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Take back control of your Joomla! website. Zap Audit finds hacked files buried in the thousands of files and folders in your Joomla! file system as well as check for best practices. Zap Audit finds hacked files in your Joomla! site in seven ways:

  • Unauthorized Files - Zap Audit looks for files that have been added to a Joomla! or Zap Audit folder but not in the original installation.
  • CRC Check - Zap Audit performs a CRC checksum comparison between the files in the Joomla! and Zap Audit distributions and the corresponding file in the file system. If the checksums are unequal, this means the file was modified since its installation, a common technique used by hackers.
  • Suspect Files - For 3rd party add-ons and other files not in the Joomla! or Zap Audit distribution, a suspect file check is made to determine if the file is exhibiting a hacked file signature.
  • PHP Files In Media Folders - Media folders are for media, so lets keep it that way! PHP files found in media folders are flagged.
  • PHP Files In The Temporary Folder - 3rd party add-on installations may leave behind PHP files, fertile ground for hacked files to hide in.
  • Files And Folders With The Wrong Permission - All files and folders are checked against the recommended Joomla! file and folder permissions.
  • PHP Files Added Or Modified Within The Past 3 Days - If a file was added or modified recently it will appear in this list. Valid Joomla! log and cache files are removed from the list to reduce false positive results on valid Joomla! files.

In addition to the file checks, Zap Audit analyzes the site for Joomla! and database best practices.

Zap Audit generates a professional audit report of your site suitable for printing or e-mailing. With the audit report, finding hard to find hacked files is easy and only takes minutes, not hours using manual methods. This allows delaying or even eliminating the need to rebuild a hacked Joomla! site from scratch.

Site down? No problem. Zap Audit can analyze an off-line site by running a file audit from a working Joomla! site using a zip file of the files from the infected site. Joomla! 2.5 sites can be audited in the same manner by running Zap Audit on a Joomla! 3 site using a zip file of the Joomla! 2.5 site files.

This is not a service. All analyses are performed locally. There are no restrictions to the number of websites were Zap Audit is installed. The free "lite" version performs the same tests as the standard version in summary mode. The standard version provides a detailed analysis audit report. The Pro version adds proactive monitoring of one or multiple sites by sending an e-mail alert when it detects a new audit finding.

The lite version runs in 'summary mode'. This means it scans and tells you there might be suspicious files but not location. Useless.
Ease of use
It install OK without issues. It scans quickly without taking up too much memory.
Didn't try it. There isn't a forum for this product anyway. There are only three FAQ items for this listed on their site as well.
Didn't try it. Other than pointing me to the upgrade screen there isn't much documentation.
I used this to: Scanning a site for malware files for a client who suggested it.
Pro version solved my problem with a hacked site 100%
Ease of use
Couldn't be easier
Not Needed
I used this to: One of my websites was hacked. Couldn't clear it up after weeks of trying. Zap Audit took only a few minutes to provide the information I needed to sort it out within 1 hour.
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Zap Audit

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Nov 21 2017
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Jan 04 2017
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