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This extension activates easy self-service two-factor (or multi-factor) authentication logins for you and all your users, which also block phishing attacks.

CryptoPhoto is the world's easiest-to-use, fastest, and most secure two factor (and optionally multi factor) authentication. Logins are usually as fast and easy as "one tap", and no training is needed.

After installation, users will see a new "My CryptoPhoto" menu item, which they can use themselves to download printable tokens, or install the CryptoPhoto app to connect their smartphones or tablets (iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, and Blackberry). Optionally, the site administrator can turn on "mandatory" protection, which will instruct all users to set up protection on their next login.

Our user-experience testing was conducted using year-1 schoolchildren. They all successfully logged in without us giving any of them instructions. CryptoPhoto is way easier to use, than it is to describe - but here's how it works anyway:

After users activate CryptoPhoto, they will see a photo during their logins, and at the same time, their phone (or tablet) will beep and show them a collection of photos too. (if they don't have any smart devices, or have lost their phone, they use their downloaded paper token instead). To complete their login, they simply tap the one on their phone that matches the login one (or type the codes if they don't have a phone, or don't have mobile coverage). This is why CryptoPhoto is currently the worlds most secure two-factor-authentication - the photos create "mutual authentication" (which blocks phishing and Man-in-the-middle MitM attacks) - nobody else does this.

CryptoPhoto also combats malware, viruses, advanced-persistent-threats (APT's), trojans, keyloggers, phishing and spoof/imposter/fake websites, vishing (telephone phishing), shoulder-surfing attacks, careless password choices by end users, password re-use problems (eg: passwords stolen from other web sites won't compromise CryptoPhoto users), confidence tricks, and more: we simultaneously protect your users against more threats than any competing solution (and, in fact, against more threats than all competing solutions combined).

CryptoPhoto works with or without smartphones/tablets, works home and abroad, online and offline, and keeps working (securely) even when users loose their phones/tablets. CryptoPhoto is the industries lowest-support-required two-factor-authentication solution; you do not need to hire a support team to mange users enrollments and issues (like bypasses and re-enrollment when users loose their phones/tokens)

To securely install the CryptoPhoto extension, you will have to follow some steps to generate unique keys for your installation etc. The steps are on our "Download" page - if you need help, or have comments/suggestions/criticism, please email us (see our "Support" page), or feel free to call anytime on skype:chrisdrake if you want one-to-one help with anything.

Lacks Accessibility

Posted on 02 December 2017
Easy to install and use, except lacks critical accessible feature for blind users.
Ease of use
This is cake for a sighted person to use, but a blind person could never use this extension.
I used this to: No, I didn't install this on any production sites, as it lacks accessible features.


Last updated:
Nov 19 2014
9 years ago
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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