Bad Word Filter (BWF) is a FREE! plugin with a simple but very useful functionality:
Find a word from a user-defined list and replace it with some user-defined HTML.

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Especially useful for sites who allow front-end article editing to users. Can be used in a variety of other ways...

For example, if you are an article editor and you have some logo, or slogan that you usually write, you can save your time with this plugin.

Just use some keyword like: logo or slogan and replace it with your defined HTML.

Possibly some designers include some styles and scripts in articles. If so, this plugin can help you, too.

Just use some word like my_stylesheet and replace it with your HTML.

Of course, it's original use is the main functionality:

Get a list of bad words and replace each one found with the BAD WORD html output.

Works In Kide Chat Too!

Posted on 31 March 2013
Just logged in to say thanks.

I wanted to stop users saying bad words in chat, this works in Kide chat also! Gonna use a little image for the html replacer.. cool

Not bad.

Posted on 22 September 2012
I'm giving it 5 stars only because it does what it says; however, personally, I think it could be better if it allowed different HTML per group of words, but anyhow... ;)
I found this plugin after trying out Re-Replacer. Re-Replacer was also great, but it doesn't work with AlphaUserPoints (AUP has setup roadblocks if you use re-replacer)

Anyway, within two minutes I had it up and running. It replaced the words I asked for, and basically works like a charm. Thank you Bad Word Filter!
Great Product must have if you allow user submitted content and you use Google Adsense. Stops all the words you don't want on your site works great if you use Google Adsense to stop words that will get you banned. The support was great had problem with the exception rules for allow bad words in some articles and Christopher fixed the problem. 2 thumbs up 1 for the plugin and 1 for the support!

Great even in kunena

Posted on 01 June 2011
Was looking for a simple bad word filter in kunena for joomla 1.5, which was very hard to find until I tried this plugin. Work immediately.
I run a Virtuemart store, and have many of the same products with different colors etc.

For example: I sell scented candles. Each candle comes in different scents, colors and sizes.

So, each candle will have a different description block for the scent, the color, and the size.

So... I can use this plugin to create a centralized description block for each attribute, and not have to change each product when something changes.

For example. A white vanilla large candle will have 3 different sections of it's description.

Scent Description

Color Description

& Jar description

A small white vanilla candle would share the same scent and color description but have a different jar description.

Using this plugin, I can define different "tags" to display each attribute's description. Then if I need to change the description of, say the vanilla scent, I can change the definition in the plugin and will update across ALL the products that have that description and I don't have to go into tall the vanilla candle product listings and change it manually.

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Bad Word Filter

Christopher Mavros
Last updated:
Jun 27 2018
Date added:
Dec 23 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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