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Free Shipping Info module for Virtuemart JOOMLA 3.x and 4.x E-commerce Ajaxified.
This module works with the Virtuemart component and displays an info message to users telling them how much they should add to their cart to have the free shipping and so encourage them to purchase more and more

You can see demo by clicking on the demo link.

After the success that our module got with Joomla Version 1 and Version 2.5, we are back with this fresh new version AJAXIFIED for Joomla Version 3 and 4

How much would an increase in average order, with 10% 20% 30% or more means for your business?
Improve your revenues for a small fee with Free Shipping Info for Virtuemart extension!.

It works with all browsers and devices including smartphones Android and IOS. All functions are configurable.

Try it on our demo page.
Add product to cart and play with it to see the ajaxified effect .
You will surely love it !
It will really increase your average order .

Boost your Joomla! Virtuemart version 4 website with "Free Shipping Info module for Virtuemart".

here are some options.
★ Set the amount from which the shipment is free.
★ Set text to be displayed just before the free ship amount.(accepts html).
★ Set text to be displayed to tell how much do the costumer should add to their cart to have the free shipping (accepts html) .
★ Set text to be displayed to tell users that the Free shipping was reached (accepts html) .
★ A check mark appear near text when free shipping is applied.
★ Set color of each text individually (With color picker).

========== CART SHOWING OPTIONS ==========

★ Show actual amount in cart.
★ Show cart text alignment Left, Center or Right.
★ Show cart text position Top (before free shipping text) or Bottom (After free shipping text) or Both (Before and after free shipping text).
★ Text Color of cart (With color picker).

========== Other avantages : ==========

★ increase in average order with 10% 20% 30% and more.

Boost your sales on Joomla Virtuemart store with "Free Shipping Info module"

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Free Shipping Info for Virtuemart

Last updated:
Oct 02 2022
1 year ago
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Oct 01 2022
GPLv2 or later
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J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System