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Site has been shifted to EXTENSIONDEVELOPER.COM.
Also I have cloned this code in Github where all users can contribute. I am trying to give it a new look. It is partially done now. Also I will be soon upgrading this to Joomla 4. Please contribute to the github link at .
- This component is near to yahoo answers. Rank and point system.
Email on asking and answering Questions.

  • This is a free Question and Answer Component. We are continuously improving the product based on user suggestions. We also have a forum where you can come and give suggestions or complain about any issues. Check the demo you will definitely like it, than you can download and use it in your site. Above all it is completely free component. Questions and Answers can be shared using social icons. This extension supports gravatar. Users can create their avatar through gravatar dot com. Note:- Before making it live, Kindly set the permissions for guests as well as users and also save the configuration settings under options on the top right of the component page.

Features of this component are listed below :-

  1. Full ACL support. Answer to a question can be viewed only if permitted. This can be easily integrated with payment system if you create a group and allow only that group to view answers.
  2. Email notification for activities performed by the user.
  3. Admin has lots of options at backend for designing and modifying parameters of the site. No source code hacking is required.
  4. A user can be blocked or unblocked depending upon admin.
  5. Powerful Points and Ranking system which can be modified at backend.
  6. Advanced profile page at backend which speaks about the user activities.
  7. Advanced tagging system and ability to search through tags.
  8. Fully supports jomsocial. Like jomsocial avatar import and questions activities displaying under jomsocial activity stream.
  9. Voting up and down a question.
  10. If a question is marked as solved no more answering will be allowed.
  11. Search integrated with Joomla.

New version changelog:

  1. Bug report Section Corrected.
  2. Several small errors corrected.

Kindly note that this component is developed and tested by a single developer. So I request you help me and report any bugs found in the forum. This can be considered in its beta stage. Also note that support for Joomla 2.5 has ended from my side. But I hope it still works fine in J 2.5. Thanks.

It seems fully featured, but is hampered by a number of non fatal bugs that make you restart from the component menu.
The rankings are PITA
Ease of use
yes. If it weren't for the bugs it'd be 5
Untested -
I used this to: Still testing. Will probably use it if the bugs are fixed
Owner's reply: Without mentioning any error, without reporting in forum, without any mail to us you thought it correct to post a bad review for a free component. Wont you think of atleast giving a chance to correct error if any. I was expecting this review as some paid components are getting effected.
I am using this extension since a year almost and I can only recommend it for everyone searching for a free questions-answers component. The support is great, I requested a bug fix for SEF URL's and the team is following up with it promptly. They have placed a huge effort to get this component for us free. Thank you!
Owner's reply: Thanks a lot for the review. I am a bit late in updating my component in JED as I am busy upgrading it with new functionlities. I am adding a group system where only a particular group can be allowed to answer and view a question. Its almost nearing completion and will be released in the end of mar 14.
The componenente works very well, you can give or take away points depending on the user action, to qualify based on the scores by rewarding the most active users and more functionalities.

In short, allows you to create a complete site type to yahoo answer!

The creators of the component also provide excellent help and advice and are always very kind!

Great Component

Posted on 14 June 2013
Great Component - right, what I was looking for! After a few little changes, it fits now perfect for my site! Thanks a lot to sweta - exellent service and very fast help on any issue!

Good Job

Posted on 24 April 2013
Components are very cool, I was greatly helped at all.


Syaiful from Indonesian

Nice Component

Posted on 27 February 2013
its really awesome componen but can make it also support for community builder cause there is lot user too use community builder
I use this extension on my community site - all my users are so happy with this excellent extension. My daily visitor numbers have doubled. I loved the developers and say Thank you very much.

Best regards from Germany
I have given an 5 star, why because it is a great product and FREE.Great work and I know that you guys will have a version 3 for Joomla. Thanks a lot.

very generous extension

Posted on 19 November 2012
Extremely very nice work and most of all SO GENEROUS.

Hopefully there would be an update version for joomla 3
Owner's reply: Thanks for the review. very soon we will be out with Joomla version 3 support.

Most helpful developer

Posted on 02 November 2012
I must say the developer of this component is most helpful find a bug a new version is out same day or the next with the bug fixed. Very good component especially for being such a new one. I have a feeling in the next few weeks this component will be much better than the commercial ones out there right now. Keep up the excellent work. Right now this component is as good as any of the paid ones out there
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Questions Tag Cloud

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Questions Category

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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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