and Frontend checkout page. Both Sandbox and Live mode available PHP 7 and Joomla...
Sagepay for Sellacious
Paid download

Sagepay for Sellacious

By Abhishek Agrawal
Payment Gateway
Sagepay for Sellacious is a payment plugin which allows Sellacious powered stores to use Sagepay as their payment gateway....
Securepay for Sellacious
Paid download

Securepay for Sellacious

By Abhishek Agrawal
Payment Gateway
Allow customers on a Sellacious based store to checkout from Securepay....


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Free download
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