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New: Added are: Kunena 4 support, video import and many new Scraper and content formatting functions! Now you have full control of imported content due on many new rules and filters - you can control titles, urls, meta description and body of imported emails!

Post by Email support SSL and attachments, can post on User Walls in JomSocial, in Kunena, K2, Ignite Gallery and Agora Forum, can post in selected by id topic in Kunena, can recognize exact match name of topic and automatically reply to right topic in Kunena.

Post by Email for Joomla automatically post in joomla websites, retrieves all your emails from a mailbox and automatically place them as content in Joomla!

Post by Email allows sending content to your Joomla via email or cellphone and can work with many configured email addresses.

New options:
- CSV import functions and Kunena 4 and 3 support;
- Ignite Gallery support in Joomla 3 version;
- Video import and Scraper options;
- Iphone mode setting;
- Publish up date;
- Sender filter (allowed and forbidden emails filter);
- You can have single email parsed into multiple articles. It retrieves the articles author, title and intro for each article in email so that each article is published separately.
- Duplicate content protection function for com_content;
- Supported are pictures and others attached files;
- Option to configure when in content will be posted attachment. Post anywhere in content tag with name of attachment and attachment will be posted at this place in HTML code.
- Support for ssl encryption and base64 encoded e-mails. If received email is encoded, is automatically decoded.
- Strip HTML tags option - to strip or not html in email content.
- Allowed HTML tags - to strip only selected html tags.
- Subscribing email address for Kunena forum;
- Component can post in selected by id topic in Kunena forum. If email is with same subject (include Re:, Fw:, Re, Fwd, etc.) email going automatically to the same thread.
- Automatically subscribe to thread email poster and Allow posts by guests (Kunena only);

Post by Email standart features (every option is individual for every email):
- Associate email address with a specific section and category.
- Where to put content: In Joomla content, in K2, on JomSocial Walls, in Kunena or in Agora forum.
- If post in forum, in which forum email will be posted.
- If is checked to post in JomSocial, on wall of which user content will be posted.
- In which content section email will be published.
- In which content section email will be published.
- Title of the content-subject line in email.
- Set users with specific email addresses.
- Specify specific Joomla category based on receiving email address or based on sending email address .
- Default author alias of content.
- Publish content automatically.
- Publish content on Frontpage.
- Option to delete processed email.
- Cronjobs to automate all.

Unable to determine. Product does not work.
Ease of use
Cannot use at all.
I contacted both 3D Web Design and who is technical POC for domain. Multiple emails to both addresses with no reply.
Value for money
Zero value.
I used this to: Cannot use. Stay away. Operation is closed and there is NO support. Of course they will still take your money!!!!
I used this to: Paid $29 for extension on website on Nov 1st (16 days ago) but never receive the download or instructions.
Wrote followup email to Paulina Dimitrova on Nov 1st.
Wrote to on Nov 7th.
Assume they are out-of-business
Ease of use
simple to use
Value for money
no support and extension doesn't works.
I used this to: I am sorry, i can't import content from email, i don't get any errors but simply your extension doesn't works. Anybody answer to support, this is not good i am a paid customer. hope this will be useful
If you're looking for a way to have others email articles to a preset email address, and then from there you can manually import them from the Joomla admin, this component works just fine.

However, if you want a fully automated system that will post articles as soon as they are emailed (technically within a minute or two), you have to set up a cron job on your server (they do provide instructions), and this cron job has to function properly (if your host is worth a darn they will test it for you), and then even if the cron job does function (as my hosts confirmed), the component may still not work, at which point you have to rely on spotty email correspondence and a developers site that is 90% in Russian.

I would love for this to have worked right out of the box, but even after several emails back and forth, I am stuck with a component that can only be used manually. It sure seems like there must be a more reliable way to accomplish what this component promises.
Owner's reply: Isurfedthere, you have only one support question in support forum ( and inside your request you only want to add one new feature to our component. Is not good to post here such a review without any support request to fix your problem (if you have real problem).
I needed a tool to automatically publish HTML emails as content. This seemed to fit the bill, but after installing, I could not get it to work properly.

I contacted the developer and received prompt and specific support regarding our php setup. They troubleshooted it for me and advised me on what settings our server needed to have. I could not have done it without their help.

Works perfectly now!

Thank You!!!

The Best Available .. Ever!

Posted on 04 December 2013
Very simple but very useful tool.I'm lucky to have purchased this extension.

The most fantastic part is the assistance offered by PBM team. I appreciate their friendly and co-operative interaction with their customers. I had a very bad experience before with a similar tool published here, which I purchased but couldn't even get it to work due to lack of guidance.

I advice every body here to try this extention.. Thanks PBM Team for this fantastic tool, and thanks dear pavelKukov for your continuous help.
I love this extension. It's a huge timesaver for me, since I manage 4 sites which are updated daily.

I found one bug, however, that makes me less productive - if I email more than one article to post, it will only post the last one, and the others appear to be lost. I hope this can be fixed soon.

I also am quite interested in some of the features he noted, such as iPhone mode, but I don't know how to access the settings for that. I wish there was better documentation.

If it weren't for those two issues, however, I'd give it an excellent rating. Even still, I use it almost every day.

No support

Posted on 18 November 2013
This is a very promising extension and exactly what I was looking for. However, I didn't manage to get any support. The developer offered to help, but then ignored my six follow up requests over a two week period. I offered to pay for their time on top of the extension's price, but received no response. Then I asked them if they could refer me to a third party that could help, but received no reply.

The extension is now useless and I have no way of getting support. I would ask for a refund but I suspect I would not get a response to that either.
Owner's reply: I don't know exact case, but if you ask for support in last week, i can say only one: we are overloaded and our support is slow. If you want to help you, send me email with your problem and we wil do the best to resolve your problem in next days.
I am coming to this extension after using MMS blog for joomla 1.5. Now, on my Joomla 2.5 site this was the only option with the same characteristics. It works after 2 hours of setting up - for some one with little experience. You have to set a cron job to make it run automatically (that was easy, instructions are on the support page).

On the cons side

1. There are no modules - something like 'latest images' or 'latest posts'

2. It only attaches images. Would be nice if it would attach youtube or sound cloud scripts for example.

Otherwise, I am happy wiht it, it works.
Owner's reply: hhproducer, you can attach in imported from email content not only images. You can use pdf, zip, rar or any other document - you have setting in component.
This extension provided just what I was looking for, an easy to setup and use piece of software that did what it advertised. The developer was quick to respond on his forum and added a feature request in a single day. Money well spent. Works well with both articles and in Kunena.
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Post by Email

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GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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