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The Booking Robot extension for Joomla has been developed over the last few years. The website extension has been designed to allow small to medium sized businesses & organisations that offer time based services to take online bookings.

Offering a wide range of possible configurations yet remains simple to setup and easy for day to day management.

Booking Robot is already being used to take bookings for variety of businesses including: boat trips, bus tours, sports centres, outdoor activity centres, paintball centres, restaurants, hairdressers, and beauty salons.

The extension uses PayPal to take online payments, it's the safe and simple solution.

To compliment the main extension the Booking Module offers a range of solutions. Designed to give direct access to your bookings via a mobile phone or tablet. This touch friendly interface makes it easy to keep things up to date, allowing you to adjust bookings and availability on the fly.

Booking Robot is the solution for service based website bookings.

Full Specification

  • Compatible with Joomla 3.x.
  • Responsive in design offering both frontend and admin support for mobile screen widths.
  • Built in support for PayPal.
  • Access Control List support to control who can see or do what.
  • Chargeable extra, sell optional extras to your main service.
  • Forms, request customisable information from your customers.
  • Block dates to prevent bookings, ideal for taking holidays.
  • Control the styling with the built in template controls.
  • Customisable emails both for admin and customer.
  • Services fees can be charged per person or per group.
  • Services that share the same start time can be set as options for the customer to choose between.
  • Minimum and maximum group sizes can be set.
  • Services can be set to publish or un-publish automatically.
  • Services automatically generate availability based of the selected time, day and month.
  • Services availability can be manually added if they don’t follow a regular pattern.
Booking Robot has a great list of featured many of which I don't even need, in particular the the manual dates feature is great!
Ease of use
The dashboard make it easy to understand where everything I need is and the features are clearly labeled.
I have not needed support, but it is good to know it is just an email away (not a forum).
There is a detailed description of all features and settings, but I found the videos made it easy to get things setup and working nicely.
Value for money
The price was not a consideration as it is small compared to the price of a new website.
I used this to: I run and boat trip business where we take about 60% of our booking online using the booking robot extension. We use the module via a tablet to take the rest of our booking for people just turning up. This way we don't ever get double bookings.
Recommended for all!

Booking Robot

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Nov 23 2022
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Nov 03 2016
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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