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Video Broadcasting, Courses, Communication, Chat, Video conference

This module allows you to quickly and easily integrate the Jitsi Meet videoconferencing into your Joomla website. You can customize every aspect of the videoconference, including the security settings. Thanks to the countless configuration options available in the module, every single function of the conference can be enabled or disabled according to your needs.

Main features:

  • Easy installation and configuration: the module is pre configured to connect to the free public server istance of Jitsi Meet (

  • In order to have even more control, the module can be set to work with your own private server instance.

  • The conference window is totally customizable: size, alignment, border style and "start conference" button style. The module is also equipped with his own .css file. It can be easly edited to better fit the template of any website.

  • Every single toolbar button of the Jitsi conference room can be enabled or disabled: chat, desktop sharing, raise hand, microphone, hangup, camera, filmstrip and invite.

  • The Jitsi conference room has a menu with a lot of standard entries and functions that can enabled or disabled individually in the module configuration: profile, video quality, fullscreen mode, live streaming, recording, video sharing, background blur, and more...

  • It is possible to set a standard password for the room access and there is an option to enable or disable the "lobby mode" (if enabled, all users trying to join need to be formal authorized in order to connect to the conference).

  • The module also allows to integrate the Joomla user's profile account data into the conference (username and email).

  • Users can also connect to the conference with their mobile devices thanks to the free Jitsi Meet app for Android and Apple devices.

  • No new tables will be created by the module in your DB.

Changes in version 3.0:
- The module is now Joomla 4 compatible!
- Code restructured to be compatible with the changes made by the Jitsi team.
- Security options improved.
- Many configuration options moved and changed. Please, do a double-check of all the settings after the update!

Changes in version 2.4:
- Improved responsiveness of the module. Now the videoconference window can adapt its size to the dimensions of various devices, while maintaining the proportions of height to width. You can set the aspect ratio as you need.

Changes in version 2.3:
- Added new option to set the conference to start also on page load, instead of only by pressing the "Start Conference" button.

Changes in version 2.2:
- Added new parameter to solve jQuery issues.

Changes in version 2.1:
- Added italian language.
- Minor improvements.

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JooJitsi Conferencing

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Nov 25 2021
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Nov 08 2020
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