Site Management, Banner Management, Popups & iFrames, Cookie Control, GDPR Cookie Consent solution helps organizations automate global privacy compliance and allows you to automatically generate cookie compliant banners, privacy policies and notices for your website rapidly. The tool is designed for smooth, rapid deployment. Thousands of organizations are using’s Cookie Consent solution to comply with global privacy laws including GDPR/ePrivacy/CPRA/LGPD/PIPEDA and many more.

Cookie Consent for GDPR/CPRA/CCPA |

Description cookie consent management platform is an award-winning solution that automates global privacy compliance and is designed for seamless, rapid deployment.

Not only would you get the Cookie consent banner, but you will also get an optional overall privacy center and privacy notice modules with it. You can choose to use the cookie consent module by itself or use the full power of a comprehensive privacy center. Check details at

An overall Privacy Center can help you with the following:
  • Manage cookie consent and generate a privacy policy from a single platform.
  • Differentiate your website by demonstrating a commitment toward data privacy.
  • Build trust with your users by giving them control over their data.
  • Provide your website visitors with a central location to view your privacy practices and manage their data.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to transparency and compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Build privacy notices from built-in templates in a hassle-free manner.
  • Comply with a myriad of global privacy regulations.

Getting Started:

  • Create your Privacy Center by signing up for free.
  • Enter your website URL.
  • The solution will scan your website and automatically categorize cookies.
  • Customize your cookie banner.
  • Configure your cookie preference center.
  • Embed the consent code on your website.
  • Customize the front end of your privacy center.
  • Quickly build and publish a privacy notice by making use of templates.
  • Publish your privacy center and embed the hosted link on your website.

Here is the step by step guide to see how it works:

Feature Highlights:

  • Periodic scanning of your website to scan and classify cookies.
  • Rapid deployment of banner JS with reverse IP detection to comply with consent requirements around the world.
  • Leverage our auto-blocking script to honor consumer preferences without additional coding.
  • Build and publish a global privacy notice in minutes by leveraging one of many pre-defined templates.
  • Keep your privacy notices up-to-date by reflecting changes in your processing activities, websites, and assets. Keep privacy risks at bay by keeping privacy notices updated in real-time.
  • Fully customizable privacy center front end.

You can also upgrade your PrivacyCenter account to experience the full suite of features which include:

  • Managed Individual Data Requests: Delight consumers by letting them exercise their privacy rights and take control of their data. Support programmatic handling of the right to access, delete, or correction of their data.
  • Do Not Sell: Under CCPA, companies must display a Do Not Sell My Personal Information link prominently with guidance on how to opt out of the sale of their data. Comply with CCPA regulations and honor consumer requests.
  • Consent Preferences: First party consent management through.


For any queries, you can reach out to us by joining our Slack community.


Use of this extension does not, by itself, ensure compliance with legal requirements related to cookies.

About is an all-in-one solution that helps you set up a fully functional privacy center in minutes to automate your key privacy functions. It is not only the Consent Management Platform, but the tool also helps you manage Privacy Notices, Cookies & 3rd party consent, User Preferences, Individual Rights Requests, Do Not Sell and Do Not Track Signals.

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Easy to customize banner, multiple consent options, automatic cookie scanning
Ease of use
User-friendly interface, intuitive settings, simple installation process
Prompt and helpful support team, timely updates, comprehensive documentation
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Cookie Consent for GDPR/CCPA | Securiti

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