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AutoMeta for K2 is a plugin to automatically generate meta keywords and description for K2 items from item title, category, tags and extra fields.
AutoMeta for K2 helps to automate generation of meta keywords and description for K2 items, using values of:

  • Get this
  • Favourite
  • Report

  • Item title
  • Category name
  • Tags
  • Extra Fields

Just write the required format for keywords and description in the proper parameters, and the plugin will substitute each tag with its value.

You can use plugin parameters of the plugin to be applied to ALL categories, or use category parameters to be applied to a specific category, and category parameters override plugin parameters.

To keep the item meta keywords and description entered manually, the plugin does not override them if they are existing.

Good extension and fast and effective support. Thank you for a very much needed, useful and more importantly solution that works.

Multiple Extra Fields Groups for K2

Multiple Extra Fields Groups for K2

Paid download | K2 extensions | Mohamed Abdelaziz
23 reviews
This is a very useful K2 plugin, which enables administrators of websites powered by Joomla and K2 to assign more than one K2 extra fields group to a K2 category. The groups can be displayed in Accordion, Tabs or Flat layout, just like shown in the slides below (v1.0.40 released with a new bootstrap tabs layout). The plugin also supports rendering multiselect fields as checkboxes, where K2 does not have checkbox field type. The plugin enables ordering select/multiselect values alphabetically, core K2 does not support this feature till now. Install this plugin to save time and complexity, you will not need to re-factor your extra fields groups. The plugin is integrated smoothly with K2 forms for categories and items, no need for extra forms or components. For whom using K2 for directory or listing purposes, you can use this plugin to show values of select/multiselect/radiobutton fields as images/icons, like in a restaurant, club or hotel, you need to show features/facilities as icons.
Chained Fields for K2

Chained Fields for K2

Paid download | K2 extensions | Mohamed Abdelaziz
3 reviews
It is a package to enable creating chained fields in K2 item edit form. Its very easy to use.. install, publish the plugin and create chained fields, thats all! Now, you can easily have 2 related select fields in the K2 item edit form, to filter the child select field based on the selected value of the parent field.
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Categories Treeview for K2

Categories Treeview for K2

Paid download | K2 extensions | Mohamed Abdelaziz
11 reviews
This Joomla! module is used to display K2 categories in a tree view, like a file explorer. This is useful for using K2 as business directory or any listing type. Features: * Powered by jQuery, so no more JS is required to be loaded, because K2 already using jQuery. * You can set the root category * You can turn on/off displaying items count for each category. * You can select the number of category levels you want to render. * Unlimited Domains * Easy K2 categories navigation. * Nice looking listing of K2 categories demonstrates the categories hierarchy. * User Friendly. * Not encrypted
Categories Treeview theme for ZOO

Categories Treeview theme for ZOO

Paid download | Zoo extensions | Mohamed Abdelaziz
0 reviews
This theme for ZOO Category module adds the ability to display ZOO categories in tree view, no need to install a new module, just extend the themes of your module. How to install: 1. Unzip the treeviewzoocategory.zip file, you will get one file, treeview.php, and one folder called treeview. 2. FTP upload the extracted (treeview.php and treeview folder) to this path: modules/modzoocategory/tmpl 3. Fine the ZOO Category Module and click it to edit. 4. Select Treeview from the Theme select list.

AutoMeta for K2

Mohamed Abdelaziz
Last updated:
Jul 23 2016
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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