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This component lets you develop native mobile apps (Android and iOS) using your Joomla CMS. It is very easy to develop mobile apps using this component. You just need to install it, and create a new app with a few clicks. This component uses phonegap api to compile your app.

Following are a few features of this component:

✅ It develops mobile apps for Android and iOS.

✅ It works great with ALL the extensions. If an extension works on your website, it works on the mobile app.

✅ All the code either resides inside the app or in your Joomla website. Hence, you don't need to pay any kind of recurring fee to anybody.

✅ It supports unlimited push notifications.

✅ The push notifications work with third party extensions like Event Booking, Kunena, etc. For example, if a user registers for an event in Event Booking, the user receives a push notification in his mobile through the mobile app.

✅ The push notification can be extended to any extension of Joomla.

✅ You own the app, and hence you host it under your own developer account of Google and Apple.

Its a nice idea to install a component and get a download Apk.
Realy easy workflow and in few Minutes your App is ....NOT finish.
Ease of use
Realy easy making, but you never get the App into your Mailbox. People pay 25€ and never see the finish compiling there App.
Take a look into the Forum, nobody cares about customer. The pay and wait until today for the App.
I used this to: Building a Androidapp.But compiling never finishd so it was a waste of time!
This Componet should be delistet here!!
The functionality at joomla backend is good when trying to develop the app, but even after a week I could not get the apk to test.
Ease of use
The component is easy to use, because it requires only icons and images to upload in various sizes and links with icon
The support by this company is very poor, I paid euro 25 when registering, submitted the app form, sent support request, but no response.
I used this to: I use this for my own app development with joomla site, if I get satisfied then I will use this component for my clients' app development because I have developed a lot many joomla websites and I can offer them the app.


Last updated:
Nov 16 2018
1 year ago
Date added:
Jun 26 2018
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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