Contact Details

A module that displays your Joomla contacts in an A-Z, directory-style layout

The following options are available:
- Select a Category
- Default Letter
- Sort Order
- Show/Hide Name
- Show last name first?
- Link name to full contact
- Show/Hide Position
- Show/Hide Street Address
- Show/Hide City or Suburb
- Show/Hide State or County
- Show/Hide Postal Code
- Show postal code first?
- Show/Hide Country
- Show/Hide Miscellaneous Information
- Alternative layout for miscellaneous information
- Show/Hide contact category
- Category Label
- Show/Hide Alphabet Listing/Dropdown
- Show/Hide Telephone
- Show/Hide Telephone Icon
- Telephone Label
- Link Telephone
- Show/Hide Mobile Phone
- Show/Hide Mobile Phone Icon
- Mobile Phone Label
- Link Mobile Phone
- Show/Hide Fax
- Show/Hide Fax Icon
- Fax Label
- Link Fax Number
- Show/Hide Email
- Show/Hide Email Icon
- Link Email
- Show/Hide Webpage
- Show/Hide Webpage Icon
- Link Webpage
- Show/Hide Image
- Swedish Letters

Joomla native contacts is, well, ugly! Sorry Joomla devs, but it's really 1990s looking. This great little module looks great!
Ease of use
Super simple. You need to enter your contact details in the native Joomla component, then publish this module wherever you want them to show
This extension is free, yet support was very responsive. Better than some paid extensions I use!
Slim, but it's so easy to use you shouldn't need documentation. And support was very quick to reply and help.
I used this to: Displaying contacts for a local trade group. It's very configurable and does all I needed.
Lots of little options to help improve listing Contacts on the front end without a lot of work.
Ease of use
Install, set up the module, and adjust settings. For more advanced either custom override or simple CSS tweaks.
I've contacted the developer on one of their other projects and it got quick responses, never had to contact them about this extension.
Online text documentation was pretty basic but then the setup and configuration are as well so not much to add beyond that.
I used this to: Using Joomla's native Contacts system to create directories or display list of members.

Big compliment

Posted on 03 April 2021
This module is very good and works just fine.
Highly Recommended.
Ease of use
Module is easy to install and very well constructed. It offers all the options you need for an overview.
The support is absolutely great. When I asked the developer, I immediately got a response.
I used this to: I use AZDirectory for a club directory and for me it is the best tool for it.

Excellent Module

Posted on 17 February 2021
Functionality is excellent. All displays exactly as I had planned. And has way more features than I will use, but I know others will.
Ease of use
Super easy module to Install and Configure. Fully customizable and highly dynamic.
Support is A+. I had a small issue with one of the options when first installed. Module was diagnosed, fixed & updated ASAP. Great work.
Documentation is lean and mean. Not much necessary as module is extremely straightforward.
I used this to: I use this module to display a Staff Listing. It is 100% the perfect Module for what I am using it for. And with way more options and functionality than I need to use. It is highly robust & will definitely use it in other future projects.
An basic way of presenting Joomla contacts in an attractive directory format.
Ease of use
Easy to use without any complicated settings. It does what it says!
Excellent. I asked the developer for an additional feature (listing the contact's country). He responded promptly with an updated module .
Not really needed. I found it just as easy to experiment with various settings.
I used this to: Directory of our members' addresses and contact details as part of our website

Super Easy to Use

Posted on 14 December 2020
Did exactly what I needed to do and saved me time from manually creating our staff directory.
Ease of use
Very easy to use once I figured out I needed to embed the module into an article.
The developer was super responsive and was able to help me within the hour.
I used this to: Used for creating the staff directory page on my school district's website
Displays contacts from Joomla Contacts component by category and provides the ability to filter contacts with an alphabetical index.
Ease of use
Interface in the back-end is very clear, just choose options to display by a simple click. Easy-peasy.
Ryan is just fantastic, always attentive and very reactive, thank you again!
Honestly there is no need for documentation. In any case there is a demo page to illustrate how the module works.
I used this to: I used this module to display contacts of the different sections in a cultural website, very useful.

Great extension

Posted on 24 September 2019
This extension enhances Joomla's contacts component. It works with the current contacts and categories.
Ease of use
It is very easy to use. It does not even require a lot of documentation.
Amazing support, especially for a free extension. The developer responds right away with excellent solutions.
I used this to: I use it for the existent Joomla contacts. Native Joomla contacts styling is not visually appealing. This extension makes the contacts page look modern and more readable.

Fantastic Module

Posted on 10 February 2019
Very functional for the purposes of making lists
Ease of use
Extremely easy to use, yet powerful application.
Excellent customer support. Just when I was wondering if I would get a reply, it just came! And solved all my problems.
I used this to: I use it for making contact list
It shows all info of the contacts in a module.
Ease of use
Yes very easy to use.
Support is super. No forum. Only by email. But very quick.
My question about css was answered within 1 day.
I used this to: To show a page with members of a choir.


By Bmore Creative, Inc.
A module that uses the Petfinder API to display the latest adoptable pets from your shelter....


Bmore Creative, Inc.
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Jul 02 2021
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Mar 20 2016
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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