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A complete and flexible video share solution for Joomla with a wide range of features.

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  • Supports both HTML5 & FLASH.
  • Support all major Joomla versions
  • Support responsive templates
  • Handle variety of Media formats that flash can handle such as flv, mp4, 3g2, 3gp, aac, f4b, f4p, f4v, m4a, m4v, mov(h.264), sdp, vp6.
  • Color the skin on your Own.
  • Flexible options to add Videos either by simply providing Video URL (or) using UPLOAD method.
  • True Streaming methods like RTMP and Lighttpd.
  • CDN streaming like Amazon Cloudfront, Highwinds SMIL and Bitgravity Streaming.
  • Categorization of Videos.
  • Front-end user upload.
  • Modules for Both Player View and Gallery Views.
  • Content Player Plugin for articles.
  • Facebook & Komento Commenting options.
  • Style the front-end of the Component using the admin integrated Custom CSS field.
  • Translatable and SEF compatible.
  • Rather than the Page Link, Share the Player itself in Facebook (with https disabled in your facebook account).
  • Enable (or) Disable Auto Approval for Front-end Uploaded Videos.
  • Options to control Thumbnail Dimensions in both Module and the Component.
  • Overwrite Player's width & height properties in Module and Plugin.
  • Added Search Module to search the Videos (Functions based on the Category Name, Video Title and Keywords / Tags added in the Video admin).
  • Related Videos Inside the Player.
  • Option to Enable / Disable unwanted Video Types for Front-End Upload section.
  • Option to create Sub Categories.
  • Support for Breadcrumbs.
  • Ability to add Title and Description in Player Module.
  • Custom Meta Keywords and Meta Description for both categories and videos.
  • Single and Multi Videos Layout in Menu manager.
  • Option to Play Latest and Popular Video using Player Module.
  • Thumbnail option made as optional and default image will be added while the field is empty.
  • Option to set both the videos and categories as Public or Registered.
  • JComments integration. Could be configured through General Configuration Panel.
  • Ability to show custom video ads.

What is new in 3.0 version ?

  • Code revised and completely rewritten.
  • 100% responsive.
  • Uses Bootstrap for the design layouts.
  • RSS feed
  • Iframe Embed Code

What is new in 3.1.0 version ?

  • Joomla! 3.7.x & PHP 7.x compatibility
  • Support for Joomla's! native search module
  • Removed all deprecated Joomla! methods.

What is new in 3.2.0 version ?

  • New & Simplified File Uploader
  • Support for Joomla! ACL
  • Ability to Change the Category Name
  • Configure Player Scaling Ratio
  • [+] Few minor BUG fixes

What is new in 3.3.0 version ?

  • PHP 7.2 Compatibility.
  • jQuery & CSS conflict issues.
  • SEO & Security Enhancements.
  • GDPR Compatibility.
  • [+] Few minor BUG fixes

Website Administrator

Posted on 05 February 2015
Integration with all famous video services.
Smart categorization.
SEO Functions
Ease of use
User friendly interface
Simple and clear
Very good structuring and categorisation
Excellent support. I will get an answer in a couple of hours. More over support trying to help you regardless of you subscription.
Wonderful manual guide everything becomes clear on first reading!
I used this to: For my project where I am integrating video from my youtube channel. For me allvideoshare it is one of the best bridge between online video share services and Joomla website!


Posted on 28 December 2014
Supports a wide range of video sources and also offers a sd / hd switch which is exactly what I was looking for.
Ease of use
Easy to set up and use
I got a quick and efficient answer even though I'm only using the free version at this point
I used this to: I have a private video tutorials website and I needed a component that would both allow me to have the videos hosted internally on my own server, and offer an sd / hd switch. This is the best option I could find and I am fully satisfied with it. Will buy the pro version soon.

A superb component

Posted on 22 December 2014
Covers 90% of the need to display video on a web site.
Ease of use
User friendly except when you host large videos loaded by FTP on the site server. You have to type the full absolute URL.
Fast and efficient. This team is really great.
Comprehensive and complete.
I used this to: This is really a great component and I would suggest user to by the full version. Few improvements are already in the list such as to select the file that you have uploaded by FTP on the site serveur instead of typing the full absolute URL
Comprehensive and easy to use. It works great and the service is fast and friendly. Buy a license even if I do not need to support this team that works hard.

Awesome Component

Posted on 16 September 2014
great & fast Support, awesome Component, works excellent with RTMP and some other stuff.

keep going!


Posted on 13 September 2014
The product is great. Many thanks for your extensive help and your excellent extension.
A very good component. Very easy to configure. I also needed some customization for my website and the support was great.
This extension is not only working properly, fast and smooth with joomla but the support is really outstanding.

Doesn't matter if its evening or weekend - You will get best support you could wish. They even did the effort, to look into your joomla website to solve the problem.

5 Stars extension!

It is frightend, but their is not even a charge of this support? Can you grasp it?
First, I have to say that this is the best video extension for Joomla. It is very easy to install and extremely intuitive to use.

I was using a customised version on my Joomla 2.5 website without any problems for ages but when I upgraded to Joomla 3x I ran into some issues with the app. Mr Vinoth has been extremely helpful not only providing the upgraded customized version but also doing it extremely quickly making sure that everything works great. This is the best support I have ever had AND THE APP IS FREE! These guys are really great. You can't go wrong with this app. Can't praise it enough.
First thing to say.... The author of this software is the example all other authors should model themselves after.

The extension is great and SUPER easy to implement. But it's his support, his instantaneous support that makes it a stellar experience working with him.

I needed a couple adjustments for the iPad platform and he made them quickly and they worked.

If you need a flexible video solution that works on every platform, easily, seamlessly and inside a Joomla module and not an iframe, this is the one to buy.

It's a great value for the money spent.

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Vinoth Kumar
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Feb 04 2019
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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