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Preachit is the #1 sermon manager for Joomla. Fusing simplicity, flexibility and a range of attractive templates it serves as an effective way to create and display multimedia for church ministry.

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We offer plenty of video tutorials on the website and all downloads are available on registration.

Setup a new site, upgrade from other Preachit versions or migrate from Sermon Speaker and Joomla Bible Study records. Setting up Preachit hasn't been easier.

Preach also has plugins for use with AutotweetNG, JMailAlerts! and Xmap.

Good sermon manager. Easy to filter by speaker, date, book etc. JWPlayer included only uses flash so outdated.
Ease of use
Easy to use as provided, but a little complicated if you want to make your own changes. Some of the layout I found difficult to use.
Paul was great. The new site does not even have a public forum so we can help each other. ONLY paid support or nothing.
te-webdesign at least had videos. The new site does not offer any kind of documentation aside from downloading the extension itself.
I used this to: displaying sermons on my church website, audio files only. we don't use most of the functions available: video, text, powerpoint, or even a description of the audio. Just the audio sermons which we host on our own site. We do use the book(s) of the Bible, speaker, and ministry.
I had PreachIt up and running in no time. I could never get JWPlayer to work, but HTML5 works great.
Ease of use
Very simple and easy to use.
When I had an error while installing, the developer was very responsive. It turned out to be another extension causing problems.
Fairly good documentation. Could be more detailed.
I used this to: My church website for uploading and presenting the morning sermons.
Tons of features and everything works great.
Ease of use
Very simple to setup and use.
The support I've received has always been good although I've hardly every needed it.
I used this to: I used this on a website I built for a church. It's been in use for 3 years and has worked flawlessly. WAY better than anything else out there. I highly recommend it!
We are immensely blessed with this Joomla product. The perfect solution that we were looking for our ministry needs in our site
Ease of use
Very easy to use and administer and maintain all sermon / church resources meant for sharing - like sermon audio, video, notes, slides, rss
We have been able to get good support from the UI tips / Code and web forum etc.
The UI is self explanatory, with available documentation, and well documented code, the product is quite easy to use.
I used this to: We use it extensively for sharing our church resources - . Thanks a ton Pastor Paul for making this and also making it free for the benefit of our Lord's kingdom on cyber space! God bless you abudantly!!
It is a breeze to update new content, which I must do weekly. It pulls all infromation from Vimeo and YouTube with just the URL.
Ease of use
Little documentation needed to get it up and running. Very intuitive. The best thing is the Templates that are provided FREE.
Probably the best support I have for any product I use. Paul will be right back to you with a solution.
Videos and written tutorials available. Not on just how to install, but how to use every day.
I used this to: I am a website developer, and build sites strictly for churches. Years ago I was looking for a way to display sermons online. All products then (and now) looked like a spreadsheet with players. I stumbled onto Preachit and have used it ever since. I now use it on over 20 sites.
Superior functionality. Has multiple multimedia players that can be easily customized. Files can be stored on the server or on Amazon S3.
Ease of use
Very easy and intuitive to use.
Very responsive support that quickly fixes bugs and adds new features.
Good written and video documentation
I used this to: Presenting multimedia (audio, video, text) of church sermons in a highly organized and attractive fashion.


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Nov 01 2017
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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