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Version 4.1.22 is a preparatory version that gets the Joomla 3 version ready for the move to Joomla 4 (Use version 5 for J4).

FlexBanner now supports HTML5 banners.

A banner management component that allows you to specify which articles, sections and/or categories a banner appears on. Can also be used to serve different banners for different languages.

FlexBanner is a powerful banner advert management system. You can add banners for new clients or links from one screen - no more multi-step banner adding. You can also restrict banners to particular articles, categories or sections, as well as all the default Joomla restrictions (using the itemid system). It also works well with Google AdSense code - copy the Google code into the custom code box, and it just works.

Supports different banners for different languages! Perfect for use with Joom!fish.

Banner randomization, display, reporting and many more make me feel FlexBanner was birthed with Joomla itself
Ease of use
As simple as ABC
Best support is when it's not even required
Adequately adequate
I used this to: Place several ad banners of various sizes in any position of my website... wherever a module can be, an advert can be there

Great and easy

Posted on 22 October 2016
No problem at all
Ease of use
Fine, just create all features in start and works fine always
I used this to: Put every banner in exactlly right place
Does the job really well.
Ease of use
Easy install and easy to learn
I had a styling problem and got a quick reply on the support forum.
Ok, just glanced at it was easy to use without
I used this to: Ads on our site for an annual event.

Huge side banners

Posted on 21 September 2015
Can this product make side banners like on

Please tell me if its possible Andrew?
Ease of use
Not sure yet


Posted on 15 January 2015
Works very well, immediately swap from native joomla Banners... I'm not being able now to give a detailed insight of all impressions but...
Ease of use
Very easy to use, specially if you were using the joomla native component...
Didn't need it yet, as was just install and use
No need until yet... will have a look if got any trouble. Doesn't seems like.
I used this to: With all this banners and ads I need to get organized. This seemed a simple and easy way of going... As soon as I've installed I had a upload message right away, was good. There's a donate button, and I'm going to use it. :) good Job Thank you!


Posted on 27 May 2014
Just changed standard banner module for flexbanner ans must say i am happy to ve done so, cause this works lots easier. Only thing i would like now is the possibility to publish banners in between articles on the contentblog on the front page. O, and your donate button on the backend does not work properly. Was just about to send some money!

Is fine

Posted on 19 March 2014
It would be nice if it had an option to resample large images to the banner size. I have (lazy) clients who don't resize images, so it usually is loading giant images when it doesn't need to.


Posted on 26 February 2014
Fabulous, a must have, perfect helpdesk .and so on !!!

At first sight, the component look like perfect.

Due to my fault, banner didn't appear. Andrew help me immediately and provide me a solution.

It's a perfect solution, absolute quality.

Use it !!

Thanks for this component.

A Joomla "must have"

Posted on 08 February 2014
I've been a Joomla user since the very beginning (Mambo days!) and have used dozens of extensions over the years (payware, shareware and free).

There are only a handful which I feel deserve "Oscars" - and Flexbanners is one of them.

Yes - I'm sure it could be improved in many ways (how long is a piece of string?) ... but what it does, it does well ... very well.

A classic yardstick is the quality of support. Here, the developer responds quickly and is friendly. Not bad, considering we're getting his skill for nothing (or donation).

With a bit of active input in the support forums from us users, I'm sure additions/improvements will be made in good time.

In short - *highly recommended*.

Nice Work

Posted on 08 November 2013
Its easy and flexible. I like its restriction system for a particular article. Its fulfill my requirement. Thanks for this nice plugin.


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