DB-Views Data Table


Data Import & Export, Forms, Database Management, Data Reports, Tables & Lists

Display advanced responsive data tables and multistep webforms in any webpage.

Add full database functionality to your website.

Key Features
* Display and edit table data in a frame embedded in any webpage.
* Fully customize your tables. Enjoy complete language localization.
* Create multistep web forms to edit data or add new rows.
* Responsive Material 3 implementation makes tables look great on any device.
* Enjoy fast drag & drop development. With our low-code solution, JavaScript coding skills are only required for advanced scenarios.

Handle Multi-Source Data
* Import data in various formats: SQL dumps, JSON, XML, CSV, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Excel, Google Sheets, and OneDrive spreadsheets.
* You can also link your existing database servers: Azure/Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, Amazon Athena, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, MariaDB, MongoDB, GraphQL, and more. A live copy of the data will be displayed.
* For fresh data tables, use the provided table builder tool. This intuitive yet powerful tool supports a variety of column types: validated text, phone numbers, dates, numeric values, selections (single and multiple), images, uploaded files, and more.

Out-of-the-Box End-User Functionality
* Sort and filter your tables by any column combination. Save common filters for daily use.
* Use the inline editor to edit table cell values. The soft-delete feature lets you delete or restore any row.
* Use the change tracking feature to monitor who has modified a row and when the change occurred.
* Paging with smart caching supports the seamless browsing of large data tables.

Views and Apps
* Create views based on related data columns from multiple sources (aka "remote join"). Filter data by any column combination.
* Define column-based tree views to easily navigate the data.
* Combine related views and webforms into one comprehensive app.
* Fully customize your apps. Enjoy complete language localization.
* Publish views and apps in any webpage.

* Export any view to PDF, JSON, or CSV format.
* Use web-hooks, user actions, and CRUD API to integrate with 3rd-party systems.
* Enhance field functionality with JavaScript snippets and REST calls.

Enjoy a FREE Starter License
* The free license lets you experience all the features we offer at DB-Views.
* Continue using DB-Views for free (low-scale and mid-scale implementations only).

DB-Views Data Table

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Jul 31 2023
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May 22 2023
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System