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IDEAL NO Right Click for Joomla 3.X 4.X is a plugin that gives the ability to disable site right clicking, inspecting, copying, printing, selecting text or images and copy, completely disable right click with a beautiful animated popup. And all these are applied to the user groups that you want. For example you can disable inspecting and right click only for public.

It works with all browsers and devices including smartphones Android and IOS. All functions are configurable and translatable (includes a language file very clear and detailed).

You can add a beautiful animated popup and configure it's colors, text and position as you need.

Try to right click on our demo page, or to select,or to drag and drop images or to copy content or to inspect with F12 our CTRL U etc.. You can't ! It's protected

★ User groups selection
You can skip some URLs. Type urls or a part of an url on which you don't want to use the plugin
★ Disable Right click
★ Disable copy and past CTRL C, CTRL X, and CTRL V
★ Disable inspection with F12, CTRL U, CTRL + SHIFT I, CTRL + SHIFT J and any CTRL + SHIFT ETC ...
★ Disable saving page with CTRL S
★ Disable selecting with mouse (Disable text highlighting)
★ Disable Select ALL with CTRL A
★ Disable print page with CTRL P
★ Disable Drag and Drop images or text

========== POPUP FUNCTIONS =============

★ Choose to show popup or not when right click
★ Show your website name in the Popup
★ Add to the popup a line with Copyright © and actual year
★ Set the popup position
★ Add a title to your popup (You can use HTML)
★ Add a message to your popup (You can use HTML)
★ Pick a background color for the popup
★ Pick a text color for the popup
★ Set the popup timing in seconds before it goes off

========== Other avantages =============

★ Language file (all elements are translatable)

Protect your Joomla! 3.x or 4.x website with "IDEAL NO Right Click for Joomla" plugin

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Oct 02 2022
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Sep 24 2022
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System