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StarLite Notification Bar is a Joomla plugin which is used to direct your site's visitors and promote your website's most important content like notification, promo, event or anything related on the header of a website. Setup is very easy, You can set text-color, background-color of the bar, You can show HTML content in the bar. There is an option to show the notification box at top or bottom. And that's it. Pretty lightweight, the HTML and CSS is minimal too.

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Compatible browsers: Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, Google Chrome 4+, Safari 4+ and Opera 10+.

*Easy Setup
*Two positions to show the bar
*Ability to add background color of the bar
*Able to add text color
*jQuery no conflict parameters to avoid conflictions.
*HTML message support
*Now supports menu items selection feature

Version 1.1:
+ Bug fixing
+ Menu Items selection feature

Version 1.2:
+ Now compatible with Joomla 3

Version 1.3:
+ Bug fixing
+ Native jQuery library of Joomla is used (only for Joomla 3.x compatible version)

Version 1.4:
+ Bug fixing
+ Cookie to remember last open/close status

Version 1.5:
+ Bug fixing with php 7.x
+ Added french language


The notification bar works as advertised. It would be nice to have additional features.

Ease of use

Very easy to use.


Great support !


Pretty self explanatory but there's some documentation on the developer's website.

I used this to: I use this to notify my users with some important messages.
Owner's reply: Thanks, we will consider your suggestions in future versions.


Posted on 26 April 2015

It does what the developer said it would. In my book, that's awesome.

Ease of use

Install, customize, online! ;)


Perfect, it does what it is made for, and it's free.

Thank you.

Owner's reply: Thank you for your review!

Good as cookies alert

Posted on 27 August 2014

Hi, this is a very good extension that works for all joomla versions. Although it has an arrow button to minimize the bar, it doesn´t avoid to display again in the next page. It would be great if it would have a button to close it definitely an avoid displaying in every page. Thanks for this great and free contribution.

Owner's reply: Thank you, We will check feasibility and try to cover that feature in next release.

A good bar

Posted on 12 April 2014

Installed in 2 min, the bar wasn't showing at all.

I contacted the creator and received a very fast support.

After he did some changes in the code, the bar is showing and working properly.

It's a great extension that could get even more value if the menu selection was easier and more intuitive. Like display in all menu, only the one I select, or none, instead of having to activate menus items one by one.

Good job, I recommend!

Owner's reply: Thank you for your review!

We are happy that we have solved the problem which was due to jQuery no conflict method used in your site.

Regarding menu assignment(like on all pages, no pages etc) as module manager provides in Joomla back-end, we will check feasibility and do needful.

Amazingly Designed

Posted on 30 March 2014

Worked flawlessly.

Initially it did not show up. Since I am using Joomla 3.2.3 with Bootstrap and T3 Framework, I decided not to load jQuery and jQuery UI and it worked smoothly.

Thank you again

Owner's reply: Thank you!

Wonderful Extension

Posted on 25 February 2014

Great Extension with good support ! Great efforts !

Owner's reply: Thank you for your review.


Posted on 31 December 2013

Simple, easy to to configure,i use it as a reminder. Thanh you.

Owner's reply: Thank you.

This extension is very simple to install and works fine.

The support is excellent: they respond to me in less than half an hour. Very good job!

Owner's reply: Thank you.

Nice touch

Posted on 12 October 2013

Although I experienced a strange issue after starting to use this plugin, I was impressed with the user-friendly backend. Very easy to set where you want to do this plugin its work. Enter notification text right in the backend - even allows you to use html code.

Developer, was very quick to respond when I notified him of the problem. When he saw what was wrong, he changed the tweaked the plugin especially for me so to make it run smoothly on my website. Absolutely excellent. Recommended, as it is expected that the plugin will work right out of the box with other sites. Just my site had something strange on going so it seems

Owner's reply: Thanks a lot.
Starlite Pretty Photo

Starlite Pretty Photo

Free | Multimedia Display | StarLite
24 reviews
StarLite Pretty Photo is now compatible with Joomla 3. It is a joomla plugin based on pretty photo jquery plugin (jQuery lightbox clone). It supports images, it also supports for videos, flash, YouTube, iframes and Vimeo. In this way, it is a robust lightbox. It is a system plugin so you can use it in content, modules, components everywhere. Main features: * It is open source and under GNU/GPL license. * It provides easy interface. * It can display lightbox for single image, image gallery, videos, flash, YouTube, iframes and Vimeo. * It supports to display title, description, social tools etc in the lightbox. * Provides several layout themes like default, facebook, Light rounded, Dark rounded, Light square and Dark square. This plugin is known to work in the following browsers: * Firefox 3.0+ * Google Chrome 10.0+ * Internet Explorer 6.0+ * Safari 3.1.1+ * Opera 9+ Change Log Version 1.1: + Added latest version jQuery 1.8.2 + Added no Conflict mode of jQuery Change Log Version 1.2: + Now compatible with Joomla 3 Change Log Version 1.3 (Security release): + We’ve added fix for The DOM XSS vulnerability. NOTE: In case your light box doesn't open in popup and opens in new tab/window, please try altering jQuery settings given at plugin edit screen page

Starlite Notification Bar

Last updated:
Jun 18 2017
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

Demo Support Documentation
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