Easy QuickIcons Easy QuickIcons

Easy QuickIcons

By AwyneSoft
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Easy Quickicons is a Joomla! extension that lets you add and customize your Joomla! quickicons in your Joomla! control panel. Quickicons can be group by categories and arrange by group the way you want. It has an easy installer that incorporates both a component and a module. The Easy QuickIcons backend manager component will help you organize your quickicons shortcuts. The extension is also integ...
Mass User Generation & Import/ Export Admin Tool Mass User Generation & Import/ Export Admin Tool
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Mass User Generation & Import/ Export Admin Tool

By JoomAPP Joomla Extensions
User Management
Probably the best user administrator tool for Joomla This components imports users from a .csv file or mass generate users based on email or dynamical values. A re-import of the same .csv file creating only the new records is possible. The component offers multiple import methods. We save you hours managing you website! Department style Grant website access to your employees/ students/ classes w...
La Carte La Carte
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La Carte

Food & Beverage
Ideal for restaurants, easily manage your menus ! - Create multiple menus and edit them easily - User-friendly interface and customizable categories - PDF version, with customizable options (introduction page, closing page, header, footer, icon, color, background, ...) (New) - Lite edit mode frontend (New) - Flexible integration - Several display options (menu/allergens/homemade/PDF) - 5 predefine...
JUser BestBefore JUser BestBefore

JUser BestBefore

By Innato BV
User Management
A plug-in that automatically disables or removes front-end user accounts that have been registered for longer than the configured period. For example: With a configured period of 1 year, all front-end user accounts older than 1 year will be disabled or removed from the Joomla! database, irrespective of whether these users have been active or not. Whether accounts will be disabled or removed is con...
Quick Publish Quick Publish

Quick Publish

By Codeboxr
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Joomla Quick Publish Admin Module is a admin side module for joomla developed for j3.1+. The best use of this module is to publish in cpanel position in admin template. It will help to publish article quickly from the joomla admin panel home. BTW, we must mention that we are inspired by the quick edit widget of wordpress. Now, you can publish article from joomla admin panel home quickly. Current...
Admin Help Pages Admin Help Pages

Admin Help Pages

By Carsten Engel
Create administrator help pages Create help buttons in any toolbar to link to help pages Hide help buttons on specific toolbars Create custom user manuals for your administrators, also per usergroup Link to help pages via the 'Help' button in the Joomla admin menu and hide the 'Help' submenu in the Joomla admin menu Link to help pages via the 'Joomla! Help' button in the Joomla admin menu Create...
Admin Help Pages (Pro) Admin Help Pages (Pro)
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Admin Help Pages (Pro)

By Carsten Engel
Create administrator help pages Create help buttons in any toolbar to link to help pages Hide help buttons on specific toolbars Create custom user manuals for your administrators, also per usergroup Link to help pages via the 'Help' button in the Joomla admin menu and hide the 'Help' submenu in the Joomla admin menu Link to help pages via the 'Joomla! Help' button in the Joomla admin menu Create...
CTRL+S AutoSave CTRL+S AutoSave

CTRL+S AutoSave

By XDSoft.net
Admin Navigation
In Joomla admin panel for creating and editing material plugin processes CTRL+S hotkeys and save material on server with AJAX . If the server returned an error, plugin displays it in the top right corner. Also, the plugin shows the progress bar upload proccess Provide autosave material with change and periodical Fix bug with autosave options since version 1.0.11 plugin supports any Joomla editor...
Freestyle SQL Manager Freestyle SQL Manager
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Freestyle SQL Manager

By Freestyle Joomla
Manage tables and run SQL directly on your Joomla backend Freestyle SQL manager is an admin tool for managing your sites database. It is a simplified phpMyAdmin style interface that works straight from your Joomla administration interface. The Lite version provides basic table browsing and SQL running, where as the Pro version provides inline editing of the data in your table, along with extra...
EV Front-end Admin Operations - Pro EV Front-end Admin Operations - Pro
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EV Front-end Admin Operations - Pro

By EverLive.net
Admin Navigation
Quick back-end operations are now possible with our new plugin, "Ev Front-end Admin Operations - Pro version". Just login to front-end. You can perform various operations on articles, modules and menu items directly from front end. For example; Duplication of a module requires just a click from front end. Article edit requires just one click Direct links for listing articles, modules and menu...
Extension Export IIB Extension Export IIB

Extension Export IIB

By Ibrini
Admin Performance
Have you ever wanted to export in .zip format one of the extensions (components, modules, plugins, templates) that you have developed ? Have you ever wanted to share them with friends or upload them to a site ? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then the ExtensionExportIIB component fits you perfectly. It allows you to export one click the extensions installed on your Joomla! website...
JoomPassSwap JoomPassSwap


By TWCarter
Site Access
JoomPassSwap (Administrator Component) This component was designed to make it easy for site administrators to login directly as any of their users by temporarily swapping the users password with their own password, then restoring the original password. User passwords get safely saved to the database for restoring when the administrator is done with the user level activity. Joomla 3.x Compatible...
SEF Wizard for Joomla SEF Wizard for Joomla
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SEF Wizard for Joomla

By Philip Sorokin
SEF Wizard is an extension intended to improve native Joomla! SEF. It has simple logic and high performance. The package contains a system plugin – “Engine”, and a backend component – “Controls”. SEF Wizard allows you to remove IDs from the URL of standard Joomla! components. Also, with this extension, you can remove page duplicates by redirecting a user to canonical pages or by disabl...
Full Auto-Checkin Full Auto-Checkin
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Full Auto-Checkin

By SUDesign
Admin Performance
A plugin that will save your time! With Joomla! everyone has experienced at least once .. The famous "lock", loved by some, hated by others .. and yes, it's over! With this plugin, ends padlocks, not just those articles, but also modules, plugins, categories, user ratings, banners .. ect! All joomla's padlocks! How it works ? It's simple, as soon as an article / Module / plugin / ... is edited...
HitZero HitZero


The HitZero Plugin can reset the hit counter for single or multiple Joomla! articles. When creating a new article for your site and you want to be sure it looks good so - if you are like us - you test it as an online user. Sometimes this needs to be done multiple times before releasing it for public users. The downside is that your article hit counter isn't set to zero anymore but you are the onl...
Mail Catcher Mail Catcher
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Mail Catcher

By Solidres Team
Mail Catcher is an utility component for Joomla! for catching, logging and monitoring emails sending in your Joomla site. It is very useful for developers and administrators to monitor and keep track of ALL emails sent from Joomla site for debugging and administration purposes. The dashboard display reports and statistics information so that developers and administrators can stay on top of ALL e...
www Redirect www Redirect

www Redirect

By Web357
URL Redirection
With this tiny Joomla! System Plugin you can redirect all of the requests from non-www to www, or from www to non-www. (Example: from yourdomain.com to www.yourdomain.com, or from www.yourdomain.com to yourdomain.com). USEFUL PARAMETERS Fixing non-www Redirection in Joomla!: (non-www → www, or www → non-www). Force site access with or without HTTPS. (HTTP → HTTP[s], or HTTP[s] → HTTP)....
No Boss Crons No Boss Crons
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No Boss Crons

By No Boss Technology
Hosting & Servers
Configure automatic executions of scripts in an easy and complete way without being dependent of your site or system host. Report as many scripts as you want, set schedules, define priorities and follow executions' status in realtime through the administrator interface or notifications to your email. Get the solution in Joomla extension format or as a separate installed system. Synchronous or asy...