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Magic image resize is a content plugin for automatic scaling content images to a web friendly size. Magic image resize does not work destructive. It stores the resized images into .thumb folders inside your image directories. Only the source is replaced. You can still use responsive classes like img-fluid or img-responsive.


img src="images/myLargeImg.jpg" class="img-fluid" data-resize="crop" width="250" height="128"

This will crop a image to exactly 250 x 128 pixels and put it into images/.thumbs/250-128/myLargeImg.jpg

The html Image src attribute will be replaced with the urls to a scaled version in a .thumbs - folder.

Images can be scaled, cropped or filled

  • data-resize="scale": Default value. Scale the Image and keep aspect.
  • data-resize="crop": Crop the and center the image to the exact size. Ignore aspect.
  • data-resize="fit": Fit image to size and fill the rest with background color.

If no special width or height attributes are provided Magic image resize uses the plugin settings.
The plugin will be activated automatically during installation.


Version 1.1: file changes are detected by a fast hash algorithm. If images are replaced by an image with the same name. The thumbs are refreshed automatically.
Version 1.2: Optimized WebP format supported for modern browsers
Version 1.3: WebP scaling support and better handling of illegal file format and invalid images
Version 1.4: Fixed transparency issue with PNG and GIF Files

Hat keine Funktion. Ich habe den Code von der Herstellerseite genauso verwendet m. Anpassung an mein Bildort und dennoch passiert nichts.
Ease of use
Wäre einfach zu benutzen, der Syntax ist keine Herausforderung jedoch funktioniert es einfach nicht
Die Dokumentation ist verständlich aufgebaut daher ist es umso mehr deprimierend wenn man genau den Code v. dort kopiert und er nicht
I used this to: Um Artikelbilder in einen Blog zu bekommen aber leider ohne Erfolg. Verwendet mit dem Standard HTML Editor von Joomla
I read the description of this plugin, but cannot set it up successfully.
Ease of use
Seem to be very simple plugin, but cannot follow the instruction to make it working.
The document is simple but I cannot follow the steps to make the plugin working. Maybe provide more screenshot.
I used this to: I am making a gallery site to sell my arts products. My photos is high resultion and too large to display on the page. I want a plugin to crop them in the preview mode.

Maybe a tutorial

Posted on 12 January 2022
according to the description, it should function easily and simple, while for a new beginner, not.
Ease of use
Not really till now. if you can have a tutorial with JCE free version?
I used this to: Website editing and image re-size with JCE free, I really hope there is a tutorial for that
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Magic Image Resize

Dirk Hoeschen:
Last updated:
Nov 21 2023
7 months ago
Date added:
Aug 26 2020
GPLv2 or later
Free download
J4 J5

Uses Joomla! Update System


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