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This Joomla sharing extension helps people share, save, and email your posts and pages using any service, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and well over 100 more sharing and social media sites.

AddToAny's customizable platform and social share icons let you optimize your site's blog posts & pages for the best social sharing engagement.

Share Buttons
- Vector sharing buttons (SVG sharing icons)
- Universal Share Button and Smart Menu
- Sharing Kit for individual share links
- Custom sharing icons
- 3rd party buttons include the Facebook Like Button, Twitter Tweet Button, Pinterest Pin It Button, Google+ Share Button and Google +1 Button
- Universal email sharing makes it easy to share via Gmail, Yahoo Mail, (Hotmail), AOL Mail, and any other web and native apps

Analytics Integration
- Google Analytics integration for sharing analytics
- Track shared links with Bitly and custom URL shorteners
- Display share counts on posts and pages
- Custom share event tracking for integrating with Matomo, Adobe Analytics, etc.

Joomla Optimized, Mobile & Retina Ready
- Loads asynchronously so your content always loads before or in parallel with AddToAny
- AddToAny gives users the choice in sharing from a service's native app or from a web app
- AddToAny's SVG icons are super-lightweight and pixel-perfect at any size

Fully Customizable
- Use AddToAny's JavaScript API
- Use custom CSS to override default styles
- Use custom icons
- Place AddToAny above, below, or above & below content
- Toggle sharing on specific articles and categories

After trying some other extensions for social sharing, I ended up searching because this is by far the best.
Ease of use
Very easy, available in module and plugin, good looking (very important) and very fast!!!
I didn't need any support but there is a contact form for any issue which I prefer than forums.
There is a nice documentation for customizing it, but I didn't need it.
I used this to: I use this to add social sharing to some specific articles. But since this is so fast, I will add it to maybe all the articles.
Excellent, Great, Awesome!
Ease of use
Excellent, Great, Awesome!
Excellent, Great, Awesome!
Excellent, Great, Awesome!
I used this to: Excellent, Great, Awesome!
This free extension provides share buttons for a whole range of Social Media.
Ease of use
It took me 2 minutes to install and configure it.
I used this to: Provide share buttons for users to share content on Facebook and other social media and for myself to share articles on my Facebook page. Surprisingly, this was the only free extension I found that allowed me to display the buttons only within articles and not on other pages.
I love how easy this plugin is set up and how much you can customise it. Thank you, this is so well done!!!!
Ease of use
Super easy
Did not even need documentation

Very good

Posted on 11 May 2016
It is an easy, to-the-point extension. Did what I needed. Adding share buttons into articles and giving me an option to exclude categories
Ease of use
Very easy
No documentation from developer,however AddToAny is a seperate service integrated by the developer and they offer good docs.(use drupal's)
I used this to: For articles at a Region's website.

Simple and effective

Posted on 27 April 2016
So far, at least, this does exactly what I wanted - "share this" buttons for social media at the bottom of every article.
Ease of use
10 minutes from finding the plugin via Google to enabling and customizing the buttons on our site. Very nice!
I used this to: Adding "share this" buttons to articles.
Addtoany does what it's supposed to. I tried article-tool, fastsocialshare and sharethis. None were as flexible or did what they said.
Ease of use
Reasonably easy to use. Use the Addtoany website to custom create the button code and paste it into the plugin backend. Edit addtoany.css.
Decent. I'd like more examples on their website though.
I used this to: I use this for adding buttons to my articles. The plugin overrides some CSS though so you may go nuts trying to find it. If you want small icons edit line 105 of addtoany.php. Change a2a_kit_size_32 addtoany_list" to a2a_kit_default. Not sure why they're overriding.


Posted on 28 January 2015
Functionality is great! Lots of options to share and looks incredibly good. Allows for full customization. Extremely well done.
Ease of use
Easy to use, just installed it and it was good to go. Added a couple buttons and did some small CSS adjustments to center. Finally!
Seems to have decent support and hope it continues that way.
Great documentation. Was able to implement what I needed on my page with no hassle at all.
I used this to: Using it for a practice project, but I intend to use this for all my future projects. An incredible extension that gets the job done correctly. Super impressed. Normally don't write reviews, but I was blown away with how easy and how incredibly good looking this extension is.
AddToAny makes share plugins that just work. Vector icons are light & fast, sharing is highly configurable. No accounts necessary. Perfect.
Ease of use
Really easy. Install, enable, and it's ready with share buttons below your content. Options are well thought-out and feel native to Joomla.
I don't know if AddToAny officially provides support but they were quick to respond to a question and attentive to my feedback.
The options have clear inline documentation where needed, and they point to further details on the AddToAny website. Loved their examples.
I used this to: AddToAny is our go-to for clients and our portfolio site. Clients usually love it. This extension will be installed on all our Joomla sites soon.


Posted on 08 January 2015
Fails to mention the spyware that is sending user information to
Ease of use
Owner's reply: No, the extension is not spyware.

If you need to disable 3rd party cookies, you can do so by adding a line of JavaScript code to the plugin's Additional Options box in AddToAny Options:

AddToAny Share Buttons

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