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A plugin to authenticate users against a mail server via IMAP, NNTP, or POP3. It forwards authentication credentials provided by the user to a mail server, then relays the authentication decision of the mail server back to Joomla!.

In simpler terms, it lets users log in to Joomla! with the same username and password that they use for email, without the need to copy and synchronize the accounts manually.

Supported Features

  • Fully localizable
  • Set user email account based on configurable mail domain.
  • Authenticate to mail server using full email address.
  • Configable mail host address and port.
  • Optionally require secure (non-plaintext) authentication.
  • Support for TLS (optional or required) and SSL.
  • Optional validation of SSL certificate from mail server.
  • Supports the Joomla! Update System.

Currently Unsupported Features

  • Does not integrate email/webmail into Joomla! or provide Single Sign-On (SSO) between email/webmail and Joomla! Meaning users will still need to login to both Joomla! and email/webmail separately.
  • Authentication against multiple mail servers. Currently this plugin only supports authentication against a single mail server (although the address to which it connects may be load-balanced to multiple servers transparently).

Plugin Requirements


If mailbox authentication is not working, try the following steps:

  1. Enable Log Almost
    from the "Logging" tab of the "System - Debug" plugin in the Extensions
    Plugin Manager
  2. Attempt to log in.
  3. Open administrator/logs/everything.php from the Joomla! directory on your server in a text editor and search for authentication_mailbox near the end of the log file. The log messages should include the arguments to imap_open (excluding passwords) and the resulting messages from imap_errors.
    • If administrator/logs/everything.php does not exist, check that the directory permissions allow the PHP process to write to that directory.
    • If authentication_mailbox does not appear in administrator/logs/everything.php, check that "Authentication - Mailbox" is enabled in the Extensions Plugin Manager.

Works great!

Posted on 01 September 2013
Just what I needed to auth against IMAP! Works perfect and quick reply from developer when I had questions!

Mailbox Authentication

Kevin Locke
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Jan 21 2019
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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