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Spam Protection, all-in-one, premium anti-spam plugin. No comment spam, no registration spam, no contact spam, protects any Joomla forms. Just install and forget.

No CAPTCHA, no questions, no counting animals, no puzzles, no math, and no spambots.

Invisible antispam without CAPTCHA, questions, puzzles, counting animals, math and etc.

CleanTalk Anti-Spam is a Joomla! partner

Anti-Spam features

  1. Stops spam comments.
  2. Stops spam registrations.
  3. Stops spam contact emails.
  4. Stops spam orders.
  5. Stops spam bookings.
  6. Stops spam subscriptions.
  7. Stops spam in widgets.
  8. Checks and removes existing spam comments and spam users.
  9. Real-Time Email Address Existence Validation.
  10. Blocking disposable & temporary emails

Spam protection

• Stops spambots at VirtueMart.
• Stops spambots at JComments 2.3, 3.0, K2.
• Stops spambots contact emails on Joomla feedback from, SP Page Builder, Rapid Contact, VTEM Contact, Sobipro, RS Form, Breezing forms, Easybook Reloaded.
• Spam protection for any Joomla forms (with enabled anti-spam option 'Enable anti-spam test for any contact forms').

Cloud anti-spam for Joomla. CAPTCHA less, no spam comments, no spam registrations, no spam contact emails

Spam is one of the most irritating factors. Spam becomes every year more and conventional anti-spam can no longer handle all the spambots. CleanTalk prevents spam and automatically blocks it. You'll be surprised of effective protection against spam.

Anti-spam plugin info
CleanTalk is an anti-spam protection 4 in 1 for Joomla that protects login, comments, contact and VirtueMart forms all at once. You don't need to install separate anti-spam plugins for each form. This allows your website to work faster and save resources. After installation you will forget about spam, CleanTalk plugin will do all the work. You won't have to deal with spam, CleanTalk will do this for you automatically.

CleanTalk is transparent anti-spam protection, we provide detailed statistics of all entering comments and logins. You can always be sure that there are no errors.

We have developed antispam for Joomla that would provide maximum protection from spambots and you can provide for your visitors a simple and convenient form of comments/registrations without annoying CAPTCHAs and puzzles. Used to detect spam multistage test that allows us to block up to 99.998% of spambots.

The anti-spam method offered by CleanTalk allows switching from the methods that trouble the communication (CAPTCHA, question-answer etc.) to a more convenient one.

The CleanTalk is premium anti-spam for Joomla, please look at the pricing. We try to provide anti-spam service at the highest level and we can not afford to offer a free version of our service, as this will immediately affect the quality of providing anti-spam protection. Paying for a year of anti-spam service, you save a lot more and get:

  • Up to 99.998% protection against spambots.
  • Time and resources saving.
  • More registrations/comments/visitors.
  • Protect several websites at once at different CMS.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Traffic acquisition and user loyalty.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Clear statistics.
  • No captcha, puzzles, etc.

Low false/positive rate
This plugin uses multiple anti-spam tests to filter spambots with a lower false/positive rate as possible. Multiple anti-spam tests avoid false/positive blocks for real website visitors even if one of the tests failed.

How effective is CleanTalk
Accurately blocking spam is not an easy thing to do, but CleanTalk has a very low proven False/Positive rate. Here is an actual statistics on false positives for all customers.

Registrations - 0.007%
Comments - 0.001%
Contact forms - 0.001%
Orders - 0.008%

Spam attacks log
Service CleanTalk (this plugin is a client application for CleanTalk anti-spam service) records all filtered comments, registration and other spam attacks in the "Log of spam attacks" and stores the data in the log up to 45 days. Using the log, you can ensure reliable protection of your website from spam and no false/positive filtering.

Spam FireWall
CleanTalk has got an advanced option "Spam FireWall", this option allows blocking the most active spambots before they get access to a website. It prevents the loading of pages of the website by spambots, so your web server doesn't need to perform all scripts on these pages. Also, it prevents the scanning of pages of the website spambots. Therefore Spam FireWall significantly can reduce the load on your web server.

Spam FireWall also makes CleanTalk the two-step protection from spambots. Spam FireWall is the first step and it blocks the most active spambots, CleanTalk Anti-Spam is the second step and it checks all other requests on the website at the moment before submitting comments/registers and etc.

Real-Time Email Address Existence Validation
It is very important to be sure that the user used his real email address. Spambots very often use fake email addresses, i.e. which addresses do not exist.

CleanTalk will check email addresses for existence in real time.
Non-existing email addresses also entail several other problems for website owners.

-You can never contact them by email,
- the client will never receive any notifications from you (account activation letter, password recovery, email distribution, notifications, etc.),
- if you use email marketing for your clients, then a large number of nonexistent emails in the mailing list may result in your IP address being added to various blacklists of email servers.

Blocking disposable & temporary emails
Block fake and suspicious users with disposable & temporary emails to improve email delivery. So, it also prevents malicious activity, spam bots, and internet trolls.

Private blacklists:
Personal blacklists are a very flexible and powerful tool, you can block or allow IP address, email address or mask e-mail (* - will block/allow every address ending on

  • Anti-Spam Service
    Automatically block comments and registrations from your private black IP/email address list. This option helps to strengthen the protection from manual spam or block unwanted comments from users. You can add not only the certain IP addresses but also a separate subnet to your personal blacklist.

  • SpamFireWall
    It allows you to add individual IP addresses and subnets to SpamFireWall. It blocks the attacks from IP addresses which are not included in the SFW base yet. This option can help to block HTTP/HTTPS DDoS, SQL, brute force attacks and any others that made it through the HTTP/HTTPS. You can add not only the certain IP addresses but also a separate subnet to your personal blacklist.

Check existing comments and users for spam. Bulk removal

With the help of anti-spam by CleanTalk, you can inspect through existing comments and users to find and quickly delete spam comments/users at once. To use this function, go to plugin settings: Extensions -> Plugin Manager -> Anti-spam by CleanTalk then click the button “Check spam users” or “Check Spam comments”.

How it works: the plugin takes the data of each comment (IP/email and date), by the comment date or the user registration date, it is checked what the IP/email status in the CleanTalk blacklist database was for that date. Based on this data a list of deletions is generated, which you can edit.

Blocking users by country
Automatically block comments and registrations from the countries you have set a ban for. This option is useful in cases of manual spam protection and for protection enhancement. If your site is not intended for an international audience and you do not expect comments/users from other countries.

Blocking comments by "stop words"
You can block comments which contain "stop words" to enhance spam filtering and messages with obscene words blocking. You can add particular words or phrases.

How does Spam FireWall work?
The visitor enters to your website.
HTTP request data is checked of the nearly 5,8 million of certain IP spambots.
If it is an active spam bot, it gets a blank page, if it is a visitor then it gets a site page. This is completely transparent to the visitors.
All the CleanTalk Spam FireWall activity is being logged in the process of filtering.

Spam FireWall DDoS Protection (Experimentally option)
Spam FireWall can mitigate HTTP/HTTPS DDoS attacks. When an intruder makes GET requests to attack your website. Spam FireWall blocks all requests from bad IP addresses. Your website gives infringer a special page with a description of DDoS rejection instead of the website pages. Therefore Spam FireWall can help to reduce CPU usage on your server.

How to protect sites from spambots without CAPTCHA?
The most popular method is CAPTCHA -- the annoying picture with curved and sloping symbols, which are offered to the visitor to fill in. It is supposed that spambots won't discern these CAPTCHA, but a visitor will. CAPTCHA provokes great irritation, but if one wants to speak out, he has to fill in these symbols time after time, making mistakes and starting once again. Sometimes CAPTCHA reminds doodle 2x year old child. For users with vision problems, captcha is just an insurmountable obstacle. Users hate captcha. Captcha for users means "hate". Unreadable CAPTCHA stops about 80% of site visitors. After 2 failed attempts to bring it up to 95% reject further attempts. At the sight of CAPTCHA and after input errors, many visitors leave the resource. Thus, CAPTCHA helps to protect the resource both from bots and visitors. CAPTCHA is not a panacea from spam. Doubts Concerning the Need for CAPTCHA?

Can I add exclusions for some pages of my sites
Yes, you can. Please, use this guide to add exclusions for some pages of your web-site:

Additional features
- Online, daily and weekly anti-spam reports traffic VS spam.
- Apps for iPhone, Android to control anti-spam service, comments, signups, contacts. With traffic and spam statistics for the last 7 days.
- Anti-spam apps for most popular CMS on

Максимально мощный, все в одном, премиум анти спам плагин. Без спама в комментариях, контакт формах, защита любых форм Joomla. Просто установи и забудь о спаме.

Невидимый анти спам для посетителей, без Captcha, без вопросов, никаких угадываний картинок, без математических вопросов, загадок и т.д.

**Особенности CleanTalk Анти Спам **

  1. Блокирует спам в комментариях
  2. Блокирует спам в регистрациях
  3. Блокирует спам для контакт форм
  4. Блокирует спам в заказах
  5. Блокирует спам в бронировании
  6. Блокирует спам для форм подписок
  7. Блокирует спам в виджетах

Защита от спама:
• Защита от спам ботов для VirtueMart
• Защита от спам ботов для JComments 2.3 - 3.0, K2.
• Защита от спам ботов контакт форм Joomla, Rapid Contact, VTEM Contact, Sobipro, RS Form, Breezing forms, Easybook Reloaded.
• Защита от спам ботов для любых Joomla форм (при включенной анти спам опции 'Enable anti spam test for any contact forms').

**Облачная анти спам защита для Joomla. Без Captcha, без спама в регистрациях, без спама в комментариях, без спама в контакт формах. **

Спам - один из самых раздражающих факторов для пользователей сети Интернет. С каждым годом объём спама увеличиваются и старые методы борьбы со спамом не работают. Cleantalk автоматически блокирует спам - Вы будете удивлены тем, насколько эффективно плагин справляется со спамом.

CleanTalk это анти спам защита 4 в 1 для Joomla, который защищает регистрации, комментарии, формы контактов и VirtutMart формы все сразу. Вам не потребуется устанавливать отдельные анти спам плагины для каждой формы. Это позволит вашему сайту работать быстрее и экономить ресурсы. После установки вы забудете о спаме, CleanTalk будет делать всю работу. Вам не надо иметь дело со спамом, CleanTalk сделает это автоматически.

CleanTalk это прозрачный анти спам сервис, который предоставляет подробную статистику всех регистраци, комментариев и т.д. Вы всегда можете быть уверены что нет никаких ошибок.

Мы разработали анти спам для Joomla который обеспечивает максимальную защиту от спам ботов, за счёт этого посетители Вашего сайта могут беспрепятственно регистрироваться или оставлять комментарии без капчи, паззлов и прочего. Многоступенчатая защита от спама позволяет блокировать до 99.998% спам ботов.

Методы используемые CleanTalk позволяют перейти от методов которые мешают пользователям (капча-вопрос-ответ и т.д.) к более простому и удобному сервису.
CleanTalk это премиум анти спам сервис, пожалуйста посмотрите на цены. Мы стараемся обеспечить анти спам сервис на самом высоком уровне и не можем позволить себе предложить бесплатную но ограниченную версию, так как это немедленно повлияет на качество предоставляемой защиты от спам ботов.
Оплачивая год анти спам сервиса, вы экономите гораздо больше вы получаете:
• 99.998% защиту от спам ботов.
• Экономия времени и ресурсов.
• Увеличивается количество регистраций/комментариев/посетителей.
• Защита нескольких сайтов на разных CMS одновременно.
• Лёгкая установка и использование.
• Лояльность пользователей
• 24/7 техническая поддержка
• Понятная статистика
• Без капчм (reCaptcha), паззлов и т.д.

Лог спам атак
CleanTalk плагин (плагин является клиентским приложениям для CleanTalk антиспам сервиса) записывает все комментарии, регистрации и другие спам атаки в лог спам атак и сохраняет данную информацию на срок до 45 дней. Лог позволяет Вам увидеть насколько надёжно Ваш сайт защищён от спама.

Spam FireWall

Cleantalk предоставляет свои пользователям дополнительную опцию - Spam FireWall, эта опция блокирует наиболее активные спамботы до того как они получат доступ к Вашему сайту. Таким образом уменьшается нагрузка на сервер и экономятся его ресурсы. Кроме того предотвращается сканирование Вашего сайта веб спам ботами.

Как работает Spam FireWall?

• Посетитель вводит адрес сайта в браузере.
• Данные HTTP запроса проверяются по базе из примерно 5,8 миллионов спам активных IP адресов.
• Если IP посетителя находится в базе то выдаётся пустая страница, иначе - страница сайта. Весь процесс абсолютно незаметен для пользователя.
Весь процесс фильтрации с помощью Spam FireWall записывается в лог.

Spam FireWall DDos защита
SpamFireWall предупреждает HTTP/HTTPS/DDoS атаки. Все GET запросы от атакующего блокируются - в случае если IP находится в базе. Посетителю выдаётся страница с предупреждением вместо страницы сайта - благодаря этому также уменьшается нагрузка на веб-сервер.

**Защита от XML-RPC брутфорса **
SpamFireWall предупреждает XML-RPC брутфорс атаки путем блокировки спам активных IP адресов.

Как защитить сайт от спам ботов ?

Самым распространенным методом является CAPTCHA-это раздражающая картинка с кривыми , косыми символами, которые и предлагается ввести посетителю. Предполагается, что спам боты не смогут распознать эти символы, а посетитель сможет. Для посетителя капча вызывает огромное раздражение, но если хочется высказаться, то приходится раз за разом вводить символы, ошибаясь и начиная заново. Иногда капча напоминает каракули 2х летнего ребенка. Для пользователей с проблемами зрения это может стать непреодолимым препятствием. Люди ненавидят Captcha это для них значит "ненависть". Считается что Captcha останавливате до 80% посетителей сайта. После 2х неудачных попыток ввести капчу, до 95% посетителей прекращают дальнейшие попытки. При виде капчи и после ошибок ввода многие посетители покидают ресурс. Таким образом Captcha помогает защитить ресурс и от пользователей. Captcha это не панацея от спам ботов. До сих пор сомнения относительно необходимости Captcha?

Могу ли я добавить исключения для фильтрации?
Да, вы можете. Пожалуйста, используйте данное руководство для добавления исключения для страниц вашего веб-сайта:

Дополнительные возможности
-Онлайн, ежедневные, еженедельные анти-спам отчеты
-Приложения для Android/iPhone для контроля анти спам сервиса. Комментарии, регистрации, контакты. Статистика за последние 7 дней.
-Анти спам приложения для самых популярных CMS на

Great product, no more spams

Posted on 21 November 2021
Easy to install, and works flawlessly. CleanTalk screens the emails, removes any spams and send me a report. Very happy with the product.
Ease of use
Quite easy to set-up with only few clicks. I am getting spam and firewall summary notification on a weekly or on a daily bases.
Brilliant. They reply in a very short period of time, even during the weekends. Very helpful and professional!
Well documented. Explains in details what and how to use it, or to deal with an issue.
Value for money
Superb value and price ratio. I use both email Spam filter and firewall, so my site is protected. Highly recommend it.
I used this to: For my website. I wanted an application that does not use CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA. CleanTalk does not use these and is superb for blocking unwanted spam emails, or site attacks. Only one or two spams come through in a year, but end up in the black list, and then, no more spams.
Contact Forms on sites webbot attacks so installed and sorted in cuople of minutes - no more 100's of spam emails.
Ease of use
really simple just upload and install in administrator - the documentation page instructions and strait forward - just install and go
browser page weekly / daily / monthly - dashboard reporting shows exactly whats been happening on your site(s)
comprehensive intruction including test url's to ensure you installation is up and running correctly.
Value for money
absolutely affordable 3 year site licence - prevents hosting company sending warning messages too.
I used this to: currently 2 websiters that were getting attacked by webbots circum-navigating the Captcha in my RS Forms contact pages.

Antispam CleanTalk

Posted on 30 March 2021
Works exactly as i expected vet impressive and very easy
(I need to write more than 64)
(I need to write more than 64)
Ease of use
it is very easy to use just install dont have to do anything else
Great support if you need it but i believe you will not need it. Only if you want to pay for more websites .
(I need to write more than 64)
super with one word but you will not need it
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Value for money
(I need to write more than 64)
(I need to write more than 64)
I used this to: 3 joomla sites and i am very exited
(I need to write more than 64)(I need to write more than 64)
Works exactly as expected in the background. Install and forget.
Ease of use
install and move on. It just works. Seriously, other than paying the annual membership, it just does its job in the background.
Great response from the developer when I had an account payment issue.
You really don't need any documentation, Install, add your serial and it just works.
Value for money
Amazing value. I cover three sites for under $20 a year. Works with WordPress too.
I used this to: Forum website with about 12,000 users. Totally effective. We get a ton of spam attempts and maybe 3 a year get through.

Impressive !

Posted on 28 December 2020
Spam blocked, that is all I was asking ! Very valuable report and live panel to check what is blocked or not.
Ease of use
So simple : you install the plugin, copy paste the key and that's all
Not already used, but seems to be very easy ;) Support and informations received by email.
no need so far, too easy to have to read any manual. The logs are very valuable as you know how and what the spammer try to use your site.
Value for money
Definitely ! 8$ a year, less than 1$ a month ! Compared to a full site check to find how the spammer use your site to send spam, it worth it
I used this to: all my sites (as a professionnal) : start to use it after a spam (2500 spams sent) using the contact form in Joomla! (sent to one contact of the site !)

Easy to use

Posted on 05 November 2020
Its operation has no notable effect on my Web site operation. Once it has identified the spam source, they are completely stopped.
Ease of use
Simple to set up. Worked the first time it ran. I am very happy with how it is running.
Did not need to read the documentation to get the program up and running. I will probably get better results after reading.
Value for money
Outstanding price
(I need to write more than 64 text, here you go)
(I need to write more than 64 text, here you go)
I used this to: My business
(I need to write more than 64 text, here you go)
(I need to write more than 64 text, here you go)
Easy to use and quite self-explanatory. Brilliant for a quick spam and protection for your site setup.
Ease of use
Most if it is done for you and all you do is follow the easy steps to set-up. I had my spam filters set up in less than 10 minutes.
Support is fantastic. A product isn't good if he support is non-existent but the support for this extension is the best. Always responds.
help is there and truthfully it's very easy to setup so documentations aren't really needed!.
Value for money
Definitely value for money and worth investing in to have a a clean website void of all the spam
I used this to: All my clients websites. Great value for money and definitely money well spent.

Odlična ekstenzija

Posted on 01 June 2020
Jako dobra ekstenzija. Dugo sam tražio nešto kao Antispam by CleanTalk.
Ease of use
Nema se tu ništa posebno za reći. Sve se odvija automatski. Zapravo ne brinem o ničemu.
Value for money
S obzirom na naš standard u ovom dielu Europe ovo je jako jeftino za ono što dobijem.
I used this to: Imam mali Kunena Joomla forum na kojem koristim ovaj dodatak i zaštita je odli?na.

Nice spam extension

Posted on 24 March 2020
Was looking to cut through our contact form spam. And it works. So funtionality is 100%.
Ease of use
Very quick and easy to setup..........
(I need to write more than 64 text, here you go)
Not needed (which is good), so no specific comment here........
(I need to write more than 64 text, here you go)
Not the greatest, but then you don't need much hand holding here.
Value for money
(I need to write more than 64 text, here you go)
(I need to write more than 64 text, here you go)
I used this to: For our clients website to protect from pesky spam.
(I need to write more than 64 text, here you go)
Great extension! Does its job quietly and seamlessly behind the scene. Great statistics for easy appreciation of site activities.
Ease of use
Very easy to use once you understand the functionality of the different aspects of the component.
I never needed to contact their support department. Everything is well explained in the documentation.
Lots of documentation available to explain all functions of the extension. Thus even making support almost unnecessary.
Value for money
For what it does, I consider the extension to be very good value for money.
I used this to: I use it to effectively protect my websites from Spam. No need for the traditional Recaptcha!

Antispam by CleanTalk

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Nov 22 2021
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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