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Power Content is the Most Powerful, Flexible and Easy-to-use Content Extension For Joomla!
Designed Especially for Developers, Web Masters, SEO Experts, Web Designers, and Clients.

The Most Powerful, Flexible and Easy-to-use Content Extension for Joomla!

Power Content aims to be the most Powerful, Flexible, and Easy-to-use Content Extension available for Joomla. It has been developed as a personal contribution to amazing community of Joomla, and in order to help users take their websites to the next level. Power Content has no competition in terms of possibilities, features, flexibility, simplicity and performance.

Because Power Content is a personal contribution, it is completely FREE, and will always stay free. In addition, the project is extremely active and 100% supported, new features are being added every month. It is also highly documented - definitely the most documented content extension. Power Content also has its own extensions directory, to easily extend the functionality even further. The ultimate alternative to K2, Joomla com_content, Flexi Content or Seblod.

For Developers & Coders: Power Content is an extremely powerful CCK. With coding skills, you can easily extend and customize every bit using the API and its PHP & JS objects.

For Web Designers & Builders: With Power Content’s Fields, Themes Engine, Media Manager and other core features, your HTML & CSS skills are perfect for creating incredible projects.

For Clients & Marketing Experts: Using Power Content, your clients will finally feel that your websites are a breeze to manage. Simplicity for them and for their SEO & marketing.

Awesome Community with a Dedicated Facebook Group!

Designed to post questions and start discussions about Joomla in general and Power Content in particular. The community is here so that we can improve each other, and help each other create better projects!

Join us:

Key Features

Power Content does everything that other CCK extensions do, only much more, better and in a simpler manner.

  • Flexible Themes Engine: Create your own specific or shared layouts for every type of record. Add your own params, set custom fields and even edit code with an extremely easy GUI interface.

  • Powerful Custom Fields: The powerful custom fields engine providing you with over 15 built-in types of fields that are completely integrated with all of Power Content's records and features. Fields can be repeatable (making it extremely easy to extend your websites), and can appear on any type of record - Items, Categories, Authors, Tags and more.

  • Drag & Drop Media Manager: Completely integrated with the custom fields, Text Editors, and other parts of Power Content. The media manager lets you manage, sort, add, delete, change, move preview and much more. Extremely easily and productively, and directly from your editing pages. You can even crop and resize images on the fly.

  • Perfect Routing Engine: Finally a solution to the Joomla routing engine. No more duplicated pages, no more surprising 404 errors. And perhaps the most helpful feature of Power Content's Router: We finally don't need to open a menu item for each and every page of our website! You can customize your URL's, add / change prefixes and more.

  • Extendable Plugins System & API: Extend Power Content forms, add tabs with your own forms to all records: items, categories, author and tags. Extend any part of Power Content with more than 10 plugin events available, and a built-in API to interact with Power Content's objects. Both JS and PHP.

  • Easy SEO, Social Media and Marketing tools Integrations: Not only does Power Content have a dedicated admin view for SEO, where you can see and edit your whole websites titles, descriptions, robots, OG:IMAGE and more, It also has an Automatic SEO feature to make SEO Management much more easier, as well as a dedicated Custom Field to insert Head Tags such as Canonical, Analytics, Facebook Pixel and more, directly to all / specific pages - without any coding.

  • 12 Built-In Modules and Plugins: Power Content has 12 built-in extensions. Admin modules for statistics and quick actions, Site modules to display data from Power Content wherever you like, search, breadcrumbs and other tools, and plugins for previewing pages before publishing, and for sharing records on social media.

  • Easy Content Migration: Easily migrate your website and content from K2, Flexi Content, Seblod or Joomla com_content to Power Content.

Other Features

  • Ajax Live Search Engine: Live AJAX search engine, including advanced filtering of items.

  • Enhanced Text Editor: Enhanced editor completely integrated with the Media, Links and fields Manager, and other features.

  • Text Editor of Choice: Don't like Power Content's Editor? Use your own favorite editor such as JCE or Joomla native editor.

  • Multiple Categories Assignment: We can finally assign a single item to as many categories as we want!

  • Many-to-Many Tagging: Better, more flexible, supporting custom fields and far more powerful than anything you've seen before.

  • Unlimited Nested Categories: Create unlimited sub and parent categories and structure your website however you want

  • Advanced Pagination: Standard (arrows and numbers), Load More Button and Infinite Scroll (like Facebook) feature.

  • Live Ajax Commenting: Nested commenting with notifications and honeypot and new Google ReCaptcha spam protection

  • Live Ajax Voting: Up / Down live voting system for your visitors to provide visual feedback on your articles, pages or items.

  • Complete Pages Preview: A complete Preview solution, allowing you to see the entire page before publishing it.

  • Built-In Documentation: Having trouble? No need to leave your website's admin to explore Power Content's documentation!

  • Easy Plugins Management: View and manage all your Power Content plugins directly from Power Content main view.

And a LOT more awesome features and possibilities that are just waiting to be used!

Legendary Performance

Power Content websites' performance is legendary fast. I have developed the exact same website with the exact same features and the same content and media both with Power Content and with another, one of the most popular CCK extension in Joomla (for privacy and respect, i won't include its name).

After modest optimization, the other CCK's website was loaded in 2.7 seconds while Power Content’s website was loaded in 0.8 seconds. Both tests happened on the exact same website, on the exact same host and terms, and from the exact same source. In Google Page Speed score, the site built with the other CCK scored 75 web and 71 mobile while Power Content's website scored 97 web and 90 mobile. The mentioned website is:, and you can test it yourself if you wish.

Built-In Modules and Plugins to Further Enhance Your Possibilities

In addition to all of Power Content's built-in features, you will get 13 modules and plugins, built-in with the installation of Power Content. Those extensions let you: display (and filter) Items, Categories, Authors, Tags and Comments wherever you want on your website (even outside of Power Content views). In addition, you will also get a Social Sharing plugin, Statistics plugin (Admin), Quick Actions plugin (Admin), Latest Comments Module (Admin), a Search Module (to display your search bars) and a Visual Debugging tool.

Read more and Download at:


Version 1.1.4 + 1.1.5
Fixed the Media Manager not working on localhost (WAMP and XAMPP) 
Fixed an assignment bug of the content field groups
Added a few plugin events
Fix a CSS issue with the admin interface

Version 1.1.3
Added a new plugin event "onBeforeFormatting"
Fixed a small fields assignment bug in the admin
Power Content editor updated to the latest version

Version 1.1.2
Power Content editor was not populating with ajax load, only after a save
Trashed sub categories weren't shown on trashed filter
Refactored fields population, selecting a theme will now also populate theme VIA ajax
Updated Power Preview plugin, there was an issue preventing the preview in some cases
Fixed some notices and warnings that happened since the last update
Improved the responsiveness of the component in the admin
Added an indication of parent & sub categories in categories filter for items view

Version 1.0.9
Fields Groups can now be assigned to Categories, Items, Authors and Tags also by Theme, providing "Post Types" functionality IN ADDITION to the multi groups assignments
Added a config option to make URL, Profession & Email fields in comments Available, Unavailable & Available and Required
Added a language directory to website
Power Content installer script has been refactored
Added full record data for onSiteDisplay plugin event

Version 1.0.8
Added more data to the search module (full item data)
Fixed issue when images preview of Media Manger didn't work in Joomla 3.7
Media Manager Elfinder version updated for security
CSS updated to meet Joomla 3.7 design changes
Power Preview has been adapted to Joomla 3.7
Alias is now auto populated by the name, if not specified
COM_MENUS modal selection adapted to Joomla 3.7
Plugin event onSiteDisplay was added to list views
Fields data won't be erased when changing categories
Joomla mailer issue was specifically handled in this version
Fixed frontend query loop in comments counts for items
New table added and populated for fields relations (will replace the JSON of the records soon)
Added support for system plugins to extend Power Content, and not only Power Content plugins
Categories filter in Items view now show all items from sub categories as well as the selected category
Ordering of fields groups in records has been improved
Infinite scroll loading items with a false theme is now fixed
Added support to load Joomla's default editor / JCE / other editors instead of Power Content's editor
Added an option for Power Content Editor to be RTL by default

Version 1.0.7
Updating Power Content caused it's global configuration to reset. Now fixed.

Version 1.0.6
Fixed a notice in the author's view
Fixed 2 minor bugs with the media manager
Changed some XML data that was outdated

Version 1.0.5
Added a relations type of field to create additional relations between power content's record to items, including category filtering.
Added a SQL type of field, used mostly by developers to create relations between any type of Power Content's records and any other component of Joomla (such as com_tags, com_users, Virtuemart or anything else)

Version 1.0.4
Fixed updating bug from previous version

Version 1.0.3
Fixed strict standards notice in SEO view
Added a fields relations table in the database to easily select and filter records by their fields (mostly for developers)

Version 1.0.2
Editor text display has been mildly improved in terms of UX
Fixed Comments module language sensitivity
Fixed issue when Tags and Authors didnt have the correct URL if the homepage component was not Power Content
Added MAJOR improvements to the Themes Engine GUI
Added option to set your own params using XML to your themes

Version 1.0.1
Add an element attributes internal plugin to editor
Fixed bug when bullet list was not available
Fixed bug when preview button was shown on fields, SEO and other irrelevant views
Fixed bug when editor menu was hidden in full screen mode
Fixed issue when records drop down actions was rendered only once per record

Abandoned project?

Posted on 20 December 2018
It works very well to build custom content.
Ease of use
Easy to configure and use
Although it is an excellent tool, it has some bugs and it seems an abandoned project, nobody answers by any means, unfortunately.
He needs to detail things.
I used this to: Custom content site
Really does it all. Using it constantly for many types of websites, didn't find its weaknesses just yet...
Ease of use
It's really easy to use back-end wise, but It's biggest selling point is how easy it is for developers to use.
Great, I have questions from time to time and the developer helps a lot by mail
Deep and coherent, not 100% updated though, I had to ask the developer about something that I couldn't find there, he updated it later on.
I used this to: Using it for every Joomla site I create...

best solution today

Posted on 24 January 2018
lots of possibilities, lots of extensions.. really like it
Ease of use
very easy, i think that this is the main reason i like it so much
asked a question, got a reply the same day
extremely clear, really great documentation
I used this to: i'm using power content for all of my business website's today
Offers much more than the basic Joomla, really good extension
Ease of use
Very intuitive, similar to K2 in that matter
The developer sent me an email after I downloaded asking if everything was fine, he was very responsive to my questions
lots of docs.. was easy to navigate there
I used this to: developing a travel blog
Still functions great with 3.7 along with the new update thankfully. Still SO MUCH better than K2.
Ease of use
Still working good
I was able to get ahold of the Erker Labs, and it was amazing direct support thanks to his FB group that sets the bar apart
With the new website, I kinda thought the images were missing before I wrote this review, but now the images are there, so a 100 for a score
I used this to: Downloads & Tutorials for a game.

I would say 10.

Posted on 10 August 2017
Just what I needed was all in there
Ease of use
Answer fast
Very Detailed
I used this to: My clients as a Web Development Company

Muhteşem Bir Eklenti

Posted on 03 August 2017
İşlevsellik çok iyi derecede. Joomla! makale ve kategorileri K2 gibi aktarsa süper olur. Ayrıca yorum yapanın email adresi gizlenmesi gerek.
Ease of use
Kullanımı çok basit ayrıca Türkçe dili'de destekliyor. Tarafımızdan çevrilmiştir.
Destek çok iyi sosyal medya sayfaları ve diğer destek bağlantıları ile bilgi alabiliyorsunuz.
Belgeler çok açıklayıcı ve düzenli bir şekilde sıralanmış. Eminim kullanıcılar hiç zorluk çekmeden kurulumu ve ayarlarını yapabilecekler.
I used this to: ?irket web sitelerinde kullanmaya karar verdik. Gerçekten güzel çal??ma. Yap?mda ve eme?i geçen herkese te?ekkürler.


Posted on 17 April 2017
Powerfull we can do plenty of things with this tool
Ease of use
great and very easy to use
i like support, Shir Ekerling reply very quickly
great even for developper
I used this to: A business and store website, this extension is the best cck, thank to it, drupal meet joomla
it would need more integrations and relations fields
Owner's reply: Hi mate,
A relations field has been added.
There's even a new field of type SQL to make even more elaborate connections between components.

take joomla forward

Posted on 29 December 2016
take joomla forward! Well done - 5 stars
Ease of use
easy and intuitive to use.
the support is excellent.
Documentation was good for me.
I used this to: test


Posted on 29 December 2016
So far so good!
Ease of use
Very intuitive to create new articles. And adding images is easy.
Very fast and informative
Have never needed to use it but looks great

Ekerlabs Power Content

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