This Joomla component provides a club management with following features:

* Objects: Person, Membership & Board
* Different lists (HTML,CSV,MAILTO)
* Different member types are configurable.
* Different board jobs are configurable.
* User can edit there own record set (if allowed)
* Person detail
* Export / Import
* Birthday module

For documentation please visit the wiki.

It would seem that this ext would suit our needs - several clubs with different persons in it, but the developer has put in a lot of possibilities without making sure they really work together.

1) I get an error when installing about a missing argument.

2) It would seem that this ext is only usable for one club, but I don't understand the three groups Persons, Members and Board. I would assume that a member is a person and may be on the board - not that these three types are different.

3) I can't find any way to establish teams, working groups or any such thing.

4) Trying to add people, after getting an error for missing something, there is no way to save the 2nd try. You need to go back and fill everything out correctly from the start.

5) Adding a date, the calendar just pick the value for the month and leaves the date string as 'j-11-t' which gives an error etc (see #4).

6) Membership items need start and end dates. That means that I can't add anybody who's got a 'lifetime' chore without inventing an end date.

I would like to be able to use this to manage several clubs, or at least teams/work groups within a club. I would like to be able to save things in an orderly fashion. I would like to be able to decide what fields to show in the backend, not a plethora of overlapping info or things like a 'deceased' field that makes my stomach jump every time I see it.

All in all, a good try, but it should not have left the developer's workbench just yet.
Owner's reply: to 1) Please check the latest version.

to 2) Yes, it was designed only for one club, which is representeb by the website.

to 3) Building teams i a feature request which has towait until Joomla 3.x is supported.

to 4+5) With the latest version CM is now using the standard Joomla Editing Process. Please give it a try.

6) End date of membershipscan be empty (-> currently active member)

What it does, it does well. In a real club you'd have DUEs to pay and need to manage them. Who owes, how much etc. Like any club, that has to be made public to the other members.

problem with component

Posted on 18 December 2011
This component uses split function, but

This function has been DEPRECATED as of PHP 5.3.0. Relying on this feature is highly discouraged.
Owner's reply: Thanks for the hint. i removed the split function completly with the explode function in version 2.5.0


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Club Management

Norbert Kuemin
Last updated:
Mar 16 2022
2 years ago
Date added:
Oct 23 2009
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System