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Booking Wizard is a multi-widget plug-in which provides all the components necessary to operate a fully enabled Self-Catering Accommodation website. It has an unique Booking Calendar Wizard (with transition effects), Availability Search Widget and Administration Centre, all ajax enabled. Each of the widgets has a selection of configuration options to enable you to operate it all from within your own or your clients website.

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Note: This calendar product is a web service and the Joomla plugin enables ease of integration only.

* Book on-line and in real time
* Provisional or Confirmed booking requests
* Automatic payment tracking
* Instant pricing
* Instant email notification
* Automatic calendar update
* Add/Remove bookings
* Make owner bookings
* View all bookings in time Order
* View all bookings in Reference Order
* Notification by SMS to your mobile phone
* Works in Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, German, etc.
* Add extras / supplements / discounts
* Configure different rates; spring / summer / autumn / winter / special
* Fits nicely into your client's website, same data source, so no need to update twice
* Optional Payments integration to the payment provider of your or your choice (PayPal, Sagepay, etc)
* Instant payment notification IPN (This confirms a payment from your client via payments integration)
* Instant booking notification IBN (This confirms a valid booking request, can be used to add extra programming hooks)
* Download all bookings in CSV format (suitable for Spreadsheet Applications)
* Fully configure the calendar environment per individual property
Stoped testing, at the Moment, where I noticed, that my Booking Data will be kept at a 3rd party Server.
Why I Need to give my data away
Ease of use
Stoped testing, at the Moment, where I noticed, that my Booking Data will be kept at a 3rd party Server.
Why I Need to give my data away
Since I didn't do that much, not needed.
At the Extension Directory from Joomla, this fact should be noticed. If I knew earlier, I would not test it ....
I used this to: none
Firstly I would like to thank Chuck for all his support and promptness at answering any questions I had, and even looking at adding in extra features to accommodate our booking needs, I felt I had to write a review here as I felt the previous review was very unfair and surprised this has not received more good reviews.

The system is hosted with booking wizards but this is a plus, my client was uncomfortable working in the admin area of Joomla and booking wizards interface is very clean and simple to use, after a quick run through with the client, about 10 minutes, they were up and running on their own, adding in their own price bands, price ranges and optional extras.

The system takes care of all the booking, taking payment through paypal or protex, either full payment or a nominated deposit, and as well as sending an email to the booking administrator it will send an sms text (included in the monthly fee) this is great for clients without email on their phone, again this is something the client set up themselves easily within the booking wizard admin screen.

It is definitely not a license to print money for the features offered and the support given, Some of the other booking systems available, yes you pay a one off fee but they will charge for an ongoing support subscription, booking wizards include this in the monthly fee, the monthly fee is payed for in advance and if you decide to drop a calendar or increase a couple you just adjust your subscription accordingly you are tied to nothing, also you can install this system for yourself with a free full functioning trial period.

We have placed 4 Calendars on the clients website the 1st Calendar is £6, second £4, third £2 and the fourth and every additional Calendar £1 so all the client is paying for the 4 calendars is £13 per month, this includes all support, integration help, text (SMS) messages, access to all the widgets and administration centre.

I cannot recommend this system enough, especially if this is for a client, as it will allow the developer to take care of all the Joomla side of the website leaving the client with a very simple to use administration area with great support.

Well done Chuck and thanks again for everything :-)

Not what I was expecting

Posted on 30 November 2009
This is not an installed product, you get a plugin link to the developers website and all management of this is on their site, not yours. This is a licence to print money once you are locked in.

I installed the plugin, which didn't work, I tried to uninstall it but, it wouldn't delete the xml and php files and I also had to remove the database entry.

The support/FAQ page was virtually non-existent and there is no forum. Admittedly I did not email the developer but was so unimpressed with the product install and functionality that I couldn't be bothered.

There seems promise in the way the product should work but the developer needs to get to grips with explanations on how the product will work, what the pricing structure represents and how the plug-in links to his site and what support he intends to provide and guarantees of uptime.

My view is this is very expensive (£6 a month) and I might be inclined to use this if a] the product was fully committed to my own site, and b] the price was fixed as a one-off license.

Put my business in this persons hands? no way!
Owner's reply: Misrepresentation of dialogue and truth always spoils the integrity of the reviewer, I shall do no more than post the unabridged email the reviewer did send to me with regards to the plugin and his successful installation of it.

If you can be bothered to read it.

Hi Les,

Thanks for your comments. I have tried to address these with comments in your email below:

best regards,

- Chuck


> Hi Chuck
> I have been evaluating your plug-in but I’m not happy with some of the concept behind it.
> Firstly, I want a system that I have control over - what is to stop you hiking the charges once the
> customer has installed your product, got used to using it for a period of time and becoming dependent
> on it and cannot afford to move away and take another product (If we sell a site where we control
> everything they [and we] are much happier) - what happens if your server goes down and what happens
> if you go out of business. £6 a month is a lot of money to absorb on a small B&B or holiday let.

All of the above can be applied to your business model, what are your guarantees?. I am only trying to provide a service at a competitive price and get rewarded appropriately. Like all businesses a certain level of trust is required.

What happens to your customer if your server goes down, or you go out of business? £6.00 is not a lot of money if the system saves a few administrative hours a month and also engages the new popular idiom of booking on-line. If people wish to move, they can download all their bookings using the CSV download facility and shut their account.

Also one calendar cannot function properly for a B&B, you would have to take out a calendar for each room. In the case of mill haven house, it would need 4 calendars at £13.00 per month for the 4.

> Now, operationally I would have thought your system would also add the price of each day rather
> than the user just having to input the total accumulative - it allows for a daily rate to be
> shown much simpler than what you have.

One daily rate is simpler, but more restrictive. If you do want this facility, I can easily create this for you.

However a 4 night stay can cost less than the accumulative, no bedsheets to change etc. The way the input is designed, there are rates for seasons and long stays etc. Very flexible and already being used by a few clients. I run this product for my own accommodation and this is the way it naturally turned out. One night stay is more expensive than a two nights stay. Stay for a week at the B&B and you can configure an automatic 10% discount.

Of course it is easy to cut and paste each accumulative price to emulate exactly what you need, so best of both worlds.

> The cost of a daily newspaper for example, set at £1 can only be £1, you have not set a
> time period, the same might be said of towels, which might be per week.... Most customers
> would want a daily paper throughout their stay so it needs to reflect a period rather than
> a set figure. A house might offer with and without breakfast and that needs to be daily too.
> The idea of a reduction for continental breakfast almost fits your table but, only if it can
> be set to daily etc., (I think you see where I am coming from on this).

You have not configured the above correctly, if you place a per in the value text or a % in the value, or a + or - , as per the config instructions, then it is adjusted accordingly, check out this demo to see what I mean. Please excuse the French :-)

> There is no per person rate, most holiday lets will be per person or a price per let. We
> mainly have guest houses that are let on a room basis, with one or two occupants and that
> is reflected in the price per room. Single room occupancy might be £35 and two person
> occupancy might be £25 each.

The system has been designed for holiday let accommodation and not for a guest house. But again the extras/supplements above should be able to accommodate the above request very nicely (single person supplement?).

> I can see where you are coming from on the development side but, confess to not being happy
> with the lack of information on the site and it is definitely a minus with the rate you have
> set, I purchased hot property from mosets and was happy to do that, I have also purchased other
> products and am happy to do that any time if I can see the work going into supporting it and
> continued development with a feedback forum to compare issues with other users.

You only get what you are prepared to pay for. I am confident in this booking system and what it offers and it's cost effectiveness, ease of use, installation and flexibility.

What information would you like to see? What is missing?

> As it stands and whilst I like the product, it has no viability for me to introduce it to
> my customers where I have ZERO control over its use, cost or availability. - I think most
> site developers are going to feel the same way. That’s okay if you intend to sell direct to
> holiday let owners, but generally their knowledge of joomla and web development tends to be
> limited.

The other developers who have sent me their comments on the product don't agree with what you have stated above. In fact one of the great assets is that they have no responsibility in the functionality of the system, therefore it is deferred to me.

Also I endeavour to help integration to those that need this free of charge. Joomla is only a plugin, the Booking Wizard can be added to any site, even a simple DIY html site.

> Anyway, I thought you might appreciate the feedback, let me know if you intend to change
> the focus of the product.

All comments are appreciated. Thank you.

> Regards
> From: Chuck [removed]
> Sent: 2009-12-03 17:01
> To: [removed]
> Subject: Joomla Plugin
> Hi There,
> Thanks again for registering with the new server. Since your last registration I have found a
> bug in the plugin software running on Linux systems. It was to do with file naming
> uppercase/lowercase. This bug prevented proper configuration of the plugin.
> This has now been resolved and you can now download the latest plugin, v1.3 from the
> website which addresses the above problem.
> If you have any problems using the software / plugin then please do not hesitate to drop
> me an email
> Best regards,
> - Chuck

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