User Management

AccountPro is a Joomla! 2.5 3.x Plugin that simply allows seleted users and or groups to login to client/subscriber frontend accounts. For security purposes options are available to allow/restrict by ip, group, groups of users for permission to use the feature. This Plugin was designed for Administrators and/or Super Users to have an option of logging into their clients/subscribers frontend accounts for support purposes with their own password.

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Dle GenerateMeta Dle GenerateMeta
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Dle GenerateMeta

By DleJProducts
SEO & Metadata
This Plugin generates the article meta automatic so that you don't have to take the time. Can set your Meta description length. Page title (optional). Choose page header title order Front-Site / Site-Front / Front / Site. Minumum word length for keyword. Number of keywords. Set static keywords that will always set (show). Ignore (more or less a blacklist wordlist that you can set to NOT set...
Dle Features Dle Features
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Dle Features

By DleJProducts
Modules Styling
Dle Features is a features box module for Joomla versions 2.5 / 3. This is simple CSS transitions 11 in all for now. Features image, title and description. These can all be aligned left, right and center. Border and color can be added to the image if desired along with a link to your feature or advert. Title and description color can also be set and show or remove shadow of the feature image. Dle...
Dle Dismiss Cookie Bar Dle Dismiss Cookie Bar
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Dle Dismiss Cookie Bar

By DleJProducts
Cookie Control
Informs user that your site uses cookies. This is to help comform to the cookie policy law. Fully configurable options. Loads cookie bar at the top of your site page. Bar color, text. Button color, text. Policy link and new page or current on load. Show always on page load. This is primarily for the admin to make changes that they see fit. Added translatable Language file. CookieBar can be se...
Template Showcase Template Showcase
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Template Showcase

By DleJProducts
Template Showcase is a responsive Joomla!3.x module that lets you upload any image for your template preview and add your title with a Font Awesome icon. On hover, it has an overlay that you can add your Demo/Info buttons and links to. The Module can be fully customized. For more info, please see the Demo and Documentation for the Template Showcase Module. This Module can just about be used for an...
Dismiss Cookie Bar II Dismiss Cookie Bar II
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Dismiss Cookie Bar II

By DleJProducts
Cookie Control
Dismiss Cookie Bar II is our new April release and has been fully rewritten from the ground up as a Module. This decision was made in an attempt to leave some plugin conflicts and to give the module a wider range of configurability. Each and every aspect of this extension is fully configurable to give you the ability of having exactly what you want in a simple cookie banner. We also decided to add...
DleJProperty DleJProperty
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By DleJProducts
Real Estate
DleJProperty is a complete Residential Real Estate Package for Joomla! 3.x. It allows you to manage and list Properties, Agents, use search filter and booking option is available as well. This is a Great tool for all real estate agents and real estate agencies. Property Features, Maps, Galleries, Video, Floor Plans, Agents, and an Advanced Search Module. The Properties Module allows you to group...


Last updated:
Apr 05 2018
Date added:
Mar 18 2018
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