FastBroadcast is specially optimized to publish Calendars for dance and spiritual events like partys, concerts, workshops, retreats, lessons etc.. The Events are stored at the server where the component requests records for a specific datapool like dance and spirit and or a specific scene like salsa, tango, meditation, yoga, science.

You can setup the component to request specific information for a region with geocoordinates or the name of a city. So for example it is easy to build up a Calendar that shows the events of the spiritual-scene in Hamburg or just a part of it like yoga or meditation.

For creating and editing events there is a special application on you can download and use for free. Organizer and teacher can use this tool to publish their events to a great community.

For the administrator there ist less to do. The organizers and teachers are the owners of the events and they can edit and publish it in realtime.

Some features:
- Events are shown on other sites, portales and social media platforms
- Region search with finetuning for inner and outer radius
- Filters for channels (scenes), categories, locations, organizers
- Views for Day, Week, Month, Highlights, Coming..
- Flyer download
- ICal download
- Maps with marked locations
- Open Graph Protocol implemented
- Microdata with hCalendar and implemented (semantic web) for better search result presentation
- Native facebook events
- Social network shares for google plusone, XING, Twitter, facebook, linkedin
- Calender can be used as tab in facebook fanpages (no https certificate required)
- Events can be marked as highlights, regional independent (Congress, Festival, TV Radio)
- Modern cloud architectur. Frontend, server and backend are independent applications which communicate via webservices..
- Modules to show coming events, workshops, flyers..
- Flexible template.
- Available languages: english, german
- ask for more ...

IMPORTANT: This extension comes without a (Joomla-)backend to insert and edit events. To insert and edit events there is a desktop application you can download for free too.

Not yet ready

Posted on 14 November 2012
It would appear that I tried to use this too soon. I downloaded the component and modules as well and the program for the PC. Nothing yielded any results and NO documentation. In fact, the PC application would not even load and Norton issued warnings but I proceeded anyway. This extension should not be listed until ready.


Noreick Software
Last updated:
Nov 19 2014
9 years ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
c m e

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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