Languages, Multi-lingual Content, Site Navigation

  • Simply switches the actual page language
  • Navigation by Flags only, Flags & Names or Names only
  • Ordering horizontal, vertical or by DropDown
  • English or native Language Names
  • Languages ordered according to Visitor's preferences
  • Favourite
  • Report

It does not work - it doesn't show anything. Installed as per documentation.
Ease of use
There's not a lot to it, but it doesn't work Installed as per documentation.
Installed as per documentation. Does not work. Installed as per documentation. Installed as per documentation. Installed as per document
documentation is not helpful because it still doesn't work. it doesn't show anything
I used this to: Installed as per documentation Installed as per documentation. Inst Installed as per documentation. Installed as per documentation. Installed as per documentation. alled as per documentation.
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By Premek
Professional Opinion Poll system - From Single Question up to Multilayer Questionnaire - Joomla! Menu Component or Article Module - Full WYSIWYG designed Question texts and optional text separators - Rich Input Controls from checkbox up to free text entry - Intrinsic Question Logic dynamically displays or hides questions depending on the Visitor's input - Switch between the Voting mode and the Res...
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By Premek
Usage: Menu Discussion component Article Discussion Module Documentation tool Dynamic Knowledge Base tool for structured information development Application Help system Source for further textual elaboration Key features: Single Dispute or hierarchically structured Dispute poll Optionally moderated with author notification on changed state Each node can be individually linked to Mail Subscri...
pj Links
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pj Links

By Premek
Site Links
Manage & Display as set of commented web links Displays a set of commented web links Shows site's icon, title, url, logo and a description Check utility checks the url and retrieves title, icon and logo Implement as Joomla! Component (Menu) or Module Optionally, a short comment for Module and a full one for Component Rich layout options Supports Categories and Tags...
pj DataProvider for Joomla!
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pj DataProvider for Joomla!

By Premek
A Joomla! developer's alternative database interface library Encapsulated database interface by powerful abstracted functions and classes. InfoBase, representing one single database table row, is a base class for extension's classes. SearchKey is a handy versatile query construct of unlimited complexity. The Visitors concept keeps track on active unregistered visitors. Useful UTF8 and other comm...
pj DataProvider Framework

pj DataProvider Framework

By Premek
Development Tools
Encapsulates DB interface with powerful classes General usage framework usable in any PHP environment. IDataProvider defines a function set the actual database engine interface must provide. MySqlDataProvider is the IDataProvider layer to the MySql database engine (mysqli). InfoBase, representing one single database table row, is a base class for extension's classes with specific functionality,...

Simple Language Switch

Last updated:
Sep 27 2017
Date added:
Jul 05 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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