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**The ultimate advertising extension for Joomla! **
Monetize your traffic with the ultimate advertising extension for Joomla! support all major ad types: Standard Banners, Flash Banners, HTML5 ads, Floating Ads, Pop-Up, video, Pop-Under Ads, and Text Ads including Google Adsense support.

Show ads on ANY module position available on your template and even on other sites. Where to place your ads is an important decision. You want the flexibility to display your ads anywhere you want and the flexibility to display as many ads as you want.

Create advertisement packages based time, impressions or clicks (CPM, CPC or Time).

Campaigns allow you to limit the display of ads based on time, impressions or clicks
iJoomla Ad Agency allows you and your advertisers to create campaigns, which are a grouping of ads by one advertiser that is limited by clicks, impressions or time.

JomSocial Stream Ads
JomSocial’s Stream Ads let you present ads on your community’s activity streams in a beautiful, non-distracting way. With the amazing redesign of JomSocial 4.7.x we had a great opportunity to add stream ads that blend beautifully in the new stream.

Keyword Targeting
iJoomla Ad Agency allows you to display ads based on keywords. This feature is important because it allows you to minimize the number of packages you need to create and at the same time allows you to display ads based on targeted keywords.
For example, if a particular article is about dog food, you can display ads with keywords such as "Social, food, shopping," etc.

Social Targeting
Social Media Targeting lets you use all of the demographic data available on social media sites to shoot your ads directly to the people most likely to buy.

If you're using Joomla and you're looking to add Geo-Targeting to your ads, then look no more! Now, iJoomla Ad Agency gives you the power and flexibility you need while remaining user-friendly to you and your advertisers.

More Supported Features:
- Live Ad Reports
- Vertical and Horizontal ads
- Promo code manager
- Recurring Payments
- Live Payments
- Payment Method Plugins
- Auto ads Approvals
- Automatic E-Mails
- Show Ads On Any Site!

Check out the details of the complete features:
Demo :


**Version 7.1.0 **
[Improvement] Compatible with the Joomla 5
[Improvement] Compatible with PHP 8.2
[Bug Fix] Fixed form field error on j4
[Bug Fix] Fixed an error when saving banners
[Bug Fix] Fixed payment page not show on some template
[Bug Fix] Fixed issue when saving ads

Version 7.0.0
[Update] Updated payment plugins, support offline payment
[Update] New package module with 3 layouts support
[Update] PHP 8.1 support
[Update] Joomla 4 support
[Improvement] Improved design for front-end dashboard, admin dashboard
[Improvement] Improved codebase
[Improvement] Improved ads system
[Bug Fix] 30+ bug fixes

Version 6.1.2
[New Feature] PDF export result
[Improvement] Ad Blocker popup style improvements
[Improvement] Ad Agency support for ad blockers
[Improvement] Promotion code in Adagency
[Bug Fix] Still apply Promo Code for new customer although it only for existing customers
[Bug Fix] Package Price displays wrong when using Promo Code
[Bug Fix] Missing language on message when typing invalid Promo code
[Bug Fix] Add Banner to Campaigns
[Bug Fix] Auto Renew for Campaigns
[Bug Fix] Can not see position when click "preview with position" link

**Version 6.1.1 **
[Improvement] Feature Requests: Reports Page
[Improvement] HTML5 AD URL not mandatory
[Improvement] Ad rotation improvement
[Bug Fix] Auto Renew ad not working
[Bug Fix] Backend: The module order is not updated when changing the position

**Version 6.1.0 **
[Improvement] add counter in adagency
[Improvement] AdAgency support for Jomsocial fanpage stream ads
[Improvement] Feature request: Expire date on ad packages for users
[Improvement] Feature request : Add target URL for banner
[Improvement] Sort ad by publish date in ad manager
[Bug Fix] Got notice error when upload swf file to flash ads
[Bug Fix] Cant create JS Page after install adagency component
[Bug Fix] Cant show video ads on preview link
[Bug Fix] View package should show be displayed on popup
[Bug Fix] Got error when click preview button
[Bug Fix] Got css error when add price on package page
[Bug Fix] MIME Type errors on Remote Ads Module - Ads Manager Pro
[Bug Fix] Geo-targeting: Channel parameters valid data

Works ok if you're only using one site. The remote module had a lot of problems and limited features. Would have liked to know beforehand.
Ease of use
Relatively easy if only managing one website. If you need to get it working with multiple websites then good luck.
AWFUL. We waited 10 days to get help with their broken remote module. Just long enough to be unqualified for their 7-day refund policy.
Documentation is very outdated. Basically can't read any specifics until you get the premium version and by then its too late.
Value for money
Would not recommend. There are open source options that do this better for free.
I used this to: Nothing. The poor support and lack of remote features made this unfit for our company's needs.
Couldn't copy or reuse ads. Every image for ad need to be uploaded. Extension puts images in antiquated "/images/stories" directory path.
Ease of use
Client found it confusing - not using JomSocial so all those references were distracting. Maybe better fit for a large custom community site
Only interaction was to ask for a refund less than 12 hours after purchase when we decided it wasn't going to work. Reasonable response time
ext. Manual in extension references the Joomla 1.5 version. Newer videos are elsewhere - using the developers support forum was difficult
Value for money
We found the extension unusable. Maybe on a larger community site where users can purchase their own ads this might be a better choice.
I used this to: Client has a magazine site and runs banner ads on each page. Previous extension broke and we tried this as a substitute as the ability to target pages with specific ads is needed. Ended up using core Joomla Banners instead with Advanced Module Manager functionality.
A nice package to give all function as glance. Appropriated functionality for an advertise extension
Ease of use
At started need help to see the tutorials within few fours it shows how user friendly its to create ads packages and different type of ads.
Support is always found to be good, no complaint till now in support.
There are free videos documentation, feel somewhere need to be updated for new version videos.
may be some quick text docs is also useful.
Value for money
Definitely its a value for money package it support Google adsense many other ad type, mostly i wanted HTML5 and video ads.
Recommended !!
I used this to: I used this for social and news websites to show different types of ads for earnings, it a good source of earning through advertisements on website. overall its easy to use with standard payment gateways support. Thanks for lovely extension and support.
Has all the features I could ever possibly need, especially in comparison to the other options. It falls back to Google AdSense when needed.
Ease of use
It's a complex extension but simple to use, which is not a simple task in itself. Attractive interface.
I only contacted support once for a small issue. It was prompt and fixed my issue right away.
I've watched a few of the explainer videos and read bits of the documentation. Seems pretty straightforward.
Value for money
Considering the amount of money I make (and you can make) with this extension, it pays for itself in a short time.
I used this to: Creating geortargeted ads on several of my websites.
Has always worked better than anything else. Now unable to migrate from J2.5 to J3
Ease of use
As easy as a very sophisticated program can be. We never had any usability issues.
Now non-existent; at least for me. Despite 2 active subscriptions I am not provided support for Pro product.
Always worked fine for us.
Value for money
No support, no value.
I used this to: Have used for 3+ years. Always been a great company with great software until now. No support and no way to move from J2.5 to J3 with AdAgency
Owner's reply: Hi A M Baker,

Your right, there was no migrator from 2.5 to 3.5. There were some valid reasons for this, but i understand that users like yourself were affected and this was unfortunate.

As i mentioned in previous review replies Our support was well.... Needing improvement. We saw that and took acton to rectify the problems. We now offer a dedicated private ticket system for all iJoomla customers and replies are within 24 hours on Weekdays. So far the feedback has been great. I hope one day you can give it a try and see the significant steps forward we have made.

Thanks for the review. Constructive feedback creates change. :)

If a package or campaign runs out you can't just change the expiry date to turn the ads back on and have to recreate everything.
Ease of use
I find it really difficult to get it do anything. Important to note, Adblockers on browsers block all the ads from this and the Admin area!!
Rubbish, if they don't know the answer they just ignore you.
Really slow long winded video documentation which takes forever to watch each video rather than just quickly searching through a document.
Value for money
Very expensive. I have used free extensions which work better than this.
I used this to: A customer website. My boss told me to use this. I knew I should have just custom built something.
Owner's reply: Hi Elliot,

We have made some great improvements to the issues you had and you can extend campaigns as you wish now. We have also changed to a trackable ticket system for support so nothing slips through the cracks. :) Agreed we dropped the ball a little with support but thanks to reviews like this we took it all on board and made some big changes.

I am sorry it didnt work out for you and i wish you well with your site.

Will not play nice with the Joomla System Cache. Ad banners assigned to their zones will show blank after a few clicks into the site.
Ease of use
It's okay. Older versions made more sense.
Requested support on the issue above, and it was never fully resolved. My subscription expired, and was required to pay another $147
Fair, but did not resolve a critical issue.
I used this to: I was using this as an internal ad network for our magazine, however what is not disclosed is that this will have an issue with Joomla 3x System Cache. I chose not to renew this time.
Owner's reply: hi Clank,

I'm sorry to hear things didn't work out for you with Ad agency. The caching issue should no longer be a problem and we have made some vast improvements to our support system. If you would like to give it another go please contact me via this form and mention this reply.

Bought this to deliver geo targetted ads for our website. Geo target zip code does not work unless you buy another DB and pay to configure
Ease of use
Complicated. Did not work out of box. Video tutorials were helpful.
Support was complete with in 24 hour mon-fri. Weekends no support.
Value for money
0. I am buying another module that works.
Owner's reply: Hi Donna,

Thanks for the feedback. We now offer the GEO DATABASE - CITIES and GEO DATABASE - CODES & COUNTRIES Free of charge with direct links from Ad Agency so it's easy to find. I'm glad you liked the videos and we do have a support team to answer any direct questions not covered in the help files.
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